Thursday, August 08, 2013

River Notes

Dear Friends:

This summer, Carlene and I are reading a book by Frank viola God's Favorite Place on Earth. A short review:

The premise of the book is simple and 100% Biblical: when Jesus was on the earth, He was rejected everywhere He went . . . from Bethlehem, to Nazareth, to Jerusalem. The only exception was the little village of Bethany.

The curtain opens with Lazarus, who is now ready to die, telling the incomparable story of Jesus’ interactions with him, Martha, and Mary. God’s Favorite Place on Earth blends drama, devotion, theology, biblical narrative, and first-century history. Within each narrative, the common struggles that we Christians face are addressed and answered.

Before we return to the Troutdale House next month, we invite you to gather at the Hubbard home where Jesus is honored and adored. 

Josh and Mary are one of the most hospitable, gracious, loving, sacrificial, couples on the planet. Not to mention I never leave their home hungry, usually content with cuisine with Mexican flair.

We'll gather at 4 p.m. with our potluck meal. We look forward to seeing many of you and we'll celebrate the stories of God's grace and favor this summer.

On an important side note, I recently spent an afternoon with my friend and mentor Jim Watt. He and his wife Marie , 90 years young, have been pioneers encouragement off pastors and leaders in the Northwest for over 60 years. Jim is the last living elder of the 1948 Canadian outpouring of the Spirit which launched the 20th century release of apostolic and prophetic ministry throughout the world. For the past 6 months he has been battling bladder cancer and the doctors have been perplexed with several occurrences of infection which have not responded to antibiotics.

Would you agree with us:

Lord we acknowledge your work and grace in the lives of Jim and Marie Watt. We agree for a spirit of wisdom and revelation for doctors to discover the best way to treat this infection and to accomplish healing in his body. You are the great physician and we proclaim your healing power in Jim's body. We agree for strength, endurance, peace, and joy for their household.