Sunday, January 08, 2012

Worship at the River January 2012
Psalm 123
 1 I lift up my eyes to you,
   to you who sit enthroned in heaven.
2 As the eyes of slaves look to the hand of their master,
   as the eyes of a female slave look to the hand of her mistress,
so our eyes look to the LORD our God,
   till he shows us his mercy.

Be Still

Oh Lord you are the refuge of my life shelter from storm, I will not fear, O Lord
when mountains fall into the sea and waters rage and foam in me, I will believe
You are exalted above the heaven ,strength and salvation in all the earth
You are exalted among the Nations, You are a River of gladness over all the earth,
Be still and know I am your God

I'm putting off my mourning clothes
Putting on my festal robes
I'll sing of all that You've done

You've taken all my shame
And you threw it all away
In the sea of forgetfulness

The weight of my sin
Is gone, gone, gone
I've been renewed in knowledge
After Your image
It is Your kind intention 
To bless me with 
Knowing the fullness of Your love

With joy and gladness
We draw from an everflowing river
Of pleasure in Your presence
You fill us with the abundance of Your life


A          Em 
        F                                                                  G                                                     A

We Want to Know Your Heart
We Want to Know Your Heart
We Want to Seek Your Face
We Want to Feel Your Breath
Be Touched by Your Grace
Breathe on Us O Lord (3x)
We're Hungry after You

You are the Glory

You are the Glory You are the Praise
Your Name is Holy Great are Your Ways
You are exalted above all You are God alone
You are exalted above all You and You alone
You are Wonderful Counselor Champion and King
You are Mighty God Lord of All You are the Glory

Bill and Delight Petersen
1652 NE 207th Place
Fairview, OR 97024

10 Portland House Church gathering
11-12 Cascadia Leaders Meeting Seattle
13-14 Jim Watt Korean Leaders Federal Way
31 Dannielle's Wedding
TBA Rodrick Gilbert Meeting

February/March: Mongolia/Korea

4119 North East 8th St. 

Thursday, January 05, 2012

January Worship at the River

Dear Friends,

I love what Bill Johnson says: "Thanksgiving can not coexist with depression".  Some say they are grateful 2011 is over. I say thank you Lord for your grace, provision, and many blessings in 2011,  and we look forward to more in 2012.  Carlene and I are very grateful our son Matthew, who returned from two tours in Iraq and Afghanistan traded his his Marine combat engineer hat for new one as a student in architectural design school.  Many of you prayed for Matthew and this Sunday evening we'll meet at 4 PM for our potluck and Matthew will do a  meet and greet before he leaves for San Diego later that evening.  Worship will begin at 6 PM.

We are returning to the Troutdale House for Our Worship at the River gatherings until the summer.

4 PM Potluck Meal
6 PM Worship

(remember, we will not meet at the Phonics Factory school)

These are a few of our most favorite and thankful events of 2011:

In January I experienced a life changing gathering with leaders from four cities in Vancouver British Columbia and with teaching from Al Houghton.

Through the generous and unexpected provision of our house church folks, Carlene and I returned to Korea for 10 days in February to minister in five cities.  We were excited to reconnect with Ye Young, a North Korean refugee we first met in 2005.  She is now married and is beginning a new Ministry of intercession and worship focusing on North Korea.  I will say it once again... my friends in Korea were more excited to see Carlene again than me.  I'm not surprised.


In March I travel to the tsunami traumatized country of Japan for a series of meetings in Tokyo and Okinawa.  I connected with a team from Franklin Graham's Samaritan Purse organization as they helped people rebuild their lives and joined with a Japanese pastor to worship and pray at "ground zero".


Early in the morning on April 14 we received a phone call from Afghanistan from Matthew.  All he said was: "I'm waiting for the chopper".  This was the highlight of the year.

We continued to enjoy the creativity and release of new songs and freedom in our gatherings at Worship at the River.  We are committed to encouraging to sing the song God has written on our hearts.

We are blessed to have relational connections with groups large and small throughout the Pacific Northwest.  We meet regularly with The Feast, our friends in Victoria BC, and always enjoy their annual retreat on Vancouver Island.  We gathered in October in vantage with many of these leaders to worship and support one another.  

In November Carlene and I traveled to New Delhi India to work with Rodrick Gilbert and his Ministry team.  Once again we were grateful for the Holy Spirit's revelation as he orchestrated people,  time, events, and travel. We will host Rodrick later this year. Full Report Video and Picture Links

20111116_160243.jpg2011-11-20 20.09.14.jpg

We bless you in 2012... let's make it filled with thanksgiving!