Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Final from Japan

Dear Friends,

Thank you for praying for this beautiful country...and for the Lord's grace, leadership, and protection . Before I began this trip, several friends gathered to ask the Lord how to pray for Japan. In fact, many of you have asked the same question. What follows is a crafted prayer based on what we collectively heard from the Lord. I am a big fan of listening and crafting such prayers, and when I shared this prayer with the people of Japan, all of them bore witness to the fresh revelation and peace it brought to their hearts. Please join us in continuing to pray for Japan.

The Lord gave me an assignment in obedience to the prayer, and the following 2 minute video is the result.

Bless you,


Crafted prayer for Japan and the Earth’s Plates
The following prayer is crafted by Don Howard; a geologist; regarding the

potential of an earthquake on the West Coast of the USA.

Thank you Lord for this beautiful planet that You have made for us. Just like us, You have made it to grow and develop and change. Lord, we applaud Your thoughtfulness and Your design. You have directed that we have authority and dominion over the Earth [Psalm 8], and have charged us to be good stewards of it [Gen, 9:1-11]. We want to bless that design. You have said that it is good, and we come into agreement with your assessment. We ask You to watch over it and keep it working as You designed it to work. We speak to the [tectonic] plates and ask that they slide smoothly beside and upon each other. We come against anything that would block that motion and interrupt their smooth functioning.
Lord, we acknowledge and repent for the mistakes that we have made in being responsible stewards of our planet. Thank you Lord for educating us and showing us how Your creation operates.
Let Japan acknowledge You created their land, and may they respond to the grace and divine favor You desire to pour, like healing oil, over the land. You promised if we would seek Your Face, and humble ourselves and would heal our land. [2 Choronicle 7:14]

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Japan 2

Thank you for praying for Japan. Yesterday  during worship  I noticed the speaker stands beginning to sway as we began to experience a series of aftershocks. This is not entirely unusual but it was certainly different for me. I began to look for a safe place to protect myself. Most of the people continued to worship with passion. For many years I have sung Be Still and Know..... But never in the middle of an actual earthquake.
The Lord begin to speak to me that the safest place is in Him. I have much to learn.
The believers in Japan are trusting God for protection and strength. It is a joy to worship with them during this time of shaking.
Many believers are experiencing an openness to the gospel in Japanese pre-Christians. It is a joy to encourage comfort and strengthen  the church in Japan.
Tomorrow I leave for the island of Okinawa for three days and then visit the damaged areas North of Tokyo  and will hope  to encourage workers as well as  displaced people who have lost all they own.

Bless you

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Japan 1

Thanks to all who have and will continue to pray for me in Japan. Just minutes of my plane landed in Tokyo, the announcement came that there was just a major aftershock magnitude 6.7. That was one of several yesterday that were of significant size occurring just one month  after the major 9.1 earthquake that devastated north cities of Japan.

I have meetings  the first three days in Tokyo and then will travel to see some of the devastated regions.....then Okinawa. Our son Matthew will be returning from Afghanistan on Thursday afternoon and Carlene will greet him as he arrives.

This entire nation is on  edge. Everyone is trying to just continue with life but there is a palatable sense of uneasiness and fear of the unknown. I believe my primary assignment  is to declare to the nation the goodness and mercy of God. I have told many that thousands of believers in America and around the world are praying for them.

Pray specifically for:

grace and safety in all travel
wisdom and revelation for just the right words to bring comfort to the people that I speak to
mercy and grace for the nation of Japan.

You may know that, at the end of World War 2 many leaders in Japan called for missionaries to come and establish churches in the country devastated by  atomic disaster. The nation of Japan faces another atomic disaster and we do not want to miss the open  door to declare the goodness and love of the Father.

Bless you


Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Worship at the River SUNDAY APRIL 10 And GOOD News from Afghanistan

Dear Worshiper,

Romans 10:15  "How beautiful are the feet of messengers who bring good news!"

I find this very wet Monday afternoon a good time, as any, to begin to compose some "good news" of our upcoming WAR gathering. 
Come join us at 4pm April 10th for Worship at the River.  Located atThe Troutdale House (411 E. Historic Columbia River Highway) in Troutdale, Oregon.  We will begin our worship time at 4pm sharing a potluck.  We will continue our worship at 6pm giving thanks and praise to the Living God for all He has done. Please bring with you, hearts filled with love, instruments, banners, revelation, psalms, songs, poems, tongues with interpretations, art work, and food!

Sandwiched in between the 4pm potluck and the 6pm praise we will have a teaching and sharing time.  God beautifully led to us Rodrick Gilbert to the Feb. WAR and Aaron Auer to the March WAR meeting to encourage us with "good news". As of today and Lord willing, Darrell and I will be sharing the story behind Romans 10:15 and Acts 10:15 and praying for the trip to Japan set for April 11th.  (We will send regular updates from this earthquake ravaged land) 

And speaking of good news...Matt called today.  He is waiting for the helicopter to transport him to a safe location and then if all goes as planned Carlene will be greeting him as he steps off the bus at Camp Pendleton, California!!!!  Thank you for your continued faithfulness in praying for him and his fellow Marines.  We rejoice!  But we feel very strongly that it is as important to pray for our returning sons and daughters from military service as when they were serving overseas.


Matt and his Afghan fellow warrior!


Worship at the River 
April 10, 2011 
4:00pm Potluck dinner 
4:45pm Teaching/sharing
6:00pm Praise and thanksgiving      
Located at The Troutdale House 

Tokyo, Okinawa April 13-24
Bless you!