Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I apologize for the wrong link to our videos from India. I guess blame it on severe jet lag! But this affords me an opportunity to include something else I forgot. (jet lag again) When I am asked how to summarize our India adventure, my first thought is while we were inspired by the Taj Mahal and encouraged by men and women empowered by the Holy Spirit to see their villages transformed, I will most remember what happened the last few hours of our conference. Rodrick had gathered 25 of his master trainers and we heard their stories and as a global team, we prayed, prophesied, and loved them. There is no need for interpretation of a literal embrace as we expressed the Lord's heart this way. I have included a transcript and audio file of a prophetic word and a song from Marco and myself. Bless you, Darrell

 Prophetic Words of Encouragement and Prophetic Song over Master Trainer Leaders

 Marco: I have brought you into a greater level of understanding. You will see Angels around you. You will see them with your eyes.

 Darrell: A song from the Lord from the father's heart. He will sing over you.

 I love you. With a love that will never die.
 I love you and I will be with you.
I will never leave you, I will walk by your side.
 For I am in you and you in me says the Lord.
 I will be your Shepherd, I will be your guide.
 I will be your lover so look into my eyes.
 Gaze on my beauty, the power of the Lord.
 The witness of heaven as you walk in one accord.
 Heaven will visit the villages of your land.
 An open heaven will come down and transformed peoples hearts.
 You will see the glory, you will see the Lord.
 Transform and heal your people the glory of the Lord.

 So receive the father's heart, a revelation of wisdom and understanding. See him with new eyes, the Love of your heart. I bless you with a revelation of the beauty of the Lord and his love for you. His sacrifice for you his heart for you. He will equip you with every good thing. We bless you!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dear Friends, For six years, I played improvisational Christmas piano arrangements at the Portland International Airport. This timely assignment from the Lord taught me much about obedience and listening. I started a few months after September 11, 2001, and this experience became a template for a fresh revelation of worship and ministry. I recorded a Christmas album of these songs and want to offer an MP3 of this as a Christmas gift to you. Thank you for praying for Carlene and I during our recent Ministry trip to India. Pictures of our International team, the conference, street scenes and the Taj Mahal can be viewed here. For those of you who enjoy video, I have posted a YouTube video of Rodrick's Conference, worship, our sharing, and even India traffic! Mark your calendars for you Sunday, December 11th's Worship at the River will be at the Troutdale House and will celebrate a Holiday Potluck beginning at 4 PM. (more details to follow) We bless you this holiday season. We have much to be thankful for.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

India Final

Just a few words and pictures: Home.....Un-done....Appreciative....Transformed...Deeper understanding of God's Kingdom....and Thankful for your prayers. Happy Thanksgiving,

Monday, November 07, 2011

India Trip

In just over 24 hours, Carlene and I will begin a 31-hour journey by air and Jeep to New Delhi and Lucknow (Northern India not far from Nepal) arriving on what we believe is a pivotal assignment. We will join Rodrick Gilbert, a friend who has invited 15 men and women from Europe, Indonesia, and America to encourage 500 leaders. They represent nearly 1.8 million people in 15,000 house churches.

We have hosted Rodrick in our home and in several meetings over the past six years, and we believe Holy Spirit is net-working leaders all over the world for the purpose of encouragement in the spirit of humility. Rodrick simply follows Luke 10 where Jesus simply releases disciples to discover a man or woman of peace where He can work miracles. He has seen Light overcoming darkness especially in northern India where 85% of the population are Hindu or Muslims. These villages are being transformed. We are representing the Northwest and will share our life story, especially what we are learning about intimacy, worship and Kingdom relationships.

I'm inviting you to pray:

Whenever we speak, words would be given to us so that we will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel. (Paraphrased from Ephesians 6:19) Effortless travel connections Physical health and safety in travel and food Spiritual insight and divine wisdom and revelation in all that we do and say Deepening relationships with kingdom leaders Protection for family and friends at home Financial provision (We are grateful for those who have contributed to this trip)

If you'd still like to contribute you may use our PayPal link or 4119 NE. 8th St., Gresham, OR 97030

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

central washington tour

Carlene and I just returned from a five-day visit to Central Washington cities of Vantage, Chelan, Plain, and Wenatchee. We worshiped, prayed, fellowshiped, and told our stories with leaders and families. During two days in Vantage, we met with kingdom minded leaders from Seattle, Vancouver British Columbia, Spokane, and Portland, to build relationships and encourage one another. Each one of us literally set a stone in the context of 12 large stones Brian Stockdale erected overlooking the city and the Columbia River illustrating our passion and purpose to fit together. We enjoyed spending time with our friends Erin and Kelly Leggett who recently opened a wonderful restaurant in Chelan called Sojourners, and worshiped with a few of the city intercessors. We continued to Plain and visited with our friends Andrew and Becky Campbell and worshiped at the Plain Community Church... I even got to play the piano in this country church... it was wonderful! Plain and the Rainbow We are expectantly and confidently looking forward to what the Lord is building in these regions. India November 11-21 2011 Six years ago, God sent Rodrick Gilbert, an apostolic and national church planter from Delhi India, to the Pacific Northwest on a "friendraiser" with a word of encouragement from the Lord. Since meeting him, hearing about his contagious passion for the Pacific Northwest, spending time with him both here and in India, he has become our friend and we are convinced God is in this invitation to join Rodrick at his leader's conference November 13th-16th in northern India. Some 500 leaders will be attending and we, along with some leaders from Europe and Indonesia, will be sharing our stories in hopes of edifying and encouraging these believers who serve the Lord based on Luke 10. He has invited Carlene and I to bring to those leaders our passion to worship God in Spirit and in Truth. He has asked us to share our stories and revelations from the past 12 years on our journey into deeper intimacy with God. We look forward to meeting Rodrick, his family and the leaders. We will need to raise nearly $3000.00 for our expenses on this trip. Thank you for praying and if you'd like to support this trip you can use our pay pal account. Bless you, (and...for your amusement) PS Singing and signing at our wedding...we haven't stopped! Worship at the River Sunday, November 13 6pm (No Potluck this month)