Thursday, June 07, 2007

June 2007 Pacificministries Update

Dear Friends of Pacificministries,

Just a reminder that we are looking forward to our monthly Worship at the River meeting this Sunday evening June 10, at 6 p.m. at the Glen Otto Community Park in Troutdale. Every time we meet, the Holy Spirit reveals more of his grace, his provision, and his creativity through the body... you.
Recently, Graham Cooke concluded a conference by reading a prophetic word as if the Lord was speaking first person, directly to the hearts of the people. It is consistent with the apostle Paul's admonition to rejoice and give thanks always, and in everything. I believe it will be an encouragement to you.

Do not be bowed down or weighed down by your circumstances, come up, rise up to the place of your identity. Your thinking must come up to a level so that you can receive. In the confidence of high praise, I would want you to declare your identity in me. Everything in heaven and earth is summed up in in the fullness of grace... in Jesus. My grace is so glorious to you. It should become the focal point of a new entry to dynamic worship. I have predestined your inheritance in my kind intentionality toward you. All provision is bound up in Praise, Thanksgiving, and Worship. Why do you think I am always telling you to rejoice? Why am I always telling you to give thanks? Because when you do that, the way is open for you to receive provision. Your eyes become focused on me and you see what I'm holding out to you. It's the lack of rejoicing that keeps you poor. These disciplines keep your heart open, your mind renewed, and your eyes bright and watchful.

Most of you are aware of the prayer mobilization on July 7, 2007 in Nashville initiated by leaders involved in The Call. Believers all over the world are fasting, and reading together to seek the heart of the Lord for our nation. We are encouraging small groups to meet Saturday, July 7, throughout the day to worship. We will plan to meet on Sunday, July 8 at The River to share testimonies, reflections, and proclamations with regard to this event.
Please pray for Carlene and I as we anticipate a busy schedule the next few weeks. We want to "rest" in all of the activity.Bless you,
Darrell and Carlene

Our Itinerary:
June 8 Meeting with House Church Leaders in Victoria, British Columbia
June 9 Worship and Intercession in preparation for Rolland Baker Meetings in Port Townsend Washington
June 10 Meetings with Rolland Baker in Port Townsend
June 12 Meetings with First Nation and Regional Leaders in Neah Bay Washington
June 13-16 Leading Worship at Cleanse the Land Conference in Bellingham Washington
June 17-24 Our 31st Anniversary (June 19) in Cabo Mexico (a Combined Ministry/Vacation)
June 29-30 House 2 House Conference with Tony and Felicity Dale
Finally, this link link to a word by Steve Fry regarding the Nashville gathering is excellent. I highly recommend it.