Sunday, November 27, 2005

Land of the Morning Calm


This is most likely the final note I'll send from the Korea..."Land of the Morning Calm".

There are so many wonderful experiences I could could share...but let me just tell you about this Sunday morning:

First, I felt the Lord wanted me to gather up a plastic bag filled with dry leaves. This is truly a beautiful country with beautiful people...and the fall is especially rich in color. During my talk, I encouraged the church that the Father's love is a rich inheritance.....and that he has not discarded them, as a country or as individuals, but that He desired to "fill this Land with the Father's Blaze Spirit Blaze set hearts on fire".

I passed the bag around and each one took one of the leaves....some were brittle..or large...others small with differing shapes and colors...but all unique and one-of-a-kind in their own way. The message was that God has not forgotten them, and that His intent was to pour out His Spirit and to release them into the destiny He has for them. 100 years ago, at the same time in Wales and in Azusa Street in LA, there was a mighty move of God in North Korea, where most of the Christians then lived. We believe another such move is coming.

The Lord has a redemptive purpose for this Land...even though it is "dry and barren". I used my leaf and literally set it ablaze as an illustration of our lives being consumed by Him. As a drink offering or precious perfume, we become a sweet smelling fragrance of His Presence. I told them one of my favorite smells was burning it reminded me of raking leaves into a big pile, jumping into the pile...and eventually setting the whole thing on fire. (Oh the memories of the Midwest and the joy of Autumn...want to forget the winter) I believe this is such a season of spiritual harvest. Soon, the room filled with the fragrance of my "burning leaf" , and with it, a palatable sense of God's rich promise for the Korean people. (besides that, it was fun!)

Thank you for praying....I'll return Tuesday and give a detailed summary in a few days.

Bless you!!


Saturday, November 26, 2005


Tonight concludes an amazing three days of renewed friendships with the church in Deajeon. I spoke to this Foursquare flagship church in Korea on Wed. evening on the richness of spiritual inheritance. I referred and acknowledged Sister in her 80's... who has not lost her fire for the Holy Spirit's move in this ministry she began over 50 years ago. Sam, now the Sr. Pastor, interpreted for me, and I acknowledged the wealth of investment in the Kingdom....the "great cloud of witnesses" we know have laid a spiritual foundation. Their ceiling has become our floorThese folks have truly been family, and Jean Darnall (another honored pioneer in the faith) together with Carlene and I, will visit again in February for an annual national pastors conference. Sam Ahn feels this gathering is pivotal for their fellowship, and in some ways, I feel I may have been part of an advance team in preparation for February. (I even went to the famous early morning prayer meeting!)

I spoke with a class of international students at Asia Life University, the school associated with this movement. Students represented India, China, Nepal, Taiwan, and other countries. I asked all of them to share what they feel the most important thing God is doing in the earth today...and assured them there was no "wrong" answer. Many responded with....evangelism, grace, worship, etc...all good things. I shared that what the Holy Spirit has been teaching many of the fact He is wooing His Bride. The revelation of the Love of Jesus for us is beginning to affect every aspect of life.

Tonight was the Friday evening prayer gathering, and once again I felt the Lord has a special destiny and grace for prayer that He has bestowed on these beautiful people.

Thank you for sleeping well...except missing Carlene!!! Have experienced much laughter...grace...provision....blessing...and sense His Hand in the slightest detail. As I have been often asked to pray for many...the Lord continues to give specific words of encouragement and when He does that.

Getting ready to see home....and people here can NOT understand why Americans eat turkey (the bird is not eaten here), and I have refrained from the smart reply observing what I've seen put before me in restaurants...but, I held my tongue. Nevertheless, I'm ready for Thanksgiving, albeit 5 days late!


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Korea 2005 # 4


Thank you for continuing to pray for this ministry. Daily I see evidence of God's direction and blessing. I spoke to an English "learning" pastors meeting on Monday. They meet in a home of a pastor, Holyfield, who also serves as one of my primary interpreters. We had "American style" pizza ( believe me....most of you would be surprised what these creative Koreans put on pizza). I shared my heart for North Korea and one of the women began to cry, as her brother (from South Korea) is in the North (for reasons I don't quite understand). I spoke of God's love for her and her was wonderful.

I traveled to the city of Ansun....north of Seoul for 2 days at Calvary Church. This wonderful group meets in a 3 story building complete with housing and large kitchen as they are called to serve the poor of the city. Currently they house some 40 people. I woke up at 5 am to the sound of they all meet in their traditional style early morning pray meeting. Good alarm clock!

Today I travel to see what has become our second family....Sarah, Sam, Sungkwan and Mrs. Ahn...founders of the Foursquare Church here in Korea.

Bless you....and will share a bit more later. Again...thank you for praying!


Korea 2005 #3


Just a quick note....again, thank you for praying. Last night I spoke in the afternoon and evening at an established traditional church...with a brand new building. It is a beautiful structure...but I felt the Lord wanted to communicate with passion, how much He loves the "individual temple" and that He has a dream and destiny for them. I communicated this with, I guess, a new measure of intensity..kind of surprised myself..the the entire church (100 or so) came before the Lord at the altar. Then, I prayed over individuals before home @ 11:30 pm (am staying with Pastor his home the entire time I am here, I like being served American breakfast in the morning!) The pastor is facing much opposition in his decision to follow the Holy Spirit. He and his wife were in Kansas City at the House of Prayer....and she has a vision for establishing one here. Today will share the challenge of learning how to BE rather that DO...still learning that truth myself.

I will be at this same church today...afternoon and evening....then meet with several who have ministries in North Korea.

Bless all of you! Thank you for praying!


Friday, November 18, 2005



This will be a quick is 11am Sat...and this afternoon I'd like to invite you to pray for a very important and strategic meeting that I feel the Lord has arranged. Carlene and I met E. several months ago..she is an intercessor with a mission to stand in the gap as she is from North Korea. She has a strong calling on her life...and I feel will be instrumental in the establishment of an altar of worship in her land. I will introduce her to P. (who we met in the states..he regularly visits North Korea and lives in China.) We all "happened" to be in the same place and in Seoul. We simply want to foster a friendship, worship and pray I feel there is a divine plan the Lord will begin to unwrap.

I am so grateful to the Lord for allowing us to form friendships with our common passion...the worship of the One who created heaven and earth. The last 2 visits we have made to Korea have also coincided with governmental visits from leaders in America. Condolessa Rice was here the same time last March, and yesterday, President Bush was speaking just 1 hour away from the city where I spoke the last several days. I heard on the news he used some of the same language to describe North Korea as I have . My message is not political...but I believe the Lord wants to bring spiritual as well as natural healing to the whole nation of Korea. I am glad to be a small part.

Thank you for praying...I feel very energized...even walked for 2 hours this morning.....and was rewarded with finding a Starbucks.....except they have no "venti" size....their large is our small...hmmmmm, in more ways than one.

Bless you...


PS I may not get to email much the next days...will speak 3 times Sunday...Mon. all day pastors meeting..Mon. pm and twice Tue...then to Taejon (Central part of Korea) Wed-Sat. God is good!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Wanted to also include this wonderful word of encouragement an intercessor may apply to some of you as well...and also a photo sent from Ben...interesting...


As a worshiper I receive many vision pictures as I worship whether it's when I flag, sing, dance, lay prostrate, as you know it's just being fully in His Presence that He speaks most clearly to our spirits. This is what I saw:
I was on a plane and feeling physically very ants-y, like my legs had endured sitting long enough, the stewardess stopped by my seat and asked if there was anything I needed. I replied, "just let me walk on the wing for awhile." (I actually have said this a few times on long flights for mission trips.) In the vision, I was then walking on the metal wing, and it turned into a huge bird wing, golden as I looked out the length of it, and knew it was a huge golden eagles wing. The Lord said to me, I will bear you up on eagles wings. I looked down at my feet and the wing turned to a glistening white irridescent glow like the brightest that all the colors can be, probably similar to the crystal sea of the heavenly realm.
As the service continued I pondered more and then look into the scripture that states those same words.
Here it is for you:
Exodus 19:4-6 (ampl.) You have seen what I did to the Egyptians, and how I bore you on eagles' wings and brought you to Myself. Now therefore, if you will obey My voice in truth and keep My covenant, then you shall be My own pecuiar possession and treasure from among and above all peoples; for the earth is Mine. And you shall be to Me a kingdom of priests, a holy nation consecrated, set apart to the worship of God). These are the words you shall speak to the Israelites.
There are those called to a higher level of covenant to show forth the Beauty of Holiness through consecrated lifestyles of Worship to the one True God. When the authentic is manifest (through us), then any forms of false worship must bow and retreat. This is what the Lord has been speaking to me loudly concerning all the forms of worship, for me especially in using/making cloth artforms. I see yours as a holiness voice and pure instruments as you place your hands to guitars, drums, and keyboards, and sing forth the Glories of the Lord.
Blessings on all that you do and are on your mission trip, I will continue to uphold you before the Lord and war on behalf of True worship coming forth in Korea in greater and increasing measure!

Korea 2005 #1

Dear Friends.....

First of all...many thanks to those who responded to my invitation to keep this ministry before the Lord. I cannot express how "different" these days feel. It is a bit subjective, but I have determined not to minister our of my own "proven devices" but to rely on His direction for everything spoken or done. There has been a discernible difference and anointing...Thank you Lord.

I spoke on the authority and wisdom of intimacy as well as a kind of spontaneous "'sharpening your arrows" talk.

NO jet lag...immediate body clock adjustment..slept as if there was literally no time change

Holy Spirit flow of not "rushing" into subject matter, but the Lord has continued to carefully lay out each ministry time

I miss family...but have taken personal time to walk the streets of Seoul in the morning and just enjoy the Lord ( I found a Dunkin Doughnuts shop....serves decent cup of joe with an apple fritter to balance out all the much for the 3 mile walk)

Please pray for:

Healing from a nagging cough....especially at night.

Protection from distraction..especially as I pray for individuals

Continued clarity of exact words the Lord would have me speak

Creativity as I have sung spontaneously in nearly every meeting

Continued protection and blessing over my family.

Bless all of you...and thank you for praying...don't forget to email..or if you don't like to do email... even call me to leave voice to hear your voices! ( 206.350.0236)


Monday, November 14, 2005

South Korea

Dear Friends and Family,

In just a little over 12 hours, I leave for South Korea for 15 days. Most of you have some connection with us, either through long-term relationships, family, church related ministry, or you have a passion for prayer. I would like to communicate a bit more regularly and specifically this trip.

I would like to include Prayer requests as well as other concerns ... so this list is much smaller. Also, it is written on the fly ... and may even have a few grammar or spelling mistakes ... please ignore them.

I feel this trip is very strategic. After some prayer, we feel as if Carlene is going to remain home this time. So it will be just myself this time.

We have just received an invitation to return in February for the Foursquare National Pastors Conference together with Jean Darnall ... and also in March for the Youth With A Mission school ... as well other meetings yet to be determined. So with all of that travel, this seems the right choice.

Everything is just a bit sketchy at this point, but I'd like you to pray for:

grace and efficient connections with airlines and other travel
wisdom and revelation regarding ministry
safety and health with sustaining energy
clarity in meeting the right people the right place in the right time
peace and grace for Carlene and our other family members Nate and Krista, Danielle, Matthew, and Paul.

Thank you for praying, and I'll try to communicate as often as possible ... especially as the Holy Spirit leads.

Bless you,


Ps. Please feel free to e-mail any words or insights questions or whatever it's always wonderful to hear from friends during these trips ... you may even leave me a voice message that I can retrieve through my e-mail. This is a Internet fax #but you may leave a voicemail as well: 206.350.0236 ... oh the marvel of electronic technology!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Sorry for the mixup

The Christmas Dinner and Worship Celebration is NOT December 11th (as previously noted in today's email) ....but will be held Friday, December 16th. The fully catered dinner event will be held at A Special Place, in Gresham. ( Please email Delight Petersen ( for inquiries and reservations.

Sorry for the mixup. Remember, no Worship At the River event in December.


Pacificministries events for November and December

Following are Pacificministries events for November and December. Of special note is our cancellation of our regularly scheduled second Sunday Worship At the River Gathering for December 11th, 2005. (Please note: NOT November but December)

Instead, we'd like to celebrate the Christmas season with a Worship Celebration and fully catered prime rib dinner at A Special Place, in Gresham, Oregon. Last April, we celebrated a Passover Seder at this venue. Please feel free to e-mail Delight Petersen by December 1st to secure your place. (

This will be a wonderful opportunity to celebrate what the Lord has done these past years. We also anticipate "looking forward" to specific plans and events for the coming season. (Not to mention a memorable Christmas feast!) Please come!

Calendar Events

· November 2-16 Steve Bressler (Pacificministries Team Member) with Northwest Medical Teams, Africa

· November 11-12 Growing In Intimacy With The Father seminar with Dave Olson (registration is closed)

· November 13 Worship At The River 6:00 p.m. Glenn Otto Park, Troutdale

· November 14-29 Darrell and Carlene Seoul Korea (if you'd like regular e-mail updates during this trip, please e-mail: and I'll include you)

The Lord has allowed us to cultivate wonderful friendships with Foursquare, independent, and mainline denominational churches in South Korea. Our work with Youth With A Mission and other organizations have given us an increased awareness and burden for both North Korean refugees and the underground church. Many organizations that regularly monitor persecution and human-rights issues have agreed that among all the nations of the world, North Korea is the worst violator. We believe the Lord is utilizing professionals, humanitarian workers, and entrepreneurs in practical ministry endeavors to minister to the people of this nation. At the same time Lord is igniting a passion for intercession and worship for the expressed purpose and expectation of God's presence to be established in this nation.

In the North Korean capital of P'y┼Ćngyang; 100 years ago, revival prayer meetings began which changed the spiritual climate of the nation. We believe the seeds of that Renewal will yet come to fruition. (For more information, please visit:

Our ministry trip is centered on a two-part mission:

1. 1. Continue to encourage and strengthen pastors, leaders, and worshippers in churches in South Korea; and,

2. 2. To seek the Lord for His strategy regarding how to pray specifically for the church in North Korea. Part of this trip will be spent with leaders who work directly with refugees. We also hope to visit the border to pray.

* December 3 Regional Worship Gathering, 6:00 p.m. Port Townsend Washington (

This Worship Gathering is open to all, especially those who live in the Olympic Peninsula or surrounding cities. We have developed wonderful relationships with leaders in this region (Carlene's home town), and look forward to an evening of worship. The Lutheran Church of the Redeemer will host this Worship Gathering. They regularly sponsor Saturday evening worship gatherings. and Burdell Austin, the Washington State coordinator for the Strategic Prayer Network, is also inviting many of her leaders as well.

* December 11 Worship Celebration and Dinner
* December 12,19,23 My fifth year of "ministering" at the Portland International Airport as part of the airport's Christmas Piano seasonal entertainment.
* Traditionally, I have spent much of December committed to this ministry. Occasionally, folks have been interested in partnering with me by Prayer - walking as I play traditional Christmas favorites on the piano. Airports are often referred to as the gateway or the hub of a city, and I believe the Lord has allowed access into the "city gate". These times have taught me much about worship in the marketplace, prayer, rest, obedience, and intimacy. I have scheduled this ministry at the center of the food court at the Oregon Marketplace clock tower. Many travelers and guests buy their coffee lattes and gather around the piano and even sometimes sing along. This has become a highlight of my year, and you are welcome. Please e-mail for exact times. I am scheduling these three days in the food open to the public; the remaining ministry will be beyond security.
* December 25 11:00 a.m. Darrell and Mike Baird will be leading worship Christmas morning at Greater Portland Bible Church. (

Finally, we thank you for your financial support, interest and prayers as the Lord continues to reveal His design for all of us in the season.

Darrell and Carlene

International House of Prayer

Dear Friends of Pacificministries,

Last week, Carlene and I returned from a leaders summit at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Missouri. Needless to say, these 5 days were both affirming and life changing. Increasing numbers of pastors and leaders throughout America desire authentic city transformation. Kansas City has pioneered an expression of nonstop night and day prayer for nearly seven years. They sponsor schools of ministry, conferences, and internships for young and old alike. While they would not recommend replicating an exact "Kansas City" model, the values and convictions can be absorbed and implemented in communities, churches and nations,

Not only did we enjoy "soaking" times in the House of Prayer, but we cultivated new friendships with leaders such as Dr. Wes Adams and Rhonda Hughey, the directors of Fusion Ministries ( and sponsors of the summit. This is a quote from her recent book Desperate For His Presence:

The critical component to revival in the church and transformation in the community is the manifest Presence of Jesus. In transformed communities, the presence of God is a valued and critical component of the well-being of the community at every level of society. Participants in transformation in these communities include Presidents, Prime Ministers, Mayors, businessman, law enforcement officers, clergy and laypeople. People from all over the world are gathering to cry out to God and labor together to seek His presence and the transformation of their communities.

Sunday morning at the final summit meeting at the House of Prayer, representatives from 30 or so cities and nations were privileged to intercede on behalf of their region. As I approached the front of the auditorium to pray, I noticed one of the intercessors had a beautiful, fragrant, fresh cut rose. I asked her if I might borrow it for a moment, and I brought it with me as I prayed. Following is my best recollection of the prayer:

Lord, you have created our city... Portland, Oregon for intimacy and creative worship. We are known as the City Of Roses. As we seek Your Face and humble ourselves, may you continue to refine... and even crush us, so that there will come a sweet fragrance of Your Presence rise from our city. May this fragrance of worship be acceptable to You, Lord.

The writer in the Song Of Songs records :

I am a Rose of Sharon...Awake, north wind, and come, south wind! Blow on my garden, that its fragrance may spread abroad. (2:1...4:16)

We believe the Holy Spirit is moving as a fresh wind spreading the fragrance of heart felt worship all over the world. Believers everywhere are responding to His call for renewed and extravagant, "first love" expressions of worship. This is also our heart's cry. We have been encouraged by many throughout the Northwest and Pacific Rim nations who share this common heart.

Bless you in your "desperate" pursuit of His presence.

Darrell and Carlene