Thursday, October 10, 2013

October Worship at the River

I (Carlene) started with sauteing onions, garlic, celery, green or yellow peppers.  Add cooked ground hamburger, cans of diced tomatoes and sauce.  I added Italian seasonings and simmered my spaghetti sauce all afternoon allowing the aroma to saturate the home knowing the best part of my offering was yet to come.  I look forward to hearing the door open to the condo and hearing Darrell say,  "I'm home!! "Mmmm!  It sure smells good in here!"     
Do I have your attention?? 

This Sunday at 4 pm Worship at the River will open the doors at The Troutdale House for our offering as we honor and celebrate Jesus.

For those interested, Graham Cooke will be hosting MIND OF A SAINT, a gathering in California which is available as a live stream event.  WE RECOMMEND IT!  Click here for info.