Monday, December 22, 2008

Stuck in Port Townsend

Dear Family and Friends,

Just over a month ago I, (Darrell) left for Sri Lanka and Thailand.  Just before Thanksgiving, Carlene joined me in Bangkok, and together we witnessed civil unrest which closed the international airport and eventually delayed our departure.  All of those adventures are documented in our e-mail updates and audio podcasts at

We finally arrived in Port Townsend Washington December 8th and Carlene and I began preparing for her mother's homecoming.  We painted, laid carpet, moved a bunch of furniture, oversaw the maintenance and repair of various home appliances and performed other domestic stuff.  (I can hear many of you laughing when you think of me and home projects...) Today's project is overseeing the installation of an outdoor chairlift (No, I am NOT installing it).  Twice we prepared  to make our way down to Portland, the first for our monthly Worship at the River gathering, and once again last Saturday morning... well, one look at the weather and we said no way.   Our son Matthew, who has been stuck in San Jose, California trying to come home from his Marine training camp in Southern California since Saturday, has finally decided to fly back to Los Angeles and drive back to Portland with his uncle Scott. We are preparing the Port Townsend House for all of our children and their spouses and friends for the holidays, and hope to make it back to the Portland area for the new year... we think!

These past weeks we have learned to live the truth that God is truly in every delay.  We are learning to wait on the Lord and submit our schedule to Him.  We have heard from many of you that during this season, our best plans and great ideas  belong to the Lord. Both Carlene and I miss many of our friends in Portland... and yet believe the the Lord is in this.

One of our friends, Delight Petersen, summarized in these past days in a way that I can't improve on.  I'll quote her:

This morning in the quiet, I felt like Holy Spirit was asking me.....what would happen if an entire city allowed the quiet and beauty to settle in on them and actually focused on Him in a new and deeper way?  So that was my prayer....that we would in a new way, ask that He take us deeper into His heart.  That we would set aside our fears about family and friends and be willing to flex with the weather and take a little more time with Him.  He is Lord of the weather.

We bless you... and Merry Christmas!

Darrell and Carlene

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Dear Friends:

Because of predicted burry temperatures, Sunday snowfall, combined with our infamous Colombia Gorge winds, we've decided to cancel Worship at the River for tomorrow December 14 (many thanks to all of you who replied a few days ago of my error inviting you to a November gathering). As much as I love our Sandy River Community Center, it does not feel warm and cozy with the predicted weather forecast. We were looking forward to sharing about our travels, but visit our blog for our report. Please forward to anyone who needs to know of our cancellation.

Our son Matt, is due home sometime the next few days before shipping out to Iraq sometime in January, and Carlene is preparing her mother's house in Port Townsend for our family's Christmas celebration.

We Bless you, and look forward to NEXT YEAR!!

Darrell and Carlene


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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Whew, we're Home Update

Dear Friends,

Carlene and I are
grateful to be back in America. Since October I've been in 6 nations
and banked nearly 30,000 air miles including the last month of travel
and ministry
in Sri Lanka and Thailand, including an extra week in Bangkok because
political unrest. We agree with Dorothy: "There's No Place
like Home".

This November 14 at our Sunday evening Worship at the
gathering, we'd like to invite those of you who are in the local
Portland/Vancouver area to come at 5:30 p.m. for coffee, cookies, and
sample our special Thailand herbal tea. We'd like to take some extra
time to share some of our experiences with you.

Carlene and I sat down yesterday and recorded two podcasts, one a short five-minute summary of our trip home (including a miraculous coincidence), and the second a longer and more detailed account
of our adventure. Listen and laugh with us! We are truly grateful for your prayers, and the
classic Christmas song I'll Be Home for Christmas is reality for these
two tired travelers!

Hope to see many of you this Sunday evening.

Darrell and Carlene

PS 1 Our annual Top Ten List for 2008 is coming this week. I always
enjoy confirmations and healthy disagreements regarding my choices!


PS 2 If you'd like to give to Pacificministries, you may use any major
credit card (or Paypal) for a tax deductable year end donation HERE.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Bless the Lord

Have not had access to Internet, so will make this short.  This situation here is, according to some getting worse.  Northwest Air cancelled our flights, and we are about 11 hours from Bangkok and we are not anxious to return until there is some stabilization.  Here in Chang Mai, the prime minister and his government are re-locating, and even though we are not in Bangkok, one Christian was murdered in the clash of protesters.  We are again, safe, but are very cautious about moving around to another city as thousands of tourists are trying to leave.  The King of Thailand is not anxious to intervene, and some say 4 days ... others say longer, before airports may open. (can we say "Merry Christmas" in Thai...NOOOOOO!)
So what does this mean.  I have always said God is in every delay, but I really always meant minor flight cancellations or weather problems.  We are living out this truth...and we still believe it.  We are staying in a compound with some 15 other missionaries from all parts of the world.  We are getting an education in Kingdom application from so many cultures, and we have ministered to many, as well as receiving the gracious hospitality of several families in this city.  There is a purpose to all of this, and we are excited to discover  it.
Our immediate prayer concern is wisdom with regard to our next move.  I believe we will stay in this city until we hear the Lord.  I am so glad Carlene is here with me, and despite our situation, we feel loved and surrounded by His Grace.  We have many stories to tell...too many to tell now, but I want to share this.
Those of us who live in free and democratic nations have much to be thankful for. Having traveled to Sri Lanka and now, Thailand for the past 3 weeks, (both countries which face unresolved civil conflict), have made me aware of how I have taken for granted so many things.  I encourage you to pause and Bless the Lord...for His great love and blessings we enjoy.  Yet, I see a deep faith and a strength in the Thai Christians I do not see in many western believers, including myself.  I'm jealous of it. We were fortunate to minister for 2 days to some 5 mountain tribal pastors and leaders, and their simple love for God and each other humbles me.  We prayed for all of them, and felt as if this one assignment was worth our entire trip.
Thanks for praying, and we will try to update all of you in a few days.  We may visit an Internet cafe, and check our email, and your insights and brief notes are encouraging.  I said to Carlene last night....we really are not in Kansas anymore....(we are still laughing...hard at times and mostly at each other!!)

Why do the nations conspire?

Dear Praying Friends,

Carlene and I have experienced both the richness and pain of this divided country.  If you have been following the news, you know the major airport has been shut down stranding thousands and disrupting the country  New York Times article.  Even in Chiang Mai, (where we are), a northern city, government supporters shot dead an antigovernment activist on Wednesday. We are safe, but the best advice from local leaders is that we must remain flexible with our travel plans. Our itinerary is that we leave Chiang Mai this coming Monday with a departure Tuesday.

We are primarily ministering with a group of 30 leaders from literally all parts of the world.  They are senior missionaries from Russia, Cuba, India, ant many other countries.  We are spending today and tomorrow ministering to many of them individually.

Please pray for:

Clarity in our discerning travel plans
Peace in this country, as many feel they are facing a civil war
For strong Spirit filled leadership to guide the Church in Thailand
Pray this Psalm with us...we desire God's "kings" installed in this land
Psalm 2
 1 Why do the nations conspire [a]
       and the peoples plot in vain?
 2 The kings of the earth take their stand
       and the rulers gather together
       against the LORD
       and against his Anointed One. [b]
 3 "Let us break their chains," they say,
       "and throw off their fetters."
 4 The One enthroned in heaven laughs;
       the Lord scoffs at them.
 5 Then he rebukes them in his anger
       and terrifies them in his wrath, saying,
 6 "I have installed my King [c]
       on Zion, my holy hill."
Bless you,

Darrell and Carlene



This is the day that never ends. Yes it goes on and on my friend. Somebody started planning it not knowing what's ahead, and they'll continue planning it forever just because ....this is the day that never ends. Yes it goes on and on my friend.......OH my goodness. We just walked in the door. It is 10:30pm Sunday night and we were up and running at 6:30. Let's see if I can "Thai this one together" for you.

Tour of history of Presbytery missionaries and Aids Foster home for Thai orphans.
Lunch at Korean Restaurant
To worship center to hear Pastor Darrell
Fruit break
To ancient wall/gate to pray.
Stand around and wait for bus
Watch traffic...Darrell and I sang/danced at a outdoor public market square
Share a traditional Thai meal and enjoy a Thai childrens Christian traditional folk music/dance

The next day was filled with our team prayer assignments at the highest mountain at a Buddhist temple, Listen here, and here for our podcasts). Later that evening, some 2500 Thai believers came for a worship and prayer concert. Today, I (Darrell) speak in the morning to 50 pastors from Korea who have sponsored these events and have various mission centers throughout this country, and then, I will share this evening and tomorrow.

We are grateful for prayers, and a confirming word from Chuck Pearce a few weeks ago about Thailand makes sense. An excerpt:

“I AM beginning to surround this Nation. I would
say I AM going to break out first in the North, (currently, Carlene and I are in the northern area)
... I AM going to move in a very peculiar
way over these next 3 years, for My Wind will be like a whirlwind
around this Nation... I say teams will come and go with you as you worship
around this Nation. The Nations that surround this Nation will begin to
come to the borders and say ‘Come over...come over and worship with
us.’...“Do not despise a small beginning, for I already began in this Nation.”
Click here for Full word
Bless you,

Darrell and Carlene

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Carlene's adventure without Darrell

The Cheonon's team of leaders and I (Carlene) were up early today to go for an elephant ride and river rafting. Darrell stayed behind to encourage Thai tribeable pastors.
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Monday, November 24, 2008

Pacificministries Darrell AND Carlene Thailand #2



This is the day that never ends.  Yes it goes on and on my friend.  Somebody started planning it not knowing what's ahead, and they'll continue planning it forever just because ....this is the day that never ends.  Yes it goes on and on my friend.......OH my goodness.  We just walked in the door.  It is 10:30pm Sunday night and we were up and running at 6:30.  Let's see if I can "Thai this one together" for you. 



Tour of history of Presbytery missionaries and Aids Foster home for Thai orphans.

Lunch at Korean Restaurant

To worship center to hear Pastor Darrell

Fruit break

To ancient wall/gate to pray.

Stand around and wait for bus

Watch traffic...Darrell and I sang/danced at a outdoor public market square

Share a traditional Thai meal and enjoy a Thai childrens Christian traditional folk music/dance

The next day was filled with our team prayer assignments at the highest mountain at a Buddhist temple, Listen here, and here for our podcasts).  Later that evening, some 2500 Thai believers came for a worship and prayer concert.  Today, I (Darrell) speak in the morning to 50 pastors from Korea who have sponsored these events and have various mission centers throughout this country, and then, I will share this evening and tomorrow (4, 90 minute sessions) with  Thai pastors.

We are grateful for prayers, and a confirming word from Chuck Pearce a few weeks ago about Thailand makes sense. An excerpt:

“I AM beginning to surround this Nation. I would

say I AM going to break out first in the North, (currently, Carlene and I are in the northern area)

... I AM going to move in a very peculiar

way over these next 3 years, for My Wind will be like a whirlwind

around this Nation... I say teams will come and go with you as you worship

around this Nation. The Nations that surround this Nation will begin to

come to the borders and say ‘Come over...come over and worship with

us.’...“Do not despise a small beginning, for I already began in this Nation.”

Click here for Full word

Bless you,

Darrell and Carlene

Prophetic word for Thailand given by ...

Prophetic word for Thailand given by Chuck Pierce

This is an
incredible prophetic word over Thailand given by Chuck Pierce last
week! My favorite word that Chuck shares from the Lord is this, “The
Nation that I have chosen - that it is now time for CHANGE is
THAILAND.” The Nation of Thailand is being shifted as we speak!

still continues to be anti-government riots in Bangkok. The prime
minister of Thailand was just stripped of his position and a new prime
minister and cabinet is being put into position. To read the latest
updates, visit the Bangkok Post online at

Jitaporn, an intercessor from Thailand sent me the entire transcribed
word Chuck Pierce gave and she also translated it into Thai. Please be
praying into this incredible prophetic word over Thailand, the Nation
shifts as God wills, and pray for the safety of the people as
dangerous anti-government rioting is happening in Bangkok.

Prophesied by Chuck Pierce at Jaisamarn Church, Bangkok, Thailand on August 24, 2008:

Lord would say to you, “I AM beginning to surround this Nation. I would
say I AM going to break out first in the North, then I AM going to move
into the South, then I AM going to move into the West, then I AM going
to move to the East. I say to you I AM going to move in a very peculiar
way over these next 3 years, for My Wind will be like a whirlwind
around this Nation. I AM going to move with the young ones first, then I AM going to move and start raising up the evangelists for this region.

say there will be a thousand of evangelists that arise from this
Nation. I say then 10,000 will go out. I say to you as I move around
this Nation, I will begin to converge on this city (Bangkok). This city
(Bangkok) has a demonic force that I AM ready to break. I will start
moving from around the Nation with worship gatherings from the North,
from the South, from the West and from the East and then you will
worship in this city (Bangkok) for 40 days,” saith the Lord.

say I will draw the young generation to this city (Bangkok) and they
will camp and worship. I say to you every strategy that the enemy has
to hold captive - the youth of this city will break. It will begin to
be heard worldwide how Bangkok is changing. Because there is a sound
rising up, I say as you worship, it will rain and the winds will blow
and you will worship more. And the cities will flood. But the churches
will be filled with My worshippers and My sound will overcome the sound
of the enemy in this Land.

“I say to you it is time and it is
already beginning. I say teams will come and go with you as you worship
around this Nation. The Nations that surround this Nation will begin to
come to the borders and say ‘Come over...come over and worship with
us.’ I say to the leaders of this Nation, ‘Get ready‘ and the leaders
of the church of this city, ‘Get ready.’ For you will open up your
doors and they will be filled with worshipping, worshipping,
worshipping saints filled with My Fire. I say the change is now come to
this Land. I will be like a FIRE that drives the snake out of its
covering and no longer will it be able to vex this nation.”

Let’s give it a shout up into heaven! Let’s Stand up…stand up

want you to stay standing. I want you to decree with me. The time of
new beginning is on this Nation. The time of travail is now on this
nation. A new birth has come to this land. A generation is being
birthed. The Spirit of Revelation is coming down on this Land. The
gates of harvests are opening. This land will be refined and cleansed.
New supplies will come into God’s Kingdom people. The Generations now
will align. Generations are coming into alignment. Give one more shout…

is the Word that the Lord has been speaking to me over and over for
Thailand. He has spoken to me clearly all year. He has said, “The
Nation that I have chosen that it is now time for CHANGE is THAILAND.”
And He has said to me, “You will be known as the Nation of Fire!”

This Nation is now being released under the Fire of God. That means a new passion of the Lord will overtake this ENTIRE NATION.

The Spirit of God says, “Thailand is going to be baptized with fire.”

has said to me that this is your defining time. The leaders of the
movement of God in this region are ready to advance into their next
anointing. A new generation is rising filled with passion and fire.
There from this night forward, the Spirit of God will start circling
this Nation. His Fire and Passion will come alive in such a way in this
Nation that the Fire began to burn in this Nation. It will move into
this city in the next 3 years. There will be a Great Awakening in
Bangkok, Thailand.

The Lord says, “Do not despise a small beginning, for I already began in this Nation.”

is the final thing HE has asked for me to do. I was given a special
gift at the beginning of this Hebrew Year. It was a tallit from Israel.
Yet it was one different than I had ever seen before. I have carried it
with me and I have looked at it and I have asked God about it. As I
would pray about it the Lord said, “This is the Mantle for the Nation
of Thailand.” So though I carried it to other nations, the Lord would
not allowed me to released this until I got to this Nation. Not only I
am to release it, I am to give it to this Nation as the sign of the New
Covering that is coming over this Land.

I want us to stand up
again. I feel that I am to ask Randy (Randy Nelson) if he would come
here with me. This gift is not for Randy, but this gift is to be
entrusted to Randy so he can move it throughout this entire Nation - so
he can pass it from church to church, from generation to generation.

Lord says, “There will come a time where this belongs in a certain
church.” The Lord says, “There will be youth meetings where this
belongs in that meeting. For over the next 3 years, I am going to cover
this Nation in a new way.” And the Lord also says to you, son (Randy),
“You will align the other Nations around this Nation and they too will
come under this Mantle.”

What makes this tallit special was
this - it was called “The Fire Tallit.” I have never seen another
tallit quite like this. It says, ”You shall receive Fire and the Holy
Ghost will come upon you.”

(Chuck asked Pastor Poomwanate and
some pastors and leaders to come up on stage.) Chuck prayed: Father, I
come right now and I say, “A NEW COVERING in the atmosphere of this
Nation is beginning to occur this night. I say now Thailand will be
known as the Nation of Holy Ghost Fire.”

Father, we decree
right now that this Mantle is now being raised over this Nation. The
Lord would say, “Look up, for I AM setting a FIRE between the powers
and principalities that have ruled this Nation and My people that are
now coming alive in this nation. I say now I will shift the government
of this Land in a new way. For I will say I will loose FIRE to purge
that which is not ruling the way that I long for my Rule to occur.”

see like 6 different heads and the Lord says, “I AM raising a new head
and it will display My Head of Fire. For I will cover My people now.
They will come alive and I say to you from this night forward, I will
surround this Nation with the Fire of God.”

Let’s give a shout…

I decree this night the present leadership of Your church is now under
a new fire mantle. And I decree that the next 2 generations will be
filled the Fire of God. “I say what the enemy has meant to stop in this
Land no longer can be stopped,” saith the Lord.

I am going to
ask Randy to receive this on behalf of these leaders and the leaders
will accept this new Mantle and then the FIRE of God will begin across
this Nation in a new way. (Randy Nelson prayed on behalf of the church
accepting this Mantle. While praying, he declared the Word of the Lord
over the leaders and people.)

Father, I (Randy) want to declare
to all of the leaders and pastors, each and every person, this fire
will be upon this land and will soon be upon you and will change this
country. You will see the harvest that God has shown you for so many

Father, tonight, I (Randy) want to declare and say to the leaders of Thailand,

Fire of God is going to be upon you. You are going to spread this Fire
throughout your city. The Fire will fall on you. Fire that comes from
heaven that is going to burn up everything that the enemy tries to do
and open the heavens upon you. You will be able to hear the Lord, be
able to see His face, be able to know what to do. No longer will you
say that I cannot hear the Lord, you will rejoice in the day that the
Lord says, “You will hear My voice and you will move forward.”

took the tallit and laid it on the pulpit and prayed): Father, we
decree every pulpit in the Nation will come alive with Your FIRE.
Father, I make a decree tonight to a generation of idolatry that has
stopped the Word and the Power of God will now burn away. From the
pulpit we decree a waving fire going out across the people. We say,
“Receive the fire of God and move forward and advance throughout this

Now turn around and lay hands on someone and decree a
new fire of God is coming alive in their lives. Grab someone’s hand and
say, “Thailand is now under a new authority of God.”

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dear Friends,

Dear Friends,

It seems like just a few short days since my return to the states and my internal timeclock has finally adjusted, yet suddenly, I find myself once again on an airplane.  This is a good thing, and I'm looking forward to a new assignment in Sri Lanka and Thailand; two countries I have never visited.  The visit has been arranged by my friend and interpreter Pastor Lee from Korea, who has been a missionary with the United Methodist Church in Thailand for some 25 years and recently began a new work in Chiang Mai.  My primary assignment is to encourage, build up, and strengthen pastors and other church leaders during their annual gathering. For further information on the persecuted Church in Sri Lanka click here.

Thank you for praying for Carlene and I during this season of intense travel.  Many leaders have suggested the church is moving through a gateway of new beginnings.  2008 was marked as a year of transition in politics, the economy, and the Church.  This next season, many of us will step into our new assignments.  This has certainly been true for Carlene and I as we remain committed to care for her mother, who is recovering from hip surgery in Bremerton Washington at rehabilitation center.  Port Townsend, Carlene's hometown where we first met at a Baptist Church in 1974 and were married two years later, has become a destination point for us in this season of transition.  We plan (unless the Lord directs differently) to retain our second Sunday, monthly Worship at the River gatherings for the Portland region, the next one being December 14, 2008. Our last gathering featured Carlene's Family Spaghetti Dinner....WONDERFUL!

I'd like to invite you to join with us in a daily prayer focus over the next few weeks. I've described intercession in this way: as Covering Fire, similar to a combat operation, where military soldiers covered each other as they advanced.  I have assigned topics and Scriptures for each day, and I believe this focused prayer will not only bring protection and grace to Carlene and I, but will have application in your life and Ministry.  We have sometimes utilized Chuck Pierce's Focused Prayer Schedule as the Holy Spirit leads us.  Since we will be out of the country in for 17 days, I'd like to amend Chuck Pierce's strategy he released some years ago for a period of 17 days. I'll continue to post audio podcasts during this expedition, especially since these new countries will be filled with new experiences and needs.

This 17 Day Prayer Focus is also attached as a Word document for easy printing.  I would encourage you to post it on your refrigerator or in your Bible.   Join us!

Bless You!

Darrell and Carlene


November 15 - December 1, 2008

There is a key plan that God is releasing. This plan is falling piece by piece from heaven to secure the blessings today that will effect the next generation. This plan effects us individually, corporately, and nationally.  In the next 17 days the Lord will be releasing key revelation to each one of us personally. This revelation will affect the manifesting of your covenant blessings for the future. For the next 17 days we must diligently seek God. When I looked up the number 17, I found that its meaning is victory. There will be a key unlocking and setting in place of our future over the next 17 days. How we pray in these next 17 days will help to determine our victory in the future. These next 17 days will also set us in God’s perfect timing to advance.

Saturday, November 15: Pray for the President Bush and President-elect Obama to hear God (Romans 13). Pray for Darrell and Carlene's airline travel with smooth passport and customs transitions.

Sunday, November 16: Declare that God’s plan of judgment against His enemies be established. May this plan overrule any of man’s desires. The Lord sends forth judgment unto victory (Matt. 12:20).  Pray for Darrell's accuracy in the discerning the Holy Spirit's intent in every conversation, public and private.

Monday, November 17: Declare that any unwarranted plan of destruction initiated by the anti-Christ system will be thwarted. Declare death and the grave will have no victory (1 Cor. 15:55).  Pray for Darrell and Carlene's physical health and safety, especially in areas of political unrest and with Sri Lanka's persecution of believers.

Tuesday, November 18: Pray for your personal vision and destiny (1 John 5:4).  Pray for Carlene's  sensitivity to the Holy Spirit's revelation of her Ministry to the wives of pastors and leaders.

Wednesday, November 19: Review how you are moving forward and the resources you have (1 Kings 17).  Pray for Darrell and Carlene's every aspect of transitioning, whether it be taxi, plane, moving from one home or meeting place to another, or one city to another.

Thursday, November 20: Ask God for a new stewardship plan (Luke 19, Proverbs 3:5-10).  Pray for Darrell and Carlene's accurate accounting of all resources, both given and received.

Friday, November 21: Ask the Lord for faith strategies (1 Sam. 17).  Pray for Darrell and Carlene's sensitivity of when to say no and rest.

Saturday, November 22: Ask the Lord to remove hidden grief from past losses in your life (2 Sam. 19:2).  Pray for Darrell and Carlene's discernment of every country and cities redemptive gift, and how to encourage the people to trust God in their identity.

Sunday, November 23: Ask the Lord to break a spirit and shadow of death from you (Isa. 25:8).  Pray for Darrell and Carlene's sensitivity to understand the history of the land and our assignment in it.  Pray especially for the church in Thailand... for its growth, and maturity.

 Monday, November 24: Put off a garment of defeat and put on a garment of victory (I Cor.15:54).  Pray for Carlene's ability to celebrate and dance upon injustice.  For Darrell's creativity in declaring God's promise of victory.

Tuesday, November 25: Ask the Lord to reveal to you His building plan for the future. Praise Him for all that He has done in the past to get you as far as you have come (I Chron. 28, 29).  Pray for Darrell and Carlene's children: Nate and Krista and son Calvin, Danielle, Matthew (with the Marine Corps on desert training in California... training for deployment the end of January to Iraq), and our youngest couple Paul and Tyla... ready to celebrate their one-year anniversary.

Wednesday, November 26: Fast, to gain the prophetic strategy that will properly position you for victory over the confederated enemies that are set against you (II Chron 20).  Pray for Darrell and Carlene's understanding of both the time and season, and especially what to do.

Thursday, November 27: Pray and memorize Jeremiah 33:3. Declare it over the government of your nation. Ask the Lord to open your eyes to revelation that has been hidden from you. Never think that you know more than Jesus about the redemptive plan for your life. (Jer. 33:3 Amp.).  Pray for our discernment and the wisdom with regard to the things that have been hidden that God wants to reveal in nations, cities, and churches we will visit.

Friday, November 28: Read Psalm 20 out loud to the Lord. Let the Holy Spirit direct your prayers for yourself and your nation. Pray for the persecuted Church in Sri Lanka.  Pray for their ability to endure and that their faith would grow, and each leader would be are assured of God's call on their life.

Saturday, November 29 Sing the song of the Lamb (Moses’ Song). If you can’t sing, read it loudly. It is key to understand right now! (Rev 15:1-5). Pray for Darrell and Carlene's sensitivity to the new song of deliverance, and boldness to sing it.

Sunday, November 30: Worship in a new way. Read your favorite three Psalms. Allow the Lord to raise up a song of victory in you (Psalm 98).  Pray for Darrell and Carlene's ability to encourage pastors and leaders to move from traditions which inhibit the freedom of worship, and to sing the new song.

Monday, December 1: Exalt Jesus as ruler of your life, your vision, your city, and your nation. Establish Him as victor. Declare Him as victor ( 1 Cor. 15.57).  Join with us as we reenter the United States (an 18 hour flight) and celebrate the season of our Messiah's birth, but also his victory.  Let this day be a Day of Exultation!

Sri Lanka


Have just finished 3rd day in Sri Lanka with many being touched by the Holy Spirit. Have just a few minutes to post this audio reflection....tomorrow we join 30 pastors and leaders for a prayer and worship assignment in the central town of Kandy where high level Buddhists have a major influence. This country is divided and under great spiritual oppression. I have prayed for many discouraged leaders and the Lord has been faithful to bring refreshing and encouraging words to their lives. There have been wonderful moments of laughter....even as I try to eat the hottest and spiciest food in my life. I regularly carry water with me!

Our hosts have us staying in a place greatly damaged by the tsunami and you still witness the destruction. Thank you for upholding us....Carlene is flying 18 hours to meet me in Bangkok on Friday morning. The leaders we are working with in Thailand expect nearly 2000 at these meetings. Please pray for strength and wisdom.

Bless you!


Sunday, November 16, 2008

I survived 2 flights of19 hours,4 sec...

Dear Friends,

I survived 2 flights of19 hours,4 security checkpoints, bad food (never
each a spicy chicken special at the McDonald's in Japan), frantic taxi
rides in Bangkok....all of it  for at least two reasons.  John and Sara
Kim.  John and Sara are, missionary pioneers who have treated me like a
king.  They have hosted me these two days before I leave Monday for Sri
Lanka.  The story of their understanding of the spiritual history and condition of Thailand is HERE(5min).  Their vision for this country is HERE(6min).

While here, the historic funeral of Princess in the Royal Family is effectively capturing the country.

Just saw BBC News report on escalating violence in that country
and would appreciate renewed prayers over the next few days.

Thank you for praying for us!!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008



In all things, we must give thanks. It is part of our DNA as human beings that we be grateful. If I eat a great meal in a restaurant, I want to thank the server and the chef. It’s just natural! If someone gives us a beautiful sweater for Christmas, we want to say thank you. If someone scores a touchdown for our team, what are we doing when we stand up and cheer? We are showing our appreciation. If someone wins a gold medal, or overcomes a daunting deficit to win, we jump up and down. We are thankful to be a part of that historic moment.

“In everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus,” Paul said in 1 Thessalonians 5:18. Intimacy has a voice, and we need to be vocal in our praise and gratitude. Thanksgiving is not just for the Thanksgiving weekend; it should be an everyday occurrence.

I believe that real intimacy with God cannot be hidden. It transforms us. To get there, however, we need to press into communion and praise. We have to live with a heart captured by God. Appreciation is often a tool God uses to draw us closer to Him. When we enter His presence, He usually tells us something He loves about us. He is very good at being grateful—and we need to follow the Holy Spirit’s lead in that.

God’s blessing should propel us into thanksgiving—our excitement over what He is doing must manifest itself in gratitude. Thankfulness is a test we need to pass every day of our lives. Whether life is good or bad, we always have something to give thanks for.

Many Christians have been conditioned to think that they enter God’s presence with prayer. But Scripture is clear that thankfulness is the door to His presence—“Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise. Give thanks to Him, bless His name,” says Psalm 100:4.

Whatever happens, we must thank God for the set of circumstances we are in. I’m not saying that we must thank God for something horrible that has happened: Christians are not called to be masochists. However, we can thank God that He is always with us.

Rejoicing in God gives us the opportunity to hear Him. When we enter His presence with thanksgiving, we open more of ourselves to His voice. When we want to know God’s will for a situation, we begin by giving thanks.

Probably two-thirds of the rest of the world would change places with us in the west in a heartbeat, no matter how poor our lifestyle. To many, we are rich beyond their wildest dreams. Count your blessings; there are so many things to give thanks for. If we struggle with being grateful to God for what He has given us, chances are we will be ungracious to people in how we live our lives. It is disciplines like gratitude, thanksgiving, praise, and worship that keep the presence of God fresh and alive in our hearts.

This is a fundamental spiritual truth that can re-shape and re-ignite our personal time with God. By entering His presence with praise, not petitions, we learn how to adore God. Our hearts become full of constant, continuous worship. We are people called to be happy in God; if we don’t have joy in our relationship with Him, how can we expect anyone else to?

As a Christian, who would you rather be represented by: the most miserable swine on earth, or the happiest person in the world? This is the very choice God faces! Nobody wants to be represented by someone who is glum and miserable. Thankfulness helps us remain happy in God.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Dear Pacifiministries Friends,

Dear Local Pacifiministries Friends,

I am an unabashedly a "Fall" lover.  Something about this season of harvest, cooler weather and leftover turkey sandwiches is so attractive.

The reason I am sending another email is to invite you to celebrate the blessings of this Fall season and worship in one my most favorite ways: Eating!  Worship at the River this Sunday at 6pm will include
a Spaghetti Dinner at the Sam Cox Building  at the Troutdale Community Center (our normal meeting place).  The only requirement is for each family to bring a favorite dessert (including fruit offerings for us calorie counters), AND, to reply by THIS FRIDAY, November 7 ( with the number of folks coming. 

See you this Sunday, November 9th at 6pm.

Darrell and Carlene

Updated Itinerary


    1-4     Port Townsend     Assisting Carlene's mother

    4-6     Victoria, BC      
   House Church gatherings

    9        Worship at the River 6pm Pacificministries will provide  Family Spagetti Dinner!

    13-21 Darrell Columbo, Sri Lanka Pastor's Gathering

    21-2   Carlene and Darrell   Chang Mai,
Thailand Pastor's Gathering

Saturday, November 01, 2008

November Update

Dear Friends of Pacificministries,

Every four or five years or so, the wristwatches I'd buy seem to quit.  No matter if they were expensive or the Wal-Mart brand, they just didn't endure.  Several months ago I found myself in search of a new watch, again.  I was determined to find a good quality timepiece, even if I had to pay extra.  I went to my local Fred Meyers (liberal return policy) and over the course of several weeks, purchased four different watches exchanging each for a new one because, well, they just didn't feel right.  (thanks Freddy's)  Finally, I found it. The Timex Expedition Rugged Field Watch from the Special Operations Tactical Supply store.   It included these wonderful features:

  • The face was large enough for me to see the numbers without my glasses,
  • A comfortable leather band (I can't wear those metal ones),
  • Equipped with a backlight for night vision (for late night illumination to find bathrooms in strange countries),
  • A trusty and reliable brand  (remember... Timex: takes a licking and keeps on ticking...except they don't make that ticking sound any more)
  • Even an uncharacteristically stylish look (according to my son Paul who approves all of my fashion accessories)

But it was not until I returned from my expedition from Russia that I understood why the watch was a perfect fit. 

Expedition in the dictionary is defined as:

  1. a military campaign designed to achieve a specific objective in a foreign country
  2. an organized group of people undertaking a journey for a particular purpose;
  3. a journey organized for a particular purpose

I believe the Holy Spirit is mobilizing a relational military force designed to establish His Kingdom objectives in foreign lands.  This spiritual army is destined to proclaim God's love and destiny for the land and the people that dwell within its borders. 

Recently, I had a very graphic dream.  I was with several travelers on an expedition.  My friend Delight was driving and I served as the navigator in an old van traveling on Highway 53.  I knew instinctively we were on the wrong road.  We needed to get back to Highway 51.  While there were many more details to the dream, I believe the Lord was clearly inviting us to move from a:

Psalm 53 mentality (... foolish people say in their hearts 'there is no God'... God wants to see if there are any who understand and to trust in Him... won't those people ever learn?)  and return to a,

Psalm 51 mindset.(... create in me a clean heart... renew a right spirit in me... restore unto me the joy of your salvation... then I will teach your ways... let "Delight" be your driving force)

Both the watch and the dream simply illustrate our expedition, our desire to walk in relationship for God's Kingdom purposes with renewed delight of a clean heart and a renewed spirit.  We then have a responsibility to teach and impart His ways to people in spiritual darkness.

Recently I returned from such a Kingdom expedition.  My good friend Pastor David Park from Seoul Korea and I flew to Vladivostok in East Russia.  Our primary purpose was to encourage pastors, leaders, and the people.

Frankly, I was taken aback at the overwhelming spiritual oppressiveness which hung like a heavy black cloud over the land.  Russia's history of hundreds of years dominating and controlling governments has spawned a spirit of fear.  It affects land and steals the joy of life from its people.  In the smaller city of Nakhodka where we held our primary gatherings, large smokestacks belched literal clouds of black smoke from coal burning power plants, and the large Stalin-style apartment buildings are marked by decay.  Larger than life statues of Lenin loom over the city, and memorials to the triumphs of communism dominate town squares.  Most homes have large iron bars protecting outside windows and virtually every apartment is guarded by massive steel doors with multiple locks.  The people supplement their meager income with gardens in their yards, and because of the global economic downturn, many are facing critical financial futures. Alcholism, gambling, and the Russian mafia dominate the culture.  And tragically, divorce affects over 80% of families.

Yet Russia belongs to the Lord.  God created this land and it's vast beauty for his glory.  It does not belong to the communist government.  God was faithful to reveal his heart for this land, and to bring wisdom and revelation to our expedition.  Two themes emerged:

1 God has given Russian people a gift of dance.  He has designed in their spiritual DNA an expressiveness and joy in the delight of who they are, and who God is.  Think of the beauty of the Russian ballet, the music of Tchaikovsky or Rachmaninoff, and the Russian folk dances.  Even in restaurant's, Russians create open spaces where tables can be moved aside so they have room to dance.  Yet the enemy has stolen this joy, this delight, this expressive worship.

2 God loves this land.  He loves the Russian people... deeply and with abundance. 

But this revelation did not come at once.

Two days into our expedition, I began to be affected by the darkness and fear.  I could not sleep, and asked for angelic protection and for God's heart to be revealed with clarity.  Yet, there seemed to be no breakthrough, and Pastor David and I began to ask the Lord to give us his heart and strategy to bring a word that would restore the joy of the Lord to this land and to its people.  I was scheduled to share the second evening of our three day conference, and as I began to prepare, I had this brief exchange with him:

Lord: I want to break through tonight.  I desire to open heaven here... tonight.

Me: Okay Lord, just how do you want to do this? 

Lord: Sing. 

Me: Sing what?

Lord: Don't worry about that, just open your mouth and I will give you the words.

Me: Lord, they have a toy electronic keyboard with no sustain pedal and...

Lord: (silence)

Me: Okay

I whispered to the Russian interpreter Eva, that the Lord had changed the message that evening.  I invited her to sing the interpretation:

Though You Are a People Who Dwell in a Land of Great
Darkness... Behold Your Light Has Come... Arise Shine... Lift up Your
Heads... the Glory of the Lord Is Here, Jesus the King of Glory.

The black cloud of fear began to lift, and the people began to rejoice...and, dance!


I am sometimes asked why I travel to these places as an intercessory/worshiper.  This song is why....songs of deliverance.
Captured here, is a 2 minute audio recording:  My Beloved Russia  
In just two weeks, I fly to Sri Lanka on a new expedition.  Then, Carlene will join me in Thailand for 10 days, before we return to the Northwest December 2.   We are only a part of a mighty spiritual force whose delight is in the Lord, who bring words of encouragement, edification, and comfort; sometimes simply expressed... in a song.

Thank you for praying for us.  Despite the economic climate, we feel the Lord is challenging us with the truth he is not affected by the world's financial markets.  This is a great time to let him finance our expeditions.  We step expectantly into difficult and dark places with his joy.  The Church in Sri Lanka has experienced recent persecution and Thailand is politically unstable.  Perfect timing.  I'm remembering my new watch: the Timex Expedition... just keeps on ticking.

Bless you,

Darrell and Carlene 

Updated Itinerary

    1-4  Port Townsend              Assisting Carlene's mother
    4-6  Victoria, BC                  House Church gatherings
    9     Worship at the River     6pm Pacificministries will provide Carlene's Famous Italian Family Spagetti Dinner! (detailsforthcoming in an upcoming email)
    13-21 Darrell Columbo, Sri Lanka Pastor's Gathering
    21-2   Carlene and Darrell   Chang Mai, Thailand Pastor's Gathering

Sunday, October 26, 2008

What is the Church?

Surprisingly, the Bible never defines the church. Instead, it presents it through a number of different metaphors. One of the reasons why the New Testament gives us numerous metaphors to depict the church is because the church is too comprehensive and rich to be captured by a single definition or metaphor. Unfortunately, our tendency is to latch on to one particular metaphor and understand the ekklesia through it alone. But by latching on to just one metaphor—whether it be the body, the army, the temple, the bride, the vineyard, or the city—we lose the message that the other metaphors convey. The result: Our view of the church will become limited at best or lopsided at worst.
The Chief Metaphor
Do you know what metaphor for the church dominates the New Testament? It’s the family.
The writings of Paul, Peter, and John in particular are punctuated with the language and imagery of family. (See Gal. 6:10;Rom. 8:29; Eph. 2:19; 1 Tim. 5:1–2; 3:15; 1 Peter 2:2; 1 John 2:12–13, etc.)
While the New Testament authors depict the church with a variety of different images, their favorite image is the family. Familial terms like “new birth,” “children of God,” “sons of God,” “brethren,” “fathers,” “brothers,” “sisters,” and “household” saturate the New Testament writings.
In all of Paul’s letters to the churches, he speaks to the “brethren”—a term that includes both brothers and sisters in Christ. Paul uses this familial term more than 130 times in his epistles. So without question, the New Testament is filled with the language and imagery of family.
In stark contrast, the dominating metaphor that’s typically constructed for the church today is the business corporation. The pastor is the CEO. The clergy and/or staff is upper management. Evangelism is sales and marketing. The congregation is the clientele. And there is competition with other corporations (“churches”) in the same town.
But the corporation metaphor has a major problem. Not only is it glaringly absent from the New Testament, it does violence to the spirit of Christianity. Because from God’s standpoint, the church is primarily a family. His family, in fact.
Most Christians have no trouble giving glib assent to the idea that the church is a family. Yet giving mental assent to the family nature of the church is vastly different from fleshing out its sober implications. It would do us well to look closely at the family metaphor and discuss the practical implications that are connected with it. As you read through each aspect, I want to challenge you to compare your church to each one. Ask yourself this question: Is my church living in the reality of being the family of God?
(1) The Members Take Care of One AnotherBecause the church is family, its members take care of one another. Think about the natural family (assuming that it’s healthy). Families take care of their own. Isn’t it true that you take care of your natural blood? And they take care of you? If your mother, father, brother, sister, son, or daughter has a problem, do you say, “Sorry, don’t bother me,” or do you take care of them?
A true family takes care of its own, does it not?
What good is it, my brothers, if a man claims to have faith but has no deeds? Can such faith save him? Suppose a brother or sister is without clothes and daily food. If one of you says to him, “Go, I wish you well; keep warm and well fed,” but does nothing about his physical needs, what good is it? In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead. (James 2:14–17)
This passage puts a finger on the meaning of real faith. Real faith expresses itself in acts of love toward our brothers and sisters in Christ. To paraphrase James, “If you say you have faith, but you neglect your brother or sister who is in physical need … then your faith is dead.” The “action” James is talking about is not prayer or Bible study, but acts of love toward our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.
(2) The Members Spend Time Together
Because the church is family, the members take time to know one another. That is, they spend time together outside of scheduled meetings.
Question: Do the members of your church see one another only during scheduled services? Are you in contact with them during the week? Do you share meals together? Consider the organic instincts of the Jerusalem church at work:
They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.… Every day they continued to meet together.… They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts. (Acts 2:42, 46)
The early Christians had lives that interacted with one another. This was the church’s DNA at work. If we follow our spiritual instincts, we will have an innate desire to gather together often. Why? Because the Holy Spirit serves as a kind of magnet that organically draws Christians together. The Holy Spirit puts within the hearts of all genuine believers a desire for authentic community.
The Bible says that the Jerusalem church met daily. Interestingly, the assembly in Jerusalem wasn’t the only church that gathered together on a daily basis. Some thirty years later, the writer of Hebrews exhorts the Christians to “encourage one another daily” (Heb. 3:13). And yet today, in most contemporary churches, the only fellowship time that one gets is two minutes when the pastor says, “Turn around and greet the people behind you.”
On Sunday mornings, we clock in and we clock out. Granted, we may grab a little more time in the parking lot as we make a beeline to our car. But can we really call that fellowship? Let’s be honest: For many Christians, the church is simply an event one attends once or twice a week, and that’s all.
(3) The Family is Community not CorporationAgain, the New Testament writers never use the imagery of a business corporation to depict the church. Unlike many modern “churches,” the early Christians knew nothing of spending colossal figures on building programs and projects at the expense of bearing the burdens of their fellow brethren.
In this way, many contemporary churches have essentially become nothing more than high-powered enterprises that bear more resemblance to General Motors than they do to the apostolic community.
A great many churches have succumbed to the intoxicating seductions of an individualistic, materialistic, business-oriented, consumer-driven, self-serving society. And when everything is boiled down, the success of the enterprise rests upon the shoulders of the CEO—the pastor.
In short, the church that’s introduced to us in Scripture is a loving household, not a business. It’s a living organism, not a static organization. It’s the corporate expression of Jesus Christ, not a religious corporation. It’s the community of the King, not a well-oiled hierarchical machine.
As such, when the church is functioning according to its nature, it offers:
• interdependence instead of independence
• wholeness instead of fragmentation
• participation instead of spectatorship
• connectedness instead of isolation
• solidarity instead of individualism
• spontaneity instead of institutionalization
• relationship instead of programs
• servitude instead of dominance
• enrichment instead of insecurity
• freedom instead of bondage
• community instead of corporation
• bonding instead of detachment.
In the language of the apostles, the church is composed of infants, little children, young men, brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers—the language and imagery of family (1 Cor. 4:15; 1 Tim. 5:1–2; James 2:15; 1 John 2:13–14).

Saturday, October 25, 2008




Just a moment at a computer to communicate how grateful I am for prayer and prophetic words of encouragment during this trip...way to much to report except to say every moment has been set up by Holy meeting with 4 young from North Korea I met 3 years ago...and another young believer who is rapidly becoming a radical disciple who will return to Sri Lanka.  The Lord is training new army of radical worshipers with a hunger for obedience.  I especially loved just deepening friendships over the simple sharing of a meal. 
Will give further info and report about Russia.....true miracles firsthand...(pics of Russian believers and sharing Russian meal in leaders home)


Finishing today (Sunday) by speaking at 2 churches, Monday at a marketplace (interior decorating) store with pre-Christians...and a 3rd meeting at the Esther Prayer gathering of 200 mostly young tired...but good tired.

Thanks for praying for Carlene...she is being a grandma in Minnesota...will leave Tuesday morning for USA...

Bless you!!!



Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Share a cup of coffee with's 6am on a beautiful fall morning in Korea.....

Longer Podcast #1 (10 min.)

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Dear Friends,

I am never quite sure how to address a group
of people who we have met and are passionate about the Kingdom of God. 
Some of you are longtime friends and we share a history of pursuing
Jesus, others are newer friends who have been partnered in our
conviction that the Holy Spirit is building a foundation for a revival
in the Northwest, some are friends and ministry leaders in other
countries throughout the Pacific Rim region, and still others are
actually related to us! Somehow, a salutation such as "Dear Friends"
just doesn't ring right.  A few weeks ago I sent an e-mail to a few
folks with this greeting that pretty much describes you: 

Dear Lovers of Supernatural Things of God...
I am writing this e-mail to you because:

    1.  You  love supernatural signs and wonders.

                2.  You are not content with church business as usual.

                                                         3.  You are committed to relational Christianity, not just in theory but in practice.

I am writing this e-mail to specifically ask you to pray for
Carlene and I over the next few weeks.  If you received our recent
update you know that I am headed to South Korea and Vladivostok Russia
for 15 days beginning October 13 through October 28. Jesus said we do
not have because we do not ask.  I am want to ask for:

Wisdom and revelation concerning all the details that surround
Carlene's responsibility for her mother, Jean DeLeo.  Because Carlene
is a primary caregiver, we want to make the best decisions for her
mother's health and ongoing therapy as well as balancing other

2 Traveling safety along the I-5 corridor between Bremerton and Portland.
3 Balance between ministry, family responsibilities, and rest

4 Continued health for her physical body.

1 Smooth and painless airline connections, passport and visa paperwork, and no
travel delays.

2 Holy Spirit inspired connections with pastors and leaders.
3 Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit for the right message of encouragement with the right timing.
4 Perfect health and physical protection in everyplace, and in every situation.

Recently, I was asking the Lord for increased favor in
the Pacific Rim regions.  We even printed new name cards with a
satellite picture of the "Ring of Fire".  

The Pacific Ring of Fire is an area of frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions encircling the basin of the Pacific Ocean
We believe it is strategic, both naturally and spiritually.  Within one
week we met key leaders from Alaska and an invitation to minister in 4
Russian cities just a few miles from the North Korean and China borders.

Carlene and I want to thank you for your friendship and support.
This trip is a step of faith, and we are blessed to partner with you in
this adventure.  I'd will send updates as these days unfold.


Tuesday, October 07, 2008

at the River Watchmen at the River

Newsletter of Pacific
Ministries’ monthly meetings September, 2008

at Glenn Otto Community
Park, Troutdale, Oregon.

Time of

Times of
Alarm ~

and Weather Storms

Listen to
what the Spirit is saying;

what season we are in ~

Align our
lives with

the season
the Spirit is leading into.

October 1 (our

Holy Convocation ~ not
a sound to console, but a wake-up call.

What will seem like a
disaster to some, will be life-giving to those who will be awakened.

October 7 (our

Day of Atonement ~
humbling ourselves, waiting expectantly.

October 15 (our

Festival of Booths ~
end of days, intensifying days like birth pangs.

Worship in
all Seasons,

Worship in

and Expectation ~

Harvest of the Lord.

There is victory
through suffering.

It is wise to learn
from the autumn;

Prepare for the
cycle of the seasons.

Be ready
to be caught up with the Lord!

Glory be
to God in His Temple,

with the Drums,

Sounds of

Rhythms of

Worship in

Clapping Hands.

King of
Kings, Lord of Lords, We declare You LORD!

Peals of
Trumpeting sound, A Sanctuary of His Dwelling,

Voice, Every Sound ~ All the Rhythm of His Creation, Aleluia!

Something stirring, we
will wait on the Lord ~

For His direction, His
Holy leading.

This is the season of
new things, new rhythms, new blending, new combinations.

It will not sound like
anything before; it is a new resonance.

We desire to know You,
to discern, to know Your heart.

Would it be enough to
play a chord?

To worship in one

Let go of the stuff,
grow in Christ, be a new creation.

God is releasing
something new in us.

He is asking us do
something we have never done before.

New songs, new rhythms,
new words, in each one of us ~

Visions given to
little ones ~

Artistic expressions
display the Glory of the Lord ~

Songs of the Lord,
sung in each of us ~

Our hearts play the
music on the crystal floor.

The revealing words,
of wisdom and truth:

Lord, please orient me
to your truth.

“Therefore, I
urge you, brothers, in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as
living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God—this is your
act of worship. Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this
world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will
be able to test and approve what God's will is—his good,
pleasing and perfect will.” Romans 12:1,2

“To whom,
then, will you compare God? What image will you compare him to? As
for an idol, a craftsman casts it, and a goldsmith overlays it with
gold and fashions silver chains for it. A man too poor to present
such an offering selects wood that will not rot. He looks for a
skilled craftsman to set up an idol that will not topple. Do you not
know? Have you not heard? Has it not been told you from the
beginning? Have you not understood since the earth was founded? He
sits enthroned above the circle of the earth,
and its people are
like grasshoppers. He stretches out the heavens like a canopy, and
spreads them out like a tent to live in. He brings princes to naught
and reduces the rulers of this world to nothing. No sooner are they
planted, no sooner are they sown, no sooner do they take root in the
ground, than he blows on them and they wither, and a whirlwind sweeps
them away like chaff. ‘To whom will you compare me? Or who is
my equal?’ says the Holy One.” Isaiah 40:18-25

Something precious

We receive the
intimacy of the wedding ~ we are the bride

. We are perceiving;
we still ourselves, and wait

In anticipation,
for renewal, in His perfect timing.

something forth in purity.

Can you
hear the new song of the Lord?

The sound
of His heart?

Holy LORD,
Holy are you, LORD.

Declare the communities
of this land will be saved.

Be the watchmen on the
wall of the Lower Columbia Region.

There is no rest for
the watchmen.

The Lord is great
over Oregon.

Can you
hear my heart for you?

I am
yours; you are mine.

Taste and
see, I am Good.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Dear Friends,

In the midst of turbulent and increasingly
negative financial news, believers find themselves running to the
Rock.  Not the rock of Gibraltar, not the rock of a secure financial
portfolio, not the rock of the federal government, but the security and
safety of Jesus, the Chief Financial Officer of the Universe.  It is Him who we exalt and worship.  He is the refuge we run to. 

Carlene and I have been to two gatherings the last several weeks. 
We attended the International Fellowship of Ministries conference in
Seattle last week, and these past few days, we have been
leading worship in a seminar with Tom and Diane Hawkins,
whose focus is on proper protocol in intercessory prayer and working
with survivors of dissociative disorders.  The content of these
meetings were diverse, but the common denominator was and continues to
be our love and worship of Jesus as Healer and our Rock.

I believe the Church of Jesus Christ is in the process of being
redefined and purified, and we will face many more challenges.  One
only needs to read the headlines of any major newspaper for
confirmation.  Thankfully, believers all over the world are learning to
gather in celebration for one purpose: Jesus.  It is the reason we
continue to gather together the second Sunday evenings once a month at
theTroutdale Community Center. 

Mikki Yamasaki, who organized the meetings with Tom and Diane
Hawkins, had crafted song lyrics in anticipation of our conference.  I 
modified these lyrics, and put them to music.  We introduced them as a
worship team to the conference, and I believe they have current
prophetic application.  I have included these lyrics as well as the
digital audio files (just me and my guitar) for dowload in this Update.
Feel free to duplicate and use them in any way you choose. We'll
introduce them at Worship at the River this Sunday, October 12, at 6

Thank you for praying and supporting Pacificministries.  I
(Darrell) will leave for Korea on Monday, October 13, and David Park
and I will travel to Vladivostik and 3 other cities in Russia for one
week.  Please pray as we meet leaders in these strategic cities located
just a few miles from the borders of China, North Korea, and Russia.  I
will send out email and podcast updates which will be posted on Pacificminstries.


Bless you,


Darrell and Carlene Dahlman

Travel Itinerary

Saturday, October 11 1pm-5pm.

2nd Cascadia Rendezvous – Astoria


Sunday, October 12 6pm

Worship at the River   Pacificministries


October 13-28

Korea/Russia  Updates and podcasts will be posted

November 23- December 8


I Am There

Words: Mildred Yamasaki

Music: Darrell Dahlman

         Em7             D
No matter where you are


I am there

No matter what you believe 

I am there

G            D/F#

I shall care for you

Now and forever more

G   /F#  /E /D /C# /B    A

This is my song I sing for you


I am there


I am there.


Let Mercy Reign!


Words: Mildred Yamasaki

Music: Darrell Dahlman


Let Mercy reign

Let Mercy reign

Let Mercy reign in me  (Live/Flow)


Let it be a

driving force,

that shapes the way 

I live.

I lay down all

my hurts and pain

bring freedom to my life


Let me sing this

song of the joy,

to be more and more like Him

I will trust in the finished work

Let mercy flow within.

Key: F (Capo 3frets)

D    Em7   D/F#  G   Bm  G  Asus

D    Em7   D/F#  G   Bm  Asus  Em7


D    Em7   D/F#  G

D    Em7   D/F#   Asus

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dutch Sheets: "Get Ready for SEPTEMBER - A SEASON of SUDDENLIES"

By Dutch Sheets

Aug 13, 2008

ready for September! It is so huge on God's timetable that it will mark
one of the greatest shifts in the spiritual realm that our generation
has ever seen:

• A season of suddenlies will begin.

• The confusion and deception ruling America (including within the Church) will begin to lift.

• The November elections will shift toward God's will.

• The coming "great awakening" to America will go to a new level.

• The "presence movement" will begin.

A Season of Suddenlies

I have heard of divine "suddenlies" all of my life and have no doubt experienced a few. However, I have never been in what I would call "a season of suddenlies."
I'm in one now! And this new season is about to break forth in a
significant way for those who have allowed God to prepare them for it.

was already releasing this word when Chuck Pierce prophesied to me two
weeks ago, "You will stand on the steps facing 'The Mall' (in
Washington, D.C.) in September and decree: 'Suddenlies are coming!' Be prepared for I will begin to jar and to rearrange what needs to be rearranged."

This season will usher in many changes - get ready!

Confusion and Deception Broken

level of confusion and deception I have seen over America in the last
two years both in the Church and without has been unlike anything I
have ever witnessed. The level of it, especially in the Body of Christ,
has truly been shocking to me. The list of areas in which it has
manifested is broad: presidential candidate endorsements and
prophecies, doctrinal error, relational breakups, disagreements over
what is true and false revival, etc.

Add to this list a
general weariness, complacency (one well-known leader told me he
doesn't think it matters anymore who is elected president - so much for
shifting the Supreme Court!), disillusionment, disorientation, etc. -
and it all adds up to incredible confusion and deception. I believe it
is all linked to our war in Iraq, which is ancient Babylon. Babylon
means "confusion." It was not difficult for us to defeat Iraq's
physical army, but the principality - the spirit of Babylon - has been
another story altogether.

Just a couple of weeks ago,
however, I heard the Holy Spirit say very clearly to me, "I'm about to
unravel the cords of confusion." When I heard this I had the sense that
it would begin in September.

In 2 Chronicles 20, God used
Israel's worship to "ambush" their enemies. The result was that these
enemies destroyed one another! Expect the confusion to break off of the
Church this fall and for God's enemies to be ambushed.

The November Elections

say it has been troubling to listen to prominent Christian leaders
endorse certain candidates and/or prophesy that it is God's will for
those candidates to be president would be an understatement. Make no
mistake about it, the turning of the Supreme Court and reversing the
flow of death and anti-God laws that have flowed out of it is still
God's number one governmental agenda for America.

elect a pro-abortion candidate that would appoint pro-abortion judges
would be disastrous and could set us back 50 years. It doesn't matter
who prophesies or states otherwise - don't be deceived by this. It is
NOT God's will for us to have a liberal, pro-abortion president!

listened to one of the presidential candidates make a speech four years
ago and heard one of the strongest abilities for deceiving and moving
the masses that I've ever witnessed. The strength of this "gift" was
very scary. I knew then he would be a candidate for president in '08.
The good news is that the deception surrounding him will begin to break
in September and the momentum of the elections will be decided at that
time - if the Church prays. Please pray diligently and don't be taken
in by charisma and empty promises of change.

The Presence Movement

coming awakening will not be known as a prayer movement, apostolic
movement, prophetic movement, teaching movement, miracle movement,
gifts movement, glory movement, etc. It will include all of these, but
the dominant emphasis and characteristic will be - His presence. He -
not one of His manifestations or elements of gifting - will be the
focal point.

Our ministry in Colorado Springs, along with
many others I'm sure, has been privileged by God to help birth this. We
were visited by the Holy Spirit on June 15 and asked to host His
Presence 24/7 for 90 days, just as Obed-edom did with the Ark of the
Covenant, which is also called "the Ark of His Presence" (see 2 Samuel

We have suspended everything else to host Him.
No classes, no preaching (even on Sundays), no programs - nothing but
worship. It has wrecked us! His presence has been so overwhelming at
times in our gatherings that none of us knows what to do. We are being
ruined for "normal" Christianity.

It has become obvious
to us that this assignment is on behalf of the entire nation. We are in
the hidden, secret place with God, allowing the Holy Spirit to hover
through our worship and birth a "presence movement." God has spoken to
us prophetically that this movement characterized by His presence will
begin to be released to the nation in September.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Dear Worshipers at the River,

I am going to post these comments that I received as well as the

prophetic picture from last night. I will try to remember as many

folks that were in attendance and you can see from the e-mail, who I

might have forgotten... please feel free to forward this on to


As I reflected on the evening... I believe it was one of the most

difficult yet one of the most treasured times of worship. I would

look forward to hearing from any of you regarding your thoughts and


These are great times, we are living in! Despite financial markets

crumbling and wars and rumors of wars... we serve a God who is greater

than any external pressure... and we like that eagle must be remained

on the wall.

Bless you, Darrell

Katy Petersen, age 10

The Lord's Throne Room

I saw the spirits of those worshiping ascend into heaven and play for

the Lord upon their instruments. The Lord looked on them and smiled

for He was pleased.

The instruments were made from precious stones and metals. They

played the music on the crystal floor in front of the Lord's throne.

(in our building--when she looked, the back wall was gone and the

doorway led upwards to the throne room)



From the Father through Delight

Step through the gate, though it be narrow

Listen and shed all that I require

I am pressing in on you, you cannot stay the same

You must become very aware of my voice,

for those who will be obedient are those who know me intimately.

In knowing me in intimacy, you won't be caught in the world,

but you will find you are in it, but not of it.

Those who are "of the world" will not survive to the end to rule and

reign with Me.

This is my song, I'll sing it now. The song of my life,and all that you do for me. There are many path's we've gone down,but all on solid ground. Mary Hubbard

This is a time to stop and be quiet,stop business-be quiet our Lord
God's power has given us everything we need for life and Godliness,through our knowing the onewhocalled us to His own glory and goodness. Ann

The Lord over us,you are my beauty. Lifting our hearts to Him. You are the one who satiates our every need. Freda