Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dear Friends,

Just wanted to give you an update with regard to Bill Petersen's surgery this afternoon. I just received a phone call from Delight and the operation to put a stint in his kidney was successful. The doctor will perform another necessary operation in a few months. There will be a biopsy of cells in his bladder and the results will be known in a few days.

Most all of you know that Bill has been experiencing some discomfort and with Delight going through her surgical operation earlier this year... it seems as if the Petersen's are trusting God for renewed health. They received a prophetic word some time ago that they would be a couple entering into a new phase of ministry just as if they were 40 years old. I believe that. But I know they will need intercessory prayer support over the next few days and months. I'd like to encourage you to make a commitment to pray with the Holy Spirit's wisdom and revelation for Bill and Delight... and let's all agree for complete healing and no more unnecessary surgery!

I like the scripture from Isaiah 58. Let's pray this crafted prayer with a unified voice.

Then your light will break forth like the dawn, and your healing will quickly appear; then your righteousness will go before you, and the glory of the LORD will be your rear guard.

Lord we acknowledge that you have your hand on this couple. They have invested much in the body of Christ. Lord we agree that you are the Healer and the great Physician and a new season of light and life will break forth this next year for Bill and Delight. This light will break forth just as the beginning of a new day or a new year. And Lord we thank you that your healing will appear quickly for Bill, and your promise of protection and grace will precede their steps and be their rear guard. We thank you for the promise of your redemption for the Petersen's.

Many many times the Petersen's have extended hospitality and love to many who have needed it. This would be a great time to e-mail or drop them a line and tell them that we love them and we stand with them for healing.

"Bill and Delight Petersen" <>

Bless you,


Friday, December 07, 2007


Every second Sunday evening Worship at the River gatherings during December have been memorable and wonderful celebrations of God's goodness throughout the year. This year is no exception. We look forward to this Sunday December 10 at 6 pm as we meet to celebrate Christmas.

Keeping with our long standing tradition (like, uh...this really the second time we've done this), Carlene and I again present our Top Ten Memorable Influences of 2007. Last year, I included mostly books and stuff, but this year, we felt as if we should include "slices of life", moments which shaped our life this year. Some may be encouraging, entertaining...or maybe even enlightening. Soooo, starting "Dave Letterman style".... our Top Ten!

Pacificministries 2007 Top Ten

10. Pacific Northwest December Storm

Last weekend Carlene and I were in the Cascade mountains near Leavenworth Washington (best know for it's Annual Christmas Festival) This is my Honda the Monday morning we as we were preparing to leave. We had a great time being snowed in!

9. Jean Darnall, Jim and Marie Watt and Marge Baker

It has been our honor to develop a rich friendship with these three...all four turn 84 years young this year. Jim and Marie Watt,were instrumental leaders in the Holy Spirit's move in 1948 in North Battleford, Canada. Jean has been a leader in England, Asia, South America, and pastored Angelus Temple and has been a mentor for us. Finally, Marjorie Baker, Rolland Baker's mother, who recently moved to Carlene's hometown, Port Townsend, Washington, with her husband, were key leaders in China, carrying on the legacy of H.A. Baker. All ARE forerunners...and we feel priveleged to know them.

When Marjorie began to share with us her family's history, she told of her family returning from China to the Portland area in the late 1920's. She described their hunger for God, and their exposure to the work of the Holy Spirit through John G. Lake and others who had experienced the power of God. They experienced a wonderful renewal and refreshing in the Holy Spirit. Before they could find housing in Portland, they stayed at a Christian camp, located near the Sandy River. Marjorie distinctly remembers some of the young people climbing a high bluff and singing back and forth with another group of children at the camp on the other side of the River.

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007, Carlene drove Marjorie and her sister Beth, 83 and 89 respectively, back to the building the city of Troutdale purchased from a Christian camp many years ago….where some 70 years earlier they sang…the very same humble tabernacle where we gather monthly to worship the One Who is the same, yesterday, today, and forever. No wonder the land itself reverberates with praise!

8. The Forgotten Ways

How did the number of Christians in the world grow from as few as 25,000 one hundred years after Christ’s death to up to 20 million in AD 310?

How did the Chinese underground church grow from 2 million to over 100 million in sixty years despite considerable opposition? In The Forgotten Ways, Alan Hirsch reveals the paradigmatic insights he discovered as he delved into those questions. He then translates these findings into the context of the contemporary Western church.

I love this quote from the book: "If you want to build a ship, don't summon people to buy wood, prepare tools, distribute jobs, and organize the work....rather teach people the yearning for a wide, boundless ocean."

And..."The ship is safest in the port, but that's not what ships were made for."

7. Jesus Abby

Our viisit to Jesus Abby ministry center near the border of North Korea led by Ben Torrey. Ben
is the great-grandson of R.A. Torrey, who ministered with D.L. Moody in
Chicago and founded Moody Bible Institute.
Also, please visit their North Korean ministry website:

6. Calvin Eben Dahlman

Born July 13 of this year. No need for further explanation!

5. Bill Johnson and the Bethel Sermon of the Week Podcasts

I'm learning about podcasts, and these messages from Bill Johnson have proved to be encouraging and the Holy Spirit continues to mess with our thinking about Kingdom. For those who know about podcasts (may I suggest you learn...fantastic way to keep abreast on what's happening):

Bethel Church "Sermon of the Week"

4. Rolland Baker Port Townsend Meetings

Our support of these gatherings in June were life changing for many. Rolland has said he is on a "campagn against mad and sad." Nuff said!

3. Angels That Gather (Paul Keith Davis)

In December of 2000, Carlene and I attended a conference where Paul Keith spoke, and he prayed for us and gave us an encouraging word from Psalm 67 which has become a sort of inheiritance word for our ministry.

God's Word emphasizes great spiritual activity in the latter-days. Jesus Himself said, "The end-of-the-age is the harvest," and promised to send an angelic host to co-labor with us in the mandate to see Him receive the full measure of His reward. There will be a harvest of promises, commissions, mantles, and a harvest of souls. This book provides a prophetic outline to help access this inheritance.

Here is a link to an intro to this book. A great overview:

To order the book:

2. The Shack

When the imagination of a writer and the passion of a theologian cross-fertilize the result is a novel on the order of The Shack. This book has the potential to do for our generation what John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress did for his. It’s that good!

Eugene Peterson, Professor Emeritus Of Spiritual Theology,
Regent College, Vancouver, B.C.

It's very difficult to describe this book. Just a simple suggestion. Read it. and,

1. To be continued...

Matthew's Marine Boot Camp Graduation December 7, 2007

Darrell, Nate, Calvin, Danielle, Matt, Paul and Carlene

Paul and Tyla's Wedding, December 29

Have a great Christmas!!

Darrell and Carlene

Monday, November 26, 2007

November 25, 2007

Francis Frangipane:

"Declare War on Ungratefulness and Grumbling WITH a Heart of THANKFULNESS"

"The thankful heart sees the best part of every situation."

From my earliest Christian years I've heard questions about Jesus' comment concerning Judas Iscariot: "Did I Myself not choose you, the twelve, and yet one of you is a devil?" (John 6:70)

What did Jesus mean? Was Judas genetically a devil and not a man? (Jesus didn't say Judas had a devil, He said he was a devil). Can a devil actually live among people as a human? While I am no scholar in ancient Greek, I think truth is better served reading the literal translation of this verse. The word translated as "devil," diabolos, is the same word translated elsewhere in the New Testament as "slanderer" or "malicious gossip" (see 1 Timothy 3:11; 2 Timothy 3:3).

When Jesus says that Judas is a devil, He is saying one of you is a "false accuser," a "slanderer," a "malicious gossip." Judas could not keep his negative perspective to himself.

Remember, just before Judas delivered Jesus to the Pharisees, he was offended that Jesus allowed an expensive ointment to be lavished on His hair. Judas indignantly complained: "Why was this perfume not sold for three hundred denarii, and given to poor people?" (John 12:5). His words spread strife among the other apostles as well (Matthew 26:8). Judas said, in effect, "Who permitted this thoughtless luxury?" Well, it was Jesus. The woman had anointed Him for His burial. Yet, to Judas this was an extravagance that Jesus shouldn't have taken. In the angry mind of Judas Iscariot, here was justification to go to the chief priests. He had grounds to break ranks with Christ (Matthew 26:14-15).

God Has a Problem With Grumblers

Betrayal is never a sudden thing; rather, it is an accumulative response to the unresolved anger and disappointment one feels toward another. The offenses we do not transfer to God in surrendered prayer inevitably decay and become a venom we transfer to others through gossip. In the process, we embrace slander, but we feel justified. We become malicious gossips, but in our minds we're only communicating a "truth," a character flaw, that we self-righteously "discerned."

To understand Judas' betrayal of Christ, we must unearth its source: Judas Iscariot was a grumbler. When we lose sight of the many things for which we should be thankful, we become murmurers and complainers, increasingly darkened by a thought-life engendered by hell.

Beware when your anger toward another Christian has led you to gossip about him or her, especially if you are embittered and are now sowing criticisms about him to others. Yes, beware: you are no longer being conformed to Christ, but are actually becoming more like Judas than Jesus.

Grumblers Everywhere

Of course, this grumbling attitude was not isolated to Judas' betrayal of Jesus. Many would-be disciples and Jewish leaders were also infected with murmuring. Consider: there were miracles everywhere, Christ had just fed the 5,000 when a very large crowd of His disciples began to find fault. Yet, even though Jesus warned, "Do not grumble among yourselves" (John 6:43), still the crowd persisted. Remember, these were Christ's disciples, and they were not grumbling at a sinner, but the only sinless man who ever lived.

"But Jesus, conscious that His disciples grumbled at this," asked, 'Does this cause you to stumble?'" (John 6:61). And then, the grumbling spirit continued until "...many of His disciples withdrew, and were not walking with Him anymore" (John 6:66).

Grumbling caused people to stop seeing and appreciating miracles. It caused disciples to be offended by Jesus' teaching and they stopped walking with Him.

As it was then, so it is today. Grumbling will ultimately cause you to stop walking with Jesus. It is a killer. You see, incredibly, not just the Pharisees and Judas Iscariot found fault with Jesus, even His disciples grumbled at times. Heaven was manifest in their midst and all they were focused on was what they perceived was wrong. That's what a grumbling attitude can do.

This poison of ingratitude is prevalent in the Church today. Paul warned that, " the last will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, unloving, irreconcilable, malicious gossips" ( see 2 Timothy 3:1-9). You get the point: "men will be...malicious gossips" or devils. They will be given to destroying one another with their words.

The Thankful Heart

Personally, I've declared war on grumbling. An unthankful heart is an enemy to God's will. Can you join me with this? Can you crucify a murmuring spirit? We have received too much from God to allow ourselves opportunities for ingratitude and unbelief! We have received too many gifts and privileges to allow grumbling to disqualify us of our destiny.

The thankful heart sees the best part of every situation. It sees problems and weaknesses as opportunities and struggles as refining tools. My prayer is for each of us to possess the abundant life that Jesus came to give us. I want to drive that little, ugly, grumbling demon away from our hearts, and replace it with a living awareness of the goodness of God!

Paul warned,"Nor let us...grumble, as (Israel) did, and were destroyed by the destroyer" (1 Corinthians 10:9-10). The moment we open ourselves to grumbling, we simultaneously open up to destruction.

"Whatever is true, whatever is right, whatever is pure...lovely...of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, let your mind dwell on these things" (Philippians 4:8). Remember, Paul was writing to people in the ancient Roman world. It was full of evil, full of injustice, full of reasons to grumble and be upset; but instead, God calls His people to a higher realm, where we dwell on the things that are above.

You say, "Who then will point out all the things that are wrong with life?"

Oh, there are plenty of volunteers for that task. Better to ask, "How can I attain the blessed life Jesus came to give me?"

You say, "But the world is wicked. We need to decry and defeat evil." Yes, and I totally agree, I often decry evil myself. But I must live and offer a better life if I am going to defeat evil. God doesn't want His people to be grumbling about the difficult conditions of existence. He wants us to be mercy-motivated, redemption-orientated, prayer-empowered ambassadors of Heaven.

If we are merely complaining about what's wrong with the people around us, we should beware: we may actually be more like followers of Judas rather than Jesus.

Francis Frangipane
Ministries of Francis Frangipane

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Dear Friends,

We bless you, and thank you for praying for during the latest Korean adventure. I am convinced life is filled with "snapshot moments"; the brief and seemingly insignificant encounters which we often miss. I am talking about the fleeting but powerful moments where we recognize the Holy Spirit has "setups" orchestrated for a divine purpose. I experienced one of these encounters October 23rd, as I arrived in Seoul Korea after a 17 hour flight and was met by my friend Pastor David Park. With him was Nepali Pastor Hanok, (shown with Pastor David and Mrs. Park) who had felt the leading of the Holy Spirit to attend a conference in Seoul.

I was to spend just a few hours with this brother, but soon recognized God's hand in this divine connection. Even though he has planted some 600 churches over the past years and spent a year in prison, he was hungry to network with other Kingdom minded believers. In his words:

"It was indeed a great joy of meeting you in Korea. As we shared, it was indeed a divinely appointed time for us to meet each other. I believe the Lord has taken me there with a very specific plan to be CONNECTED with the wider community of Apostolic and Prophetic ministry team. It was my first meeting with such a community. I need wider prayer support...desperately now as I am making some crucial major decisions in regards to future Apostolic Ministry in Nepal."

Please pray for Pastor Hanok, who just over a month ago tragically lost his only 24 year old son. He needs our prayer support. I felt impressed by the Holy Spirit this entire trip was worth undertaking because of these few hours spent with Hanok. Any of you may email him with words of encouragement at:

This Sunday evening November 11 at 6 p.m., we will once again gather for Worship at the River. These meetings are deliberately orchestrated to allow the Holy Spirit complete freedom. We are intentional in our desire to create an atmosphere where the presence of the Lord and his ministry to us is paramount. Occasionally, there have been moments where we simply wait on the Lord. We rest in Him. This is both discipline and practice. Carol Arnett, from the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship describes this as soaking. In her words:

"During previous revivals people referred to it as "waiting on the Lord" or "tarrying" as they lingered expecting God's revival blessings. Although "soaking" includes waiting on the Lord, in this present move of the Spirit it means much more than that. To "soak" in God's presence is to rest in His love rather than to "strive" in prayer....often the Holy Spirit hovers over the person to reveal more of God's love and to renew and repair areas of a person's life. As the believer soaks in God's presence, the Lord takes control and begins to draw his attention to God's word..."

This is neither mystical, extra biblical, or out of the ordinary. We can all agree the Lord is our shepherd... we shall not want. But I often miss this next part: He makes me to lie down... (ouch)
This Sunday we want to allow the Holy Spirit to teach us more about this. We want to learn to rest... and let the Lord bring revelation, healing, and encouragement.


Darrell and Carlene

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dear Family and Friends,

During our Worship at the River last month, I came surrendered and empty. Our 24 year old son, Matthew had left just that afternoon for his 12 week Marine boot camp training. Earlier, we had breakfast with family, went to church with his friends, and played frisbee golf at Dabney Park. It was a great day...but filled with the dreaded anticipation of his leaving. When the hour came....well....I was a mess. As we arrived Sunday afternoon at the Troutdale Community Park building to set up, I invited the Holy Spirit to lead out of personal depletion. I felt "drained" of all emotions. Actually, "emptied-ness" was a wonderful starting point. Over the next few hours, the wonderful corporate "voice" of the Lord brought strength and encouragement to many, including Carlene and I.

The Church's current challenge is to increase our sensitivity, listening and obedience to the voice of the Holy Spirit. When you come together, everyone has a hymn, or a word of instruction, a revelation, a tongue or an interpretation. All of these must be done for the strengthening of the church....(1 Cor 14)

Another way in which the Lord encourages us is through a review of the promises and prayers He has spoken over our lives. Bill Johnson, an influential leader and pastor at Bethel Church in Redding California, keeps these promises on 3x5 cards and daily reviews them. For some 25 years, I have kept a journal where I have carefully crafted prayers for myself and my family. The Holy Spirit's recent ministry to us came as I reviewed the prophetic promises recorded for Matthew in these journals. A sampling:

June 13, 1989 Lord, I speak a blessing over Matthew... Lord would you establish your identity in him and may he serve you and sense your presence and guidance all day... I pray against a spirit of fear.
January 1, 1990 ...this is an important decade... the 90s. . .. may Matthew grow in knowledge and ability to discover your design in all things... to learn to read... to confront the world... actually school, and not be afraid... and to learn to drive. Continue to release him into his destiny with all of his curiosity and questions.
May 10, 1992 Last week we visited Yosemite National Park. One of the highlights was visiting the oldest living tree... called the Grisly Giant, estimated to be 2700 years old. Other trees may be taller or certainly prettier, but none so majestic, so powerful, it is the grandfather of trees. Walking hand-in-hand with Matthew down the path to the car, he asked a profound question: "Dad, how can my name last forever?" I knew he was, perhaps for the first time, confronting his own mortality. We talked about how he could invent things, write a book, be a president, or a missionary. I said I know for sure a way. If Jesus created the Grisly Giant, and everything else, and you know him and he knows you, that would be a way for your name to live forever.

I believe the gifts of the Holy Spirit are incredibly practical. The Lord revealed a thread of Matthew's purpose and destiny for 2007 revealed in these prayers prayed years earlier. He is willing and able to do the same for you and your family.

I encourage you to carve out time to listen to the Lord for His word to you and your family. Write these words down. Review them. Pray them. And join other folks who are hungry to hear Him. That's what we want to do this Sunday, October 14th, at 6pm at Worship at the River.

Darrell and Carlene


I invite you to pray for our upcoming schedule over the next few weeks.

Oct 17-19
Pacificministries Council Meeting

Oct 24-Nov 2
Korea Ministry in Seoul, Suwon City, and Teajeon
Carlene will minister to Calvin, our 6 month old grandson while I am in Korea. (I'm jealous)

Calvin holding on to his Grandpa's hand...(no need for further analogy)

Nov 8-9
Northwest Leaders Worship Retreat
Vantage WA

PO Box 1351
Fairview, OR 97024

Friday, September 07, 2007

Dear Friends,

Labor day weekend marks the traditional end of summer and the transition into a new season. For our 24-year-old son Matthew, this week is especially significant. He will leave his family,friends, and coworkers, and began his 13 week Marine Boot Camp training in San Diego, California. We are proud and extremely blessed to support him in this new venture. I was doing pretty well until this morning when, in the shower of all places, an unexpected wellspring of tears began to flow. (good place to cry) Carlene and I took Matthew to The Truffle Hunter, his favorite restaurant, where one giant sandwich feeds four. Throughout the day, I found myself reaching for the Kleenex a half a dozen times or more. I guess tears are a natural expression of a father's heart when separated from his children.

The analogy of the father's heart is simple and profound. God has the same full spectrum of emotions we have. After all, we are created in His image... and with His emotions. Father God has demonstrated the full expression of His nature in the Gift of His Son. We don't really understand the emotions of the Son unless we understand the Heart of the Father. This afternoon in our living room, I held my son...I cried, and blessed him. Matthew's name has a Hebrew origin which means: Gift of the Lord. Carlene and I are honored to have received Matthew as a gift, and once again entrust him to the Father.
Many in the body of Christ are also beginning to understand the significance of God's timing as expressed in the Hebrew calendar. Chuck Pierce, an apostolic leader who leads Glory of Zion in Denton Texas ( recently issued this prophetic word:

A new beginning is breaking forth. We are asking the Lord to give us fresh vision for the year ahead so that we do not stay focused on the old cycles of our past. I am praying that we cut loose our delusions of what we think things should be, and then worship in Spirit and Truth and see the Reality of a Holy God. I am bringing us before the Father so we can lay down all of our emotional ways and expectations of how we think things will happen.

The Lord is calling for a season of the Potter's Wheel. May He take our forms, formats and the shape of things as we have imagined them, and break the power of the mold we are striving in....Release what you are striving in, your vision, plan, business, and let Him take it back to the Potter's Wheel. I feel the Lord is saying, "The vessel we have imagined and are striving for is limited in capacity and less than what I wish to make." We must repent for imaging our own vessel, call out for the vessel He wants to form, and give ourselves to the shape of things to come.

This Sunday evening, September 9 at 6 p.m. in Troutdale Oregon, you'll find a group of people who are hungry to worship the Father in Spirit and Truth. Who desire to offer a sacrifice of praise. Who will submit to the Potter's Wheel. Who freely desire to give back to the Father that which already belonged to Him: our hearts.

We bless you in this new season,

Darrell and Carlene

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Prayer Request

Dear Friends,

Sometimes the best memories are captured not with camera or camcorder. They are snapshots we take with our own eyes and capture and store in our hearts forever. I took one of those memorable pictures yesterday, as I watched my wife, Carlene, gently and lovingly hold her mother's hand and speak gently to her spirit. She spoke words of affirmation, Scripture, and encouraging words in the form of prophetic prayers many of you e-mailed...for God to bring healing and restoration to Jean's physical body. A common theme among many of these responses was the promise God holds us in His Hands... He is truly the Giver and Sustainer of life; for all of us.

For those of you that may need a bit of an update, last Friday afternoon, Carlene's mother suffered a series of heart attacks and was life-flighted to a Seattle hospital for a triple bypass heart operation. The surgery was completed on Saturday morning, and as of today, Wednesday mid morning, has not fully regained consciousness. An MRI scan of her brain revealed areas of damage most likely associated with a series of strokes. Presently, Carlene and her family are waiting for a neurologist consult to determine and define the choices that lie ahead.

We are continuing to believe and trust the Lord for his ability for total healing and restoration. Carlene and I have held a busy schedule the past few weeks... and Carlene, together with much of her immediate family and friends, are a continued presence at Jean's bedside. We ask you to pray for:

1 wisdom and clarity for doctors, nurses and hospital staff
2 peace, rest, and comfort for Carlene, her sister Ann, and brother's Tom and Tony
3 wisdom and peace from the Great Physician

In just a few weeks, Carlene and I will celebrate the birth of our first grandchild. Nate and Krista, our oldest son and daughter-in-law, are eagerly anticipating this event, and we'll all be taking lots of pictures. We know that this life is but a dress rehearsal... we are "training for reigning" and our very breath is a gift from God. Life is filled with a series of wonderful snapshots... and I encourage you to capture the moments with your loved ones, store them in your heart, and treasure every moment of life.

Thank you for praying,

Darrell and Carlene

Thursday, June 07, 2007

June 2007 Pacificministries Update

Dear Friends of Pacificministries,

Just a reminder that we are looking forward to our monthly Worship at the River meeting this Sunday evening June 10, at 6 p.m. at the Glen Otto Community Park in Troutdale. Every time we meet, the Holy Spirit reveals more of his grace, his provision, and his creativity through the body... you.
Recently, Graham Cooke concluded a conference by reading a prophetic word as if the Lord was speaking first person, directly to the hearts of the people. It is consistent with the apostle Paul's admonition to rejoice and give thanks always, and in everything. I believe it will be an encouragement to you.

Do not be bowed down or weighed down by your circumstances, come up, rise up to the place of your identity. Your thinking must come up to a level so that you can receive. In the confidence of high praise, I would want you to declare your identity in me. Everything in heaven and earth is summed up in in the fullness of grace... in Jesus. My grace is so glorious to you. It should become the focal point of a new entry to dynamic worship. I have predestined your inheritance in my kind intentionality toward you. All provision is bound up in Praise, Thanksgiving, and Worship. Why do you think I am always telling you to rejoice? Why am I always telling you to give thanks? Because when you do that, the way is open for you to receive provision. Your eyes become focused on me and you see what I'm holding out to you. It's the lack of rejoicing that keeps you poor. These disciplines keep your heart open, your mind renewed, and your eyes bright and watchful.

Most of you are aware of the prayer mobilization on July 7, 2007 in Nashville initiated by leaders involved in The Call. Believers all over the world are fasting, and reading together to seek the heart of the Lord for our nation. We are encouraging small groups to meet Saturday, July 7, throughout the day to worship. We will plan to meet on Sunday, July 8 at The River to share testimonies, reflections, and proclamations with regard to this event.
Please pray for Carlene and I as we anticipate a busy schedule the next few weeks. We want to "rest" in all of the activity.Bless you,
Darrell and Carlene

Our Itinerary:
June 8 Meeting with House Church Leaders in Victoria, British Columbia
June 9 Worship and Intercession in preparation for Rolland Baker Meetings in Port Townsend Washington
June 10 Meetings with Rolland Baker in Port Townsend
June 12 Meetings with First Nation and Regional Leaders in Neah Bay Washington
June 13-16 Leading Worship at Cleanse the Land Conference in Bellingham Washington
June 17-24 Our 31st Anniversary (June 19) in Cabo Mexico (a Combined Ministry/Vacation)
June 29-30 House 2 House Conference with Tony and Felicity Dale
Finally, this link link to a word by Steve Fry regarding the Nashville gathering is excellent. I highly recommend it.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dear Friends,

Port Townsend may have been bypassed years ago, but many believe the Lord has a wonderful destiny for this Key City. As many of you may know, it is a city known for new age beliefs and other expressions of "liberal spirituality". But it is also a city of great creativity and varied artistic expression. We believe these gifts are "in the land" ….and are redemptive aspects which will emerge as the Kingdom of God continues to have full expression in the city. We also believe these meetings with Rolland will be a wonderful expression of believer's unified desire for spiritual renewal and blessing for Port Townsend and the Olympic Peninsula. If you cannot join us....please pray for these meetings.


Darrell and Carlene

New Song Foursquare Church
10:30 a.m.
3918 San Juan Avenue
Port Townsend

New Life Assembly of God
6 p.m.
1636 Hastings St.
Port Townsend


More information on IRIS MINISTRIES

ROLLAND AND HEIDI BAKER began Iris Ministries, Inc., an interdenominational mission, in 1980 and have been missionaries for the past twenty-five years. They were both ordained as ministers in 1985 after completing their BA and MA degrees at Southern California College in Biblical Studies and Church Leadership. Rolland is a third-generation missionary born and raised in China and Taiwan. He was greatly influenced by his grandfather, H.A. Baker, who wrote "Visions Beyond the Veil," an account of the extended visions of heaven and hell that children received in his remote orphanage in southwest China two generations ago. In 1992 they left to do their PhDs in systematic theology at King's College, University of London. At the same time they planted a church among the homeless, drug addicts and alcoholics who lived on the streets in central London.

Rolland and Heidi Baker have had the privilege of entering the river of genuine revival with signs and wonders following the preaching of the Word. They have experienced what it means to watch manna from heaven multiply and feed thousands of orphans with both physical and spiritual food. They have inspired and taught countless pastors and leaders and laymen from the nations of the world with the simple message of intimate, dependent, childlike relationship with Jesus.

7,000 churches have been planted out of Iris ministry, 12,000 children and families are fed daily, and over 50 confirmed people raised from the dead, as well as countless testimonies of God healing people of sickness and disease.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Carlene and I are in Mexico, speaking in very small and seemingly
insignificant churches. Most of them are working in areas of ministry
connected to serving the poor and especially focused on children. We
have come alongside these leaders, and have felt very honored and
blessed to serve them. Unlike Korea, here, there is next
to nothing of monetary gifts... and actually, we want nothing. We've
come here on our own dime... and want to leave many more dimes here.

I believe the Holy Spirit is teaching us once again, new levels of
trust and dependence. There are so many churches and ministries here
in Cabo... but not much unity.

An interesting observation of ours, is that somehow both in Korea and in Mexico, musicians have picked up on the latest live worship albums... and they study these recordings and
emulate both the style, volume, and even actions and dance moves as some of these recordings are captured on video. These worship leaders then attempt to duplicate everything they see and hear. Even the transitions between songs, as well as the terminology... when they are successful at this emulation, they feel as if they have moved into
another realm of worship. The volume levels are dangerously high, and
I believe I need to speak into this situation... as we have formed
trusting relationships... I hope we will be heard.

There is not much of any seclusion or quietness in these cultures as much of their Christianity is measured by tangible things they do. Unlike America,
and other developed nations, a building to meet in is very important
to the neighborhoods. For many of these churches, these buildings are
used quite often for childcare, community meetings, and other purposes
beyond church meetings. The huge gap between the haves and the have
nots is so evident here in this area. Cabo has a negative
unemployment figure... and hundreds of transients from other Mexican
cities are flooding this area... still, there is a constant need for
workers. The international flavor of the resorts and cruise ships
provide massive amounts of cash... and the sinfulness and debauchery
is not unlike what (I've heard) Las Vegas is. There is one
English-speaking church for tourists and permanent residents from
America.... but, we have learned to love indigenous leaders we have developed relationships with.

We are wondering why the Lord has brought us to these two countries...
it's still a bit of a mystery. I have found it frustrating to meet so
many pastors and leaders who recognize that church as they know it
doesn't really seem to be working. So they work harder at something
that's not working. And leaders in these churches, whether it be
worship, youth, or mission outreaches, are more attracted to the
latest well-known ministries or personalities than exploring what God
has given them in their own backyard.

Sometime ago I had a vision... or more accurately, a picture... that I
felt was from the Lord. I saw many streams of the body of Christ...
sort of like threads on a table, which when woven together by the
Lord, form a beautiful rope. When man attempts to weave the rope...
it's a tangled mess. Each one of these threads represented a
different emphasis. For example: the prophetic, healing, seeker
sensitive, 24-hour worship, end time teaching, house churches, inner
healing, emerging churches, emphasis on the poor and marginalized,
pray for Israel movements, discipleship, supernatural signs and
wonders, evangelism, teaching gifts, marketplace, evangelism,
apostolic networks, prayer movements, revivalists and renewalists... I
guess you get my point.

Each one of these threads could be viewed as an independent stream,
and sometimes I feel like we align ourselves up with one of these
threads, because they serve... at least temporarily... a function. Or
we may align ourselves with a thread on the other side of the table
and in the meantime tangle and confuse other threads in our attempt to
weave something beautiful.

I'm not sure if this means anything... maybe it's something yet to be
revealed, but I feel like we need much discernment and wisdom and
revelation to a accurately align ourselves up with the right people in
the right place and in the right timing.

I love what Graham says... that we should never prophesy the first thing, but
wait for the second thing.
I want to take a hands off
posture and let the Holy Spirit bring the right threads together. I
guess this means we must listen carefully...

Dear Friends of Pacificministries,

I believe we take ourselves, and even the Lord, much too seriously. Graham Cooke said recently: "... the Lord loves to laugh with us, and sometimes he laughs at us. Because we are funny."

A little over a week ago, a team of friends visited Sacred Ground Foursquare Church in Seletz, Oregon. We have a five-year relationship with the leaders of this First Nations Church, and we worshipped together and celebrated their purchase of property. On our way to Seletz, we passed through Newport, Oregon. Carlene and I lived in Newport some 20 years ago, and we love it's breathtakingly beautiful coastland.

For the last several months, I have had a curious and uncharacteristic desire to paint. If you know, my artistic ability at all... it is embarrassing. I have great admiration and appreciation for those of you who can take a paint brush and create beautiful renditions of scenery or people. But I have learned to obey these impressions, and felt as if the Lord said: just do it.

So a few weeks ago, I went to the art store and bought my first junior watercolor set. Typical of my approach to anything artistic, I never bothered to read the little instructional book that came with my watercolor painting set... I just wanted to start painting, so thought I'd start with an Oregon Coast scene.

Unfortunately, as we approached Newport, the weather turned ugly, and we experienced a massive coastal downpour. Not the best time to paint. But I was determined. We parked our car along the highway at a viewpoint just north of the Yaquina Bay lighthouse, turned on the windshield wipers and the heater, got out our paper, and began to paint.

It was pretty funny. We kept on spilling the watercolors and messed up the console of our Honda... but we had fun. After an hour or so, we revealed our masterpieces to each other, laughed, and continued on our way. I still want to paint, and surprisingly, our first attempts weren’t nearly as disastrous as expected.

Last Sunday, just a week later, Carlene and I were speaking in a small Mexican church in Cabo Mexico. We had a wonderful time with these brothers and sisters, and celebrated Jesus with them. Imagine my surprise when I noticed the large banner logo for this fellowship. It matched our paintings, almost perfectly:

Some of you may believe I have stretched this a bit. You might be right. All I know is that we had a great laugh together. How could there ever be connection between a small fellowship on the coast of Oregon and another group of believers in the Baja Peninsula some 2500 miles apart. Sometimes I try to make the connections ... and other times, I just, well, laugh.

I invite you to look for the supernatural and humorous ways in which the Holy Spirit enjoys us... and I encourage you to welcome him into the ordinary and insignificant areas of your life. And if He tells you to pick up the piano or the guitar or a watercolor paint set, I have three words of advice: Just Do It.

See all of you creative people at Worship at the River this Sunday, May 13th in Troutdale Oregon.

Darrell and Carlene

PS.. Some of our wonderful friends in Cabo San Jose Mexico....

Saturday, April 28, 2007


Dear Friends and Family,

Just a quick update regarding our ministry focus for the next eight days or so. We safely arrived in Cabo yesterday afternoon, and our friends Mike and Kathy Nedelisky picked us up from the airport. They are graciously hosting us for a few days in their beautiful palopa... a home with an open patio-like atmosphere with a palm leaf roof. (It's amazing what a simple pound of Starbucks coffee will get you!) We are looking forward to ministering seven times in different fellowships and simple churches within a 25 mile radius surrounding this beautiful Baja region in southern Mexico.

The beauty of this land is reflected in the heart and character of the indigenous Mexican leaders we have been fortunate to meet. We are continually surprised at the connections and relationships the Lord has pre-arranged. When we first met with pastors and leaders several years ago, I was surprised to be greeted by a Mexican pastor and his American-born wife. She introduced herself to me, and said that when she, Kaari was a young girl, I was her worship pastor. It turned out Carlene and her mother, Judy Hilman, were a part of a homeschooling group and food coop in Gresham/Easthill and remembered both of us. We are looking forward to sharing with their church May 6th. We have also met leaders who have worked with Heidi and Rolland Baker and have a vision for establishing orphanages and schools with the poor in this area of Mexico.

Please pray for both Carlene and I, that we will discern accurately what the Holy Spirit's agenda is. We know He wants to bring specific words of encouragement for church leaders...especially the young people we will be encountering during this week. There is a discernible hunger for worship and intimacy in many of these leaders, and Carlene and I want to partner with them in a collective and corporate desire for more of His Presence to manifest in this region.

We bless you and thank you for your prayers and support.

Darrell and Carlene
Don't forget Worship at the River...Sunday, May 13th at 6pm.

Monday, April 16, 2007

A prophetic word from Larry Randolph to the Pacific NW Saturday, Nov. 18, 2006 Larry Randolph
I feel I hear the Lord saying prophetically:
“I have called this region. I have called peoples of this region to be on the “cutting edge” of the purposes that I’ve intended before the foundations of the world. I call the churches in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve given prophetic words to men and women over the last decades and I’ve said, behold I intend a new thing in the Pacific Northwest. And I’ve sent showers on top of showers of rain an abundance of rain an outpouring and many have yet missed it and said, “That’s just the way it is for us”. And the Lord says, no. Noah’s flood I’m offering to you. The rain in My Spirit I’ve offered you and it’s just a precursor to that that’s to come. Cause I desire to open the fountains of the deep and the windows of Heaven in this place. Here in this church, here in this city, here in this region. And I’m about to show you what it really means to live as I’ve created you to live. I’m about to take the boxes that you’ve been living in and the circles that you’ve been hiding under and I’m about to break them asunder. I’m about to take the hammer of My Word and knock the ends out of the boxes. I’m about to release you from the prisons of confinement and the constraints that have kept you in the sameness theology that you’ve been living in”.
And you have said, “Lord will You do it? How can You do it? Lord, when will it happen”?
And I believe the Lord says, “It has begun. It’s already begun. You just don’t know it. Because I’m calling in this area a creative anointing. I’m calling a original anointing. I’m getting you in touch with the creative pulse of Heaven. And I’m going to do something extraordinary. Haven’t you noticed how I’ve positioned the marketplace here? And how the riches people in the world live here. And the most creative and innovative technical people are in this area. Haven’t you got a clue says the Lord? Cause as it is in the natural so it is in the Spiritual. Don’t you know that I’m going to advance technology in this region and I’m going to even move more men and women of influence into this region”?
And you said, “Lord why”?
“I say, as it is done in the natural it is in the Spirit. As it is done in the marketplace it is done in the Church. And I’m going to bring the Church to a new place of creativity; a new place of inventiveness. And I’m going to cause witty inventions to come out of the Church and creative expressions to come out of the Church. I’m going to kick the doors of constraint and the doors of confinement down. And out of the Church is going to come glorious, progressive, on the “cutting edge”, expressive, never seen before, unprecedented move of the Spirit of God in this place, in this region. For I have spoken over the Pacific Northwest by prophets for decades now and I’ve declared it and they have declared it. You’ve heard it and said we’ve heard it’s been declared. The Lord says, enough with the declaring, let’s start the doing. I’m going to cause the doing to begin to happen. And you’re going to do, you’re going to do, you’re going to do. And you’re going to embrace and you’re going to do, you’re going to embrace and you’re going to do. And I’m going to cause an accelerated thing to happen in this region. And it shall happen with a great shaking in 07. You shall see. The region shall shake and the grounds shall shake”.
And you’ll say, “What is this”?
And the Lord shall say, “This is the beginning. This is the beginning of what I’m about to do. Because I’m shaking everything that can be shaken so that which remains, only remains”.
And you said, “Lord why”?
And the Lord says, “Cause I’m shaking you out of your sleep cause the Scripture says, “Arise and shake yourself, arise”. Isaiah the prophet says, “Arise and awake you that sleep and God shall give you life”. For I am waking the Church in this area. And I’m awakening your intellect. I’m awakening your passions. I’m awakening your spirit. I’m awakening your heart. I’m awakening every nuance of your personality. I’m awakening old visions and old dreams and bringing them into a new context. I’m awakening your passion. I’m awakening your destiny. There is an awakening happening in this area says the Spirit of the Lord. And you’re going to see it in incredible, incredible, incredible, incredible, incredible expression. So get ready in 2007 get ready for Me to begin to express Myself in a new way. You will step over a marker at the end of this year when Christmas passes and January 1 begins there will be a change in the atmosphere over this region. And you will feel the shift. It will be a shift. It will be a shift in the Spirit realm. It will be a shift in the kingdom of principalities. It will be a shift in all the other things. There shall be even a technical shift in this region and you’ll feel technology take a new accelerated pace; something extraordinary in the realm of technology once again is going to emerge from this part of the nation. And it shall redirect the course of history and industry and monies and corporate America because the Lord says, I’m going to do it again. I’m going to give the wisdom here again. So get ready for that. And get ready for stuff that you’ve never even imagined that you could embrace or put your arms around. Cause I’m causing an army to come from this area. And the Lord says, haven’t you got it? Why would I plant the international and the headquarters for Women’s Aglow in this area? Why would I put the riches people in this area? I’m doing something as a microcosm of what I’ve called in this area. So the Lord says, there’s an army of destiny arisers, an army of women arising that are anointed and equipped that have leadership in apostolic and prophetic and pastoral anointings on their life and I’m causing this epicenter in this place to begin to shake with a move of God and out of here is going to come a progressive model of what I’m about to do. Because I’m linking technology with spirituality and I’m linking the genders and I’m linking the denominations and the mindsets. And there’s going to be a coming together of minds in this area and there shall be a spiritual think tank. But not only a think tank but a “do” think tank. I’m going to cause you to do. I’m going to cause you to think first and then to do. But it is in the doing that I’ll establish the thinking and it is in the doing that will establish the expression of what I’m doing. And I will establish the model of My Kingdom and it is in the doing of something so extraordinarily different. So don’t model after other moves of God. Don’t try to figure out what I’m doing in the rest of the nation. Don’t even wonder what I’m doing in the countries that are around you. Just say, God what are You doing in this region? What is indigenous to this region? What is created for this region? What is right for us as a people? Give us something that no one else has ever had. Give us something that is ours that we can own. The Lord says, I’ve heard that from your heart. And I said Amen. I will. You’re about to see it. And the door of opportunity is opening to that in February to March of 07. And you’re going to begin to walk through that door into a broad place of expression and creativity and I shall change the climate in this area. I shall change the climate in the natural but I shall change the climate in the Spiritual and the climate of the Church in this area. And the Lord says I shall bring Holy Spirit oil on the hinges of the Church doors in this region and they shall open without noise. And they shall open with ease and the doors will swing open and the peoples will begin to flow into here. And no longer will it be said that Washington is an unchurched state. It shall be said that Washington is a place of believers and it’s an epicenter of revival of what God is doing. For I shall pour it out into Oregon and into the other states and even south you shall see the revival fire spreading in this region”.
And you shall say, “Lord why”?
And the Lord says, “To you if I told you you wouldn’t understand because it’s tied into geography and principalities and the Kingdoms and a lot of things you wouldn’t get and more than that into My deciding and into My intentions. So the Lord said, no more questions. No more prayers about it. No more complaints about it. Just consider it done because it is done and it is done, it is done, it is done, it is done, it is done, it is done, it is done, it is done, it is done, it is done, it is done, it is done. And the Lord says you shall know”.
You shall say, “Lord there is a change of guard”.
Because the Lord says, “In the next few years there shall be a people of visibility pass on to the next life. It shall be a sudden thing. Some of you will say, what was that? And the Lord says, it’s going to be a sign that the old is passing and the new is coming. There’s things that are passing away in the public limelight in this region in the next few years cause there is a change of guard and a transition of power in this region says the Spirit of the Lord. So get ready, get ready, get ready, get ready, get ready, put your running shoes on, get your briefcase and your purse ready, get ready, get your car running spiritually because I’m about to drive you on a tour like you have never been on before and I’m going to drive you into places you’ve never been before”.
And you said, “Lord we have no other place to go but into the Ocean”.
And the Lord said, “I’m going to bring it right into the waters. You’re going to see it’s going to jump the waters. It’s going to go up to the north. It’s going to touch the Alaska coastline too. And you’re going to see the shaking of the Lord and the hand of the Lord in all of this. But more than that you’re going to see the release of Lord, as I release an explosion of supernatural expression all the way from mid-Alaska down the coastline through the extreme west of Canada all the way down into California and it shall be the hand of the Lord. Big it shall be. Big it shall be. But they shall say, where did it come from? And the Lord says, from the epicenter. And they shall say, where is the epicenter? And they’re going to say Pacific Northwest is the epicenter of what God is doing in the region”.
So Lord we receive that.
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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Korea's Destiny

Rick Joyner
November 22, 2005

Used by permission

Korea is going to be one of the most strategic focuses of the world in the times ahead. We need to understand the spiritual reasons for this. South Korea has become one of the world’s greatest bastions of Christianity. The Korean church is one of the strongest in the world and is being used to give strength and resolve to Christians around the world. It is for this reason that the devil intends to destroy South Korea through a nuclear destruction. Just as the well-equipped and watchful military forces along the demilitarized zone (DMZ) have been a restraint in the natural, the alert spiritual watchmen and intercessors have kept the enemy at bay. However, the stalemate must soon end. We must pray for what the enemy intends for evil to be turned into a great victory for the gospel—the reuniting of North and South Korea.

There will be a time when the doors to great change will be open in North Korea. There will be the opportunity for the two nations to be reunited, and if they do, Korea will become one of the most powerful nations on earth, both spiritually and economically. This will help the economy of Northeast Asia become the second most powerful region in the world, economically surpassing both Japan and Germany. It will also become a stabilizing influence to the nations through the great chaos that is coming.

Though South Korea is now a maturing democracy, both North and South Korea have experienced much oppression in their history. Yet, the Koreans have maintained a remarkable respect for authority that will enable them both to be a great light to the nations in the times ahead when lawlessness is spreading. God has gifted the Korean people with great wisdom and endurance for a future that will be a bright light to many in the dark times. The great danger will be if the watchmen become weary and let down their guard before the time.

A youth movement will also arise in Korea that will produce some of the great Christian leaders for the last days. The enemy has laid many traps for this movement which is destined to touch so many. There is safety for this movement in honoring the fathers and mothers of the faith, and in loving the Scriptures.

Trustworthy prophets will be raised up for the church in Korea, and they will help impart and keep the vision. However, there are many who seek this office that have not been called to it and are bringing confusion to many. These also need to be recognized and marked as those who are sowing confusion, not true vision. These can be recognized by the teaching of James 3:13-18:

Who among you is wise and understanding? Let him show by his good behavior his deeds in the gentleness of wisdom.

But if you have bitter jealousy and selfish ambition in your heart, do not be arrogant and so lie against the truth.

This wisdom is not that which comes down from above, but is earthly, natural, demonic.

For where jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there is disorder and every evil thing.

But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, reasonable, full of mercy and good fruits, unwavering, without hypocrisy.

And the seed whose fruit is righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace.

The Lord wants to give Korea peace and unity. However, compromise is not the way of peace or unity. True peace and unity will only come from steadfastness, endurance, and the resolve to never compromise basic convictions, while at the same time being respectful of those who are still in bondage, and generous to them when they open the door.

The Lord is also going to raise up a new political leadership in South Korea, who is not given to compromise, but will nonetheless impart great vision and hope for the future to the people, and extend a strong hand of friendship to those who will give up their evil intent.

Korea, which has been so humbled throughout history, will be an example in the last days of how the Lord will raise up the valleys and low places while the mountains and hills are being brought down. Those who have known such oppression will love liberty and be used to set many others free. For this reason Korean Christians will become known as some of the great “freedom fighters” in our times.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Our ENTIRE Korea Pic Collection


If you'd really can gaze at your heart's content on all our pics from our trip!
(you won't offend us if you don't look at 'em all)

Darrell and Carlene

April 2007

Dear Friends,

It is tempting to use the usual superlatives in an effort to describe the last several weeks of our South Korean speaking tour. We crisscrossed the country by air, bullet train, bus, taxi, cars... and met wonderful new friends with a passion for worship, obedience, and a willingness to step in to our spiritual inheritance in this current season. The Holy Spirit was faithful in each event, and Carlene and I ministered side-by-side every meeting. I was so proud of her as she preached and prayed for many. (see collection of pics)

We are home now and attempting to recover from a whirlwind of travel and time changes, but wanted to thank you for covering us with your prayers. Both of us look forward to sharing a report this Sunday, April 8, at 6 p.m. at our regular Worship at the River gathering in Troutdale.

Last month during our Worship at the River meeting, the Holy Spirit brought forth a word which I summarized this way:

It is time to March forward. As in C. S. Lewis's parable The
Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, the season of "always winter but
never Christmas" is over. Your winter of discontent is over. When
Aslan (the Christ figure in the story) makes an appearance, He brings
an ever so slight change in the atmosphere... the temperature has
shifted .... springtime and new life has began. We must step into this
season with confidence because Lord is birthing beautiful NEW LIFE.

I believe we are living in a season where many believers are increasingly sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit. When you hear an encouraging prophetic word, the Holy Spirit often uses the same language to convey it through outside voices. We received many such replies to this word. I received this encouraging confirmation a few days later in a Internet column written by Lee Grady, the editor of Charisma magazine:

".. Many of us are oblivious to God's seasonal changes. He even releases His new song over us to bring us into a new level of joy and purpose. He wants to move us forward. God is the one who made the seasons (see Gen. 8:22), and He created springtime to remind us that He has renewing power. No matter how much death winter brings or how bleak the landscape becomes, there comes a time when buds peak out of the snow, animals venture out of their hibernation, and birds return to nest and is our choice to embrace this spiritual springtime.....the devil, like the White Witch in The Chronicles of Narnia, tells us that life must forever remain a frozen wasteland of unanswered prayers and dashed hopes. God loves to shout over us, "The winter is past" (Song 2:11).

But even more importantly, we heard from many of you. Following are some of your edited comments and replies:

It does resonate w/ me; not sure if it's for me or if I just want it to be. My winter has been the better part of 10 years, and it was an awfully cold fall before that. Not that the Lord hasn't seen us all the way thru it w/ grace, provision, kindness, faithfulness, etc.; He totally has, and I am so grateful.

March 11 was a very strategic shift and ending of an 11 year battle for our ministry. The LION of JUDAH is roaring. Trusting the LORD to open the gates of the cities, the portals of heaven and the doors of salvation.
Much love in YESHUA,

Yes that word resonates with me too even though I no
longer live in the NW. Spring time is here and the
flowers are blooming. Let the ice melt from our hearts
and a new season of joy begin!

A winter's spell cast
by robin's bright breast
As soggy earth moves
for crocus bright bloom
Earth and sky now speak
in whispered voice sweet
"Spring is near"

As I was walking, the Lord was speaking to me about the shedding of winter and the coming of Spring. A season of new growth and new life. Animals shed their winter coats as the weather warms. It is uncomfortable for them. It itches and they rub their bodies against anything available in an attempt to speed the process along. Eventually the last of the old dull winter coat is gone, and in it's place is a bright new clean coat. The new garment. I also find myself anxious to be rid of this dull coat and dressed in my new garments! Bring on the season of redressing!
Jan/Feb were HARD for me this year...rain, rain, rain...and serotonin dips in my brain chemistry...
The turning point for me was the week-end of our church council retreat Mar. 4th of our retreat... "March Forth"

We look forward to seeing many of you this Sunday evening!

Darrell and Carlene

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Pacificministries Korea MARCH 2007

Dear Friends...

In just a few hours, Carlene and I will leave for Korea via San
Fransisco and Tokyo. Please agree with us that our time in airports and
planes will be profitable, not physically draining. We'll be making
our way from the northern border south to the city of Pusan...kind of
slicing the country in half. Following is our itinerary with a few

3/17: Meet with Korean Student Ministry Group

3/18: Speak in Seoul

3/19-3/22: Shalom North Korea Prayer Conference
We'll be with Deborah Oh, who is Heidi and Rolland Baker's Korea
ministry representative.

3/22 & 3/23: Visit Jesus Abby ministry center led by Ben Torrey. Ben
is the great-grandson of R.A. Torrey, who ministered with D.L. Moody in
Chicago and founded Moody Bible Institute.
Also, please visit their North Korean ministry website. This website is excellent...
a well defined vision for North Korea:

3/24 & 3/25 : Daejeon Foursquare Church

3/26 & 27: Pusan Conference (Southern part of Korea)

3/28 - 3/31 : KwangJu Conference

4/2: HOME

Finally, I want to share the background and essence of a word of
encouragement the Lord brought to us during Worship at the River. It
may have a larger implication and may resonate with you. First, a bit
of background:

We have had the joy of celebrating within our fellowship several new
births. Judah (an unexpected but welcome surprise), was born several
weeks ago to Erin and Kelly Leggett; and Mike and Kelly Baird welcomed
their their second child last Thursday. Steve and Karen Carlson have
welcomed 2 adopted children into their family, and Sarah and Brian
Hagan are proud parents of Lindsay. These babies are absolutely
perfect....and beautiful! Even our first grandchild (a boy!) will be
born this July in Minneapolis. And....

Sunday, March 11th was an unusual weather day. Daylight savings time
had been begun, and in Northwest Oregon, we experienced very unusual
springlike weather. At 6 p.m . it was 70° and we even kept doors and
windows wide open. Sometimes, the Lord will speak first in the
"natural" and then in the "supernatural" :

It is time to March forward. As in C. S. Lewis's parable The
Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, the season of "always winter but
never Christmas" is over. Your winter of discontent is over. When
Aslan (the Christ figure in the story) makes an appearance, He brings
an ever so slight change in the atmosphere... the temperature has
shifted .... springtime and new life has began. We must step into this
season with confidence because Lord is birthing beautiful NEW LIFE.

Perhaps this encouragement will resonate with you....let us know if it does.

During last Sunday's worship meeting, many of you prayed for
Carlene and I with regard to this trip. We have visited this
strategic nation many times, and once again, North Korea is prominent
in current news. We plan to visit and pray at the DMZ border, and the
encouraging words about "open doors" and a "veil of protection" with
the Lord going before us and being our rear guard were wonderful.

Thank you for praying for Carlene and I, and please visit for travel updates.

Bless you,

Darrell and Carlene

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Worship at the River March 11th 2007

PO Box 1351
Fairview, OR 97024

Let Everything

Let everything that everything that
Everything that has breath praise the Lord
Let everything that everything that
Everything that has breath praise the Lord

Praise You in the morning praise You in the evening
Praise You when I'm young and when I'm old
Praise You when I'm laughing praise You when I'm grieving
Praise You every season of the soul

If we could see how much You're worth
Your power Your might Your endless love
Then surely we would never cease to praise

Praise You in the heavens joining with the angels
Praising You forever and a day
Praise You on the earth now joining with creation
Calling all the nations to Your praise

If they could see how much You're worth
Your power Your might Your endless love
Then surely they would never cease to praise

He is the Lion of Judah! Emily Geister

He is the Lion
He is the Lion
Of Judah!
The Root of David
The Root of David
He is the Lion

He is the Lion
Of Judah (repeat)
A Em
He sits on the throne
He sits on the throne
He is the Lion
He is the Lion Of Judah
(He lives in my heart)

All my days

Dm7 Eb2 F Bb/D Eb Bb
All my days I will sing this song of gladness
Dm7 Eb2 F Bb/D Eb
Give my praise to the fountain of delights
Cm7 Ebmaj7 F Eb Bb/D F
For in my helplessness You heard my cry
Cm7 Ebmaj7 Dm7 G/B C
And waves of mercy poured down on my life

Dm7 Eb2 F Bb/D Eb Bb
I will trust in the cross of my redeemer
Dm7 Eb2 F Bb/D Eb
I will sing of the blood that never fails
Cm7 Ebmaj7 F Eb Bb/D F
Of sins for - given of conscience cleansed
Cm7 Ebmaj7 Dm7 C/E Dm7 C
Of death de - feated and life without end

C/Bb F/A Bb C /E F
Beautiful Saviour wonderful Counselor
Gm /F
Clothed in majesty Lord of history
C/E Dm7 C
You're the way the truth the life
C/Bb F/A Bb C C/E F
Star of the morning glorious in holiness
Gm /F
You're the risen one heaven's champion
C/E Dm7 C Dm7 Eb2 F
And You reign You reign over all

Long to be where the praise is never ending
Yearn to dwell where the glory never fades
Where countless worshippers will share one song
And cries of worthy will honour the Lamb

Pacificministries Korea MARCH
1) 3/15 : arrival
2) 3/17: Meet with North Korean Leaders
3) 3/18: Seoul preaching
4) 3/19-3/12: Shalom North Korea conference
5) 3/22 & 3/23: Speak at Jesus Abby Ben Torrey
6) 3/24 & 3/25 : Speak at DaeJun Foursquare
7) 3/26 & 27: Pusan Conference
8) 3/28 - 3/31 : Conference at KwangJu
9) 4/2: departure

Regular updates at:

Worship at the River Celebration and Korea Report April 8th (Easter) at 6 pm
The Beatitudes
3"Blessed are the poor in spirit,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Worship at the River Celebration May 13 at 6 pm

The Beatitudes
4Blessed are those who mourn,
for they will be comforted.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

March Update 2007

Dear Friends,

One significant truth that the Church is beginning to apprehend is the
incredible and creative worship expression in our children. For too long
we have provided children's programs to segregate them from the "big
church." Why? Are they attening "little church" and do they receive a
junior Holy Spirit?

Why do we so often dismiss the children? Jesus certainly didn't. While I
recognize there are appropriate times for separate meetings, the past few
months in several of our smaller meetings, we have intentionally welcomed
all ages and all kinds of instruments...even pots and pans. We've saxophones,
drums, percussion, electric guitars even rattles.....everyone from
3-72 years of age
contributing. As you might imagine, sometimes it's a joyful noise more than
anything else, but it has been wonderful to witness the biblical truth of
"when you gather together....everyone brings..."

Emily Giester is 12 years old, and often comes to Worship at the River.
She wrote a Song: The Lion of Judah. It's a wonderful song,
and we'll sing it this Sunday evening at the River. We welcome what
everyone, young or old, brings to the meeting.

On a completely different note, Carlene and I have done a fair amount of
travel lately, and my friend Jim Watt, recently referred to my schedule in his
weekly update newsletter. If you want to know what we have been doing...
visit for an edited version of his letter.

I refer to this brief part:

Darrell ... informed me – "Jim, I believe the Lord would have me meet with you
and Marie at Beth Chesed on Saturday. I will lead you in worship, and then share
what I see God is doing in the Pacific Northwest." WHAT a meeting we had!

Darrell ended up by asking for our prayers as he and his wife Carlene return to
Korea. Believe with them for the miracle of reconciliation between North and
South Korea in the "One New Man" concept. We laid hands on Darrell and prayed
over him, and several significant prophecies came forth.

Carlene and I leave for South Korea Wednesday, March 14th through
Monday April 2nd. We will speak at several conferences focusing on
intercession for North Korea. Please pray for travel safety, energy, and
"accurate hearing" as we visit once again this beautiful nation. Regular
updates will be once again posted on

This Sunday, March 11th, we welcome all ages to come and worship our
Savior and King, Jesus Christ, at Worship at the River. We meet in the
Sam Cox Building in the Glenn Otto Community Park starting at 6PM.

Darrell and Carlene

Jim's Letter

Dear All!

Marie and I had a Scottish pastor friend in 1955 in Chicago – Robert
Burrows. He obeyed the Lord by not learning to drive or own a car. He
used public transportation and the goodwill of friends as a means of
He led a pastor's prayer meeting of some 20-30 each Wednesday morning
at 7:00 AM for Revival for Chicago. One morning following this meeting
he informed me – "Jim – I believe the Lord would have me drive home
with you and have breakfast with you and Marie." Each time in the next
3 years when he said this, it was always an answer to prayer for
Marie. He always had an encouraging word for her. He gave us our first
copy of "Rees Howells, Intercessor" by Norman P. Grubb about that
time, and also the biography of John Sung by Leslie Lyall. WHAT a
challenge and blessing!

This last week Darrell Dahlman of the Portland Metroplex – in the
spirit of Robert Burrows informed me – "Jim, I believe the Lord would
have me meet with you and Marie at Beth Chesed on Saturday. I will
lead you in worship, and then share what I see God is doing in the
Pacific Northwest." WHAT a meeting we had!
I led our congregation in corporately praying through Joe McIntyre's
Crafted Prayer on the "Breastplate of Judgment," taken from his
upcoming book "Kingdom Warriors." Then we looked at part of the Torah
Reading from Isaiah 40-66. Next we saw a DVD – "Fire on Mt. Carmel"
with David and Karen Davis.
When Darrell received the service, he took the Crafted Prayer of Joe
McIntyre and extemporaneously led us in singing it together in "Ballad
Style," with the refrain of "Loving the Lord our God with all of our
heart, soul and strength."
The "presence of the Lord" descended on us, just as we experienced in
every service on Mt. Carmel two years ago. Then he referred to Karen's
word to her husband David the first service that opened to them in the
80's when they first came to Israel. It was in an Arab village. She
said, "David – I can't lead these people in worship, because I have no
rapport with them. As a Jew I came to minister to my fellow Jews. I
don't hate Arabs – but I have no feeling for them as I am sure God
has." So they stopped the car on the way and prayed. As Karen
confessed her heart-lack to the Lord, He came down and gave her a
spiritual love transfusion for Arabs that she already had for Jews.
From then on, the "One New Man" of Jew and Arab – started to come
together in Haifa, Mt Carmel, Jerusalem and then all Israel. Read
Reuven Doron's book "The One New Man," to see what God did.
This deeply touched Darrell, and he wove that thought into the
worship for all of us.

Next he shared what happened the February 18th weekend in Port
Townsend, Washington. Darrell – with Marjorie Baker, daughter-in-law
to HA & Mother Baker of China and "Visions beyond the Veil," and her
daughter Linda, are moving with Darrell to arrange for the coming of
Rolland Baker, husband of Heidi Baker of Mozambique, and grandson of
HA Baker – for his coming to Port Townsend Saturday May 19th through
Monday the 21st. Expect to see the Kingdom of God expressed – not in
word only at this time, but also in Power and DEMONSTRATION of the
Holy Spirit! Over 6000 churches have been raised up in Mozambique in
the last 15 years, with over 30 raised from the dead!

Then Darrell told us of his time in Victoria BC Tuesday and Wednesday,
and his visit with Bill & Edie Southward. They had part in bringing
several members of the Israeli Knesset to Victoria the preceding
Friday and Saturday. Some 500 Jews and Gentiles met together in the
spirit of the "One New Man." Pray for Victoria.
On Thursday he met with pastors and leaders in Vancouver BC along
with representatives from the Seattle area. His time with Russ Snyder
of this latter area was especially fruitful.
Next on the way to Normandy Park WA for a meeting Friday night, he
stopped off for a time with Bob Ekblad of Mt Vernon. Bob has spent
time with Rolland and Heidi Baker in Mozambique, and just returned
from a Caribbean Cruise with the same Bakers, Bill Johnson of Redding
CA – and John & Carol Arnott of Toronto. God moved on this cruise and
on some of the Islands they visited and ministered. Miracles of
healing took place.

Darrell ended up by asking for our prayers starting March 11th for 2
weeks as he and his wife Carlene return to Korea for ministering for
perhaps the 16th time in 6 years. Believe with them for the miracle of
reconciliation between North and South Korea in the "One New Man"
We laid hands on Darrell and prayed over him, and several significant
prophecies came forth.

Jim Watt

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Who Is Your Covering?

A Fresh Look at Leadership, Authority, and Accountability
By Frank A Viola

©2001. Present Testimony Ministry

Permission is granted to those who wish to copy and distribute the material in this book,
but it must not be sold or re-published without the express permission of the author.



Remember the children's story, The Emperor's New Clothes? In it, a child verbalized that which the adults already knew but were hesitant to admit. Frank Viola, in this revealing treatise on 11 church authority," is like the small boy who finally blurted out, "But the emperor has no clothes on!"

Most believers probably already suspect that all is not well in Zion, but they are slow to question the status quo. After all, who wants to get branded as a troublemaker? The appalling fact of the matter is that most systems of church polity are utterly without Scriptural clothing!

So exactly who has authority over whom in the church? Should a pastor or even a plurality of elders control a church? What is accountability all about? Do denominations afford protection from doctrinal error and moral failure? Do we need modern day apostles to tell us what to do? How does the spiritual gift of "ruling" fit into things?

When I was a career pastor, I struggled with these issues. Surprisingly, none of them were really dealt with during my time in seminary. Once in the ministry, I discovered that most of the pastors with whom I discussed these things had never really thought through them either. It was a major paradigm shift for me just to go from believing that there should be a single pastor in every church to believing in a plurality of elders. As it turned out, that was just the tip of the iceberg-there is so much more to this issue of leadership that the number of elders becomes almost irrelevant, Frank's expos6 is both thorough and Biblical. Every relevant passage dealing with leadership and authority is considered. I promise that this book will enrich your understanding of authority in God's kingdom.

May our Lord be pleased to use the truth contained herein to free the legions of followers and leaders who are trapped in the bondage of hierarchical church systems. As Jesus said, "the truth shall set you free "

Steve Atkerson
Atlanta, Georgia



n my last book, Rethinking the Wineskin: The Practice of the New Testament Church, I set forth the fundamental principles that governed the practice of the early church and contrasted n with those that characterize the modem institutional church. The book was favorably received and has managed to influence the birth of a number of New Testament-styled churches in this country and abroad.

As expected, some of these fresh and budding testimonies have home the brunt of misunderstanding and opposition from leaders in the organized church. In particular, they have generated acute questions regarding ecclesiastical authority. Namely, they have been asked the same question religious leaders asked our Lord centuries ago: "By what authority do you do these things, and who gave you this authority?" (Matt. 21:23).



"So who is your covering?"

This is the terse query raised by many modern Christians whenever they encounter those who meet outside the institutional church. But what is at the heart of this inquiry? And what Biblical basis undergirds it?

These are the questions that will engage us in this book.

It is my contention that a great deal of confusion and subnormal Christian behavior is connected with a modern teaching known as "protective covering." This teaching holds that Christians are protected from doctrinal error and moral failure when they submit themselves to the authority of another believer or organization.

The painful experience of many has led me to conclude that the "covering" teaching is a matter that greatly troubles Zion today. And it desperately begs for critical reflection.

In the following pages, I attempt to cut through the fog that surrounds the difficult issues attached to the "covering" teaching. Thorny issues like church leadership, spiritual authority, discipleship, and accountability. I also seek to outline a comprehensive model for understanding how authority operates in the ekklesia (church).

Is "Covering" Covered in the Bible?

Strikingly, the word "covering" only appears once in the entire NT. It is used in connection with a woman's head covering (1 Cor. 11:15). While the Old Testament uses the word sparingly, it always uses it to refer to a piece of natural clothing. It never uses it in a spiritual way. Nor is it ever used in connection with authority and submission.

So the first thing we can say about "covering" is that there is scant Biblical evidence upon which to construct a doctrine! Yet despite this fact, countless Christians glibly parrot the "who-is-your-covering" question. Some even push it as a litmus test to measure the authenticity of a church or ministry.

If the Bible is silent with respect to "covering," what do people mean when they ask, "Who is your covering?" Most people (if pressed) would rephrase the question to be: "To what person are you accountable?"

But this raises another sticky point. The Bible never consigns accountability to human beings! It consigns it exclusively to God (Matt. 12:36; 18:23; Luke 16:2; Rom. 3:19; 14:12; 1 Cor. 4:5; Heb. 4:13; 13:17; 1 Pet. 4:5).

Consequently, the Biblically sound answer to the "to-whom-are-you-accountable?" question is simply: "I am accountable to the same person you are-God!" Strangely, however, this answer is usually a prescription for misunderstanding and a recipe for false accusation.

So while the timbre and key of "accountability" slightly differs from that of "covering," the song is essentially the same. And it is one that does not harmonize with the unmistakable singing of Scripture.

Unearthing the Real Question Behind Covering

Let us widen the question a bit. What do people really mean when they push the "covering" question? I submit that what they are really asking is: "Who controls you?"

Common (mis)teaching about "covering" really boils down to questions about who controls whom. And the modern institutional church is built upon such control.

Of course, people rarely recognize that this is what is at the bottom of the issue. For it is typically well clothed with Biblical garments. In the minds of many Christians, "covering" is merely a protective mechanism.

But if we dissect the "covering" teaching, we will discover that it is rooted in a one-up/one-down, chain-of-command style of leadership. Within this leadership style, those in higher ecclesiastical positions have a tenacious hold on those under them. Oddly, it is through such top-down control that believers are said to be "protected" from error.

The concept goes something like this. Everyone must answer to someone else who is in a higher ecclesiastical position. In the garden-variety, post-war evangelical church, this translates into the "laymen" answering to the pastor. In turn, the pastor must answer to someone with more authority.

The pastor typically traces his accountability to a denominational headquarters, to another church (often called the "mother church"), or to an influential Christian worker. (The worker is perceived to have a higher rank in the ecclesiastical pyramid.)

So the "layman" is "covered" by the pastor. The pastor is "covered" by the denomination, the mother church, or the Christian worker. Because each is accountable to a higher ecclesiastical authority, each is protected ("covered") by that authority. So the thinking goes.

This "covering-accountability" template is applied to all spiritual relationships in the church. And each relationship is artificially cut to fit the template. No relationship can be had outside of it-especially that of "laymen" to "leaders."

But this line of reasoning generates the following questions: Who covers the mother church? Who covers the denominational headquarters? Who covers the Christian worker?

Some have offered the pat answer that God covers these "higher" authorities. But such a canned answer begs the question. For why is it that God cannot be the covering for the "laymen"-or even the pastor?

Hmmm . . .

Of course, the real problem with the "God-denomination-clergy-laity" model goes far beyond the incoherent, pretzel logic to which it leads. The chief problem is that it violates the spirit of the NT! For behind the pious rhetoric of "providing accountability" and "having a covering," there looms a system that is bereft of Biblical support and driven by a spirit of control.


Excerpts from "Renewing the Wineskin," by Frank Viola

"Straight Talk to Elders," by Frank Viola

May 17, 2001, August 15, 2001. March 21, 2003.