Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pictures from Japan/Singapore

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Monday, December 07, 2009

An Okinawa Prayer

Dear Praying Friends,

After 3 days in Osaka, I am literally writing this update in the air with some 300 Jr. High  Japanese school children on a holiday trip to Okinawa.  They all were, well, extremely excited about their adventure and enthusiastically cheered as our 747 lifted off the tarmac.  I got the distinct impression many were flying for the first time.  The upside is that I was upgraded to first class (thank you Lord!) I think Japan Airlines felt sorry for the lone American.

The meetings in Osaka were at first very challenging.  There is such a deep need for emotional healing in so many Japanese.  Many fathers work long hours, and the economic crisis has put great stress on families.  But as I shared on the love of  the Father many experienced a renewal of His approval and unconditional forgiveness.

Yesterday I visited the Yumi, Massa Kusido, and their daughter Ai and her husband, a family I first met in 2002.  Carlene, Matt, and I stayed in their home for week while we were in Asia.  It is a testimony to the Body of Christ that after years of not seeing them, I felt marvelously at home.  They have built a home/Christian bookstore/homeless feeding center/international children’s School/Church/prophetic coffeehouse/worship center on property the family had long dedicated to God. The Lord has continued to bless the work of their hands, and we celebrated His favor…with an Italian meal complete with spaghetti and broccoli/octopus pizza. (yes, you read that right)  Actually, it was tasty and we laughed and shared stories.  I LOVE the family of  God!

I will hold 3 meetings in the southern island of Okinawa over the next few days.  As many of you may know, some of the bloodiest World War II battles were fought here, with thousands of American Marines, Japanese, and civilians  were killed, wounded, starved to death, or committed suicide. 

I invite you to join with me in intercession for Okinawa. I have written this prayer….agree with me:

Lord, we ask for Your favor and blessing to shower Okinawa.  May this island manifest the miracle of Your healing and restoration.  Where there was once pain and suffering, bring life and light.  Psalm 91: Lord You are Japan’s Rising Son.  These Islands belong to You.  You reign over them. May the people of Okinawa see Your glory, and all gods bow down before Him.  May this island hear and rejoice because of Your judgments. O Lord, You are high above all gods.  Let Japan rejoice in you.  Let the multitude of Japanese Islands  be glad!

Thank you for your agreement.


Thursday, December 03, 2009

Dear Friends,

Dear Friends,

Today marks day 5 in Tokyo.  Pastor Kim, a missionary from Korea who came to this country 12 years ago, has pioneered six churches in Japan.  I have been sharing twice a day on some of my favorite themes: learning to listen to the Lord, practical prophetic ministry, the dignity and authority of the believer, the song of the land and the heart of a transformed worshipper.  I have been beyond blessed as many have been encouraged and strengthened by the Lord.  I want to share two brief praise reports.  

  • Pastor Ono has been my able interpreter these last days. He even enthusiastically sings my spontaneous songs of the Lord in Japanese! He and his wife pastor a church in a neighboring city and his grown children are all working with him.  His wife has been struggling for many years with a growing hopelessness.  Japan has been a very difficult country to minister in, and is in deep need of a divine supernatural God encounter.  Pastors and their families often face great discouragement.  Tuesday afternoon as I shared about we are God's treasure and how He has the utmost confidence in those He has called, she experience a tangible transformation in her spirit.  And then it became evident on her face!  In fact, yesterday afternoon she kept an appointment with a doctor who had been monitoring her physical and spiritual health and had expressed concern.   He was so pleased at her progress.  Later she shared with me:  "Thank you for coming to Japan!  I felt God touching in my heart and I am now filled with hope."
  • Yesterday morning I prayed for Masanoa, a 30 year old young man who had never been to the previous meetings or to this church.  He had heard about the meetings and was urged to come.  I said, "You are a much love son of God... and he is calling you to be a part of his spiritual army... an army of transformed worshipers with integrity who will affect this country... leadership, honor, and authority are gifts that he is giving you... he is recruiting you to this Ministry and you belong to him."  As I spoke these words, tears flowed down his face.  Later at lunch, he was introduced to me as one of the youngest political leaders in Japanese contemporary history.  He is a member of the Council of Japan (100 elected officials very much like the US Congress elected to govern the land) "Masanoa" is the Japanese word for honesty. I believe the Lord is using young man like Masanoa to bring integrity and honesty to governments and nations.  I shared with him that I would encourage those connected with Pacificministries would be encouraged to pray for him.

Tomorrow we travel to Osaka for three days, then on to Okinawa and finally Singapore.  Thank you for continuing to pray for safety, clarity in hearing, and favor with travel and connections.

It is an honor to be re-presenting Jesus and to encourage believers.