Sunday, July 01, 2007

Prayer Request

Dear Friends,

Sometimes the best memories are captured not with camera or camcorder. They are snapshots we take with our own eyes and capture and store in our hearts forever. I took one of those memorable pictures yesterday, as I watched my wife, Carlene, gently and lovingly hold her mother's hand and speak gently to her spirit. She spoke words of affirmation, Scripture, and encouraging words in the form of prophetic prayers many of you e-mailed...for God to bring healing and restoration to Jean's physical body. A common theme among many of these responses was the promise God holds us in His Hands... He is truly the Giver and Sustainer of life; for all of us.

For those of you that may need a bit of an update, last Friday afternoon, Carlene's mother suffered a series of heart attacks and was life-flighted to a Seattle hospital for a triple bypass heart operation. The surgery was completed on Saturday morning, and as of today, Wednesday mid morning, has not fully regained consciousness. An MRI scan of her brain revealed areas of damage most likely associated with a series of strokes. Presently, Carlene and her family are waiting for a neurologist consult to determine and define the choices that lie ahead.

We are continuing to believe and trust the Lord for his ability for total healing and restoration. Carlene and I have held a busy schedule the past few weeks... and Carlene, together with much of her immediate family and friends, are a continued presence at Jean's bedside. We ask you to pray for:

1 wisdom and clarity for doctors, nurses and hospital staff
2 peace, rest, and comfort for Carlene, her sister Ann, and brother's Tom and Tony
3 wisdom and peace from the Great Physician

In just a few weeks, Carlene and I will celebrate the birth of our first grandchild. Nate and Krista, our oldest son and daughter-in-law, are eagerly anticipating this event, and we'll all be taking lots of pictures. We know that this life is but a dress rehearsal... we are "training for reigning" and our very breath is a gift from God. Life is filled with a series of wonderful snapshots... and I encourage you to capture the moments with your loved ones, store them in your heart, and treasure every moment of life.

Thank you for praying,

Darrell and Carlene