Friday, February 24, 2006



I have just returned from ministering in a pioneer church plant East of Taejon. It is a little after midnight and I wanted to conclude these updates, as we leave for the airport at 10 am for the long flight to LA. I will speak (Jean and Carlene will rest) at Pastor David Kim's Church in Koreatown for 2 Sunday morning and one afternoon service, before returning to Portland.

It has been a joy to travel and minister with Jean. She is a true prophetic voice to the Church, and her ministry in the Holy Spirit is accurate and penetrating. Many pastors would like to "kidnap her" and have her stay in Korea indefinitely. I (Darrell) have several times, been off to a few other assignments, but most of our time has been in support of her ministry. As she prayed for some 30 students yesterday afternoon, I quietly stood beside her with my hand on her back. As she was praying for one of them , I took my hand away for a moment, and she quickly grabbed my hand and firmly placed it back. I needed no other hint....I knew she valued the prayer support, and every moment wanted the assurance we were standing with her.

Especially moving was to hear stories of how the Lord has used her for nearly 70 years, from a young 16 year old girl preaching a 3 week healing/revival gathering in the hills of West Virginia in 1936, to Aimee McPherson laying her hands on Jean and Elmer for commissioning to South her work as one of the millions of "Rosie the Riveter" factory workers on B-52's (keeping the home fires burning during WW II), to the years of ministry during the Charismatic move in England in the 60's and 70' the grandson of Charles Parnum (of Azusa Street) giving Jean a prophetic word in a Malt shop in Hollywood....get the idea?

I want to send you an unedited version of a prophetic word Jean gave Thursday afternoon. This was not taped, but I did write it down as best I remember. I believe, as she does, that it has broad application for the next season of the Church.....not just in Asia, but all over the world. Perhaps you might sense the flavor of the ministry we have experienced the last several days. You might sense a personal application...I know I do.

Jean Darnall....Taejon South Korea, Thursday, February 23, 2006

I believe there are here....among us, ministries that will affect nations....ministries that will bring order out of chaos. You will see Kingdom power restored...order...healing. You will have favor with authorities and will raise the level of righteousness. I see overturned idols...their very foundations are shaken...overturned....destroyed...and demons flee in panic. I see ancient religions uprooted....overturned in the context of international distress. You will walk with dignity because you belong to the Kingdom of God. You are sent as ambassadors to nations who have lost their idols...and they will look to you. God will be your Protection...Preservation....and Provider.

Bless you....and please continue to pray for a safe and healthy re-entry. We have so enjoyed this trip....and have felt your prayers have given us much protection.

Thank you...or er, Kimsameda (I know that's not right spelling)

For...Jean and Carlene...


Korea 3


This will be short....but many thanks to those who have prayed. Jean finished 3 days of speaking and each day the Holy Spirit unwrapped more of His desire to equip and challenge the Korean Church....actually all areas of business, education, media, mercy ministries and government, to be the forerunners for "repaying the spiritual debt" when the North Korea walls come down. Many pastors were challenged and there was a discernible sense the message was delivered with clarity and order.

Carlene and I are a bit undone, as we identified and witnessed to much of what Jean has delivered....sobering but exciting at the same time. She told many stories of how God was faithful to the vision in so many areas of the world where she has been. One of my students impacted by the Holy Spirit of several years ago had a vision of 3 stars....representing Sakhalin (Russia), Japan, and China....being sent from Korea....and Jean, Carlene, and I prayed for Gema...a new pastor beginning a work in Russia, and another brother from Korea who is today making the trip with his family to Japan. We were blessed.

Today we will share the the students and young people in University and, I (Darrell) will speak tonight and tomorrow in evening meetings. I shared at the Wed. evening service last night while Jean and Carlene rested.

Bless you...and please pray for:

Healing of travel-weary bodies....
Ministry anointed of the Holy Spirit
Specific Words of encouragement for students and intercessors

Also...for a young woman Carlene and I have met...several times...who is in a very desperate situation....great disappointment and is in need of God's intervention and grace....that's about all I can share....

From Taejon....


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Korea 2006

Dear Friends...

I want to include you in email updates for the next 10 days or so, as Carlene and I, and Jean Darnall will be in Korea for a National Pastors Conference as well as speaking in various churches and at Asia Life University.

I have learned to unashamedly ask for Prayer covering during any overseas ministry. Let me be very specific...we need you prayers for:

Good Health and Travel Safety. Jean is a "young" 80 +...and Carlene's specific task is to literally walk with her and tend to her physical needs.

Accurate Hearing. We are ministering as a kind of "tag team"'s my favorite kind of ministry. We anticipate and desire to express God's heart and desire for these Korean leaders.

Rest. We recognize the Lord will be pleased as we minister out of a place of peace and rest.

I have been to Asia 10 times over the past 4 years....and in some ways, all the previous travel have been "plowing ground" for such a time as this. Jean is one of our "heroes in the faith" and we feel it is an honor and privilege to serve with her. This is a new season, and we believe there is an open door to move into destiny.

Our Schedule:

2/17 Travel and arrive in Seoul 5pm
2/18 am I, (Darrell) speak in a Church in Seoul
pm We all are at Tejeon Foursquare in Tejeon (3 hrs south of Seoul)
2/19-22 Pastors conference
2/23 Asia Life University
2/25 Home...

Thank you for praying.....

Bless you,


PS One of the greatest joys on an mission trip is to receive replys...words of confirmation and encouragement....We'd love to hear from you!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Dear Friends....

Thank you for your response and prayers for this strategic trip. Increasingly, there is an awareness of the need for a corporate "blanket" of prayer for the task at hand.Jean, Carlene and I made all our connections and the flight was smooth and we have all adjusted to the time changes.

I spoke at Bethel independent 2000 member Pentecostal work which began some 50 years ago and is pastored by the founder's son, Joshua. An appropriate name as rarely have I felt so "at home" so quickly and had such a favorable response to a message of encouragement from Is. 40 of renewed strength. The pastor interpreted for me and I had several friends from other areas in Seoul visit for the morning service. Joshua had an interesting comment...."it's so interesting to hear you...a speaker from America say the same things I have....and it is received so well..." There is a definite kindred spirit and we'll be back.

I took a Korean "bullet train" to Deajeon..a 3 hr.trip by car...but for me only 50 300 k/hr.

I met Jean and Carlene as they rested during the morning and Jean spoke to the church that evening on renewed vision....she gave a strong prophetic word to the church regarding compassion and mercy ministries which must be in place when the 2 Korea's are united. Carlene and I prayed for several and especially for a women in her 30's with inoperable liver cancer.

The next day (Monday) we traveled to Korea's only ski resort which is the host site for the Foursquare pastors retreat, and Jean continued with the theme of vision, with her own story of how the Lord led her and Elmer to establish churches, Bible schools, and other intra-denominational works in S. America, the States, England, Australia, Hong Kong...her and Elmers "Kingdom footsteps" are all over the world.

Especially moving for Carlene and I is to witness Mrs. Ahn, (the founder of Foursquare Korea and only one year apart from Jean), literally embrace and greet Jean with a holy kiss. We see these 2 Kingdom pioneers coming together as heavenly diplomats with the same heart and servant attitude as strategic for such a time as this. Perhaps it is also a symbolic partnering of what the Lord wants to do with this nation. Last night, she gave a strong prophetic word to the nation....later I'll transcribe it for an update.

We bless you....and thank you for praying for:

Continued health and energy for Jean (she has spoken on her feet for 1 1/2 hrs)
Holy boldness to speak what the Holy Spirit would say
Specific words of encouragement for the pastors and leaders

Bless you ....from Muji Resort....