Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Delight's Crafted Prayer for Healing

We welcome ALL of you to join with us in agreement for Delight Petersen's fight with ALS.

Delight's Crafted Prayer for Healing

Lord we are in total agreement that you are Lord and you are willing in your creative design to accomplish healing in Delight's body.  The outcome is assured: we win.  We love your words we love your law and the promise is for the Prince of peace to inhabit Victory House.  We declare that your promise is higher than any confusion any misunderstanding and any disease.

Lord, you have proven yourself faithful in the past, and so you will be faithful in the present and in the future... this is part of your character.  Like the faithful friends who lowered their friend through an opening in the ceiling, Delight will the represent the first fruits of many who will be healed in this house.  We are yours and we are your treasures.  We agree with Malachi 3:16, we speak of you, we fear and we worship you, and you promise to hear us and a book of remembrance is being written of your faithfulness to Bill andDelight.

Like a River in the desert, so new creative things will be accomplished in Delight's body, for you are a God who is faithful!

Monday, June 07, 2010

NEW LOCATION/DAY for June 2010 Worship at the River

Frank Viola in his book "From Here to Eternity" writes:

In Genesis 1 and 2, the Bible opens up with a woman and a man. In Revelation 21 and 22, the Bible closes with a woman and a man. The Bible opens up with a wedding, and it ends with a wedding. It opens with a marriage, and it ends with a marriage. It opens with a boy and a girl, and it ends with a boy and a girl. Your Bible is essentially a love story.

From an ancient wedding proverb:

Something may know, WAR has stopped meeting at Glenn Otto Park in Troutdale.  Something new...WAR will begin meeting on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:00pm.  Something borrowed...God has provided a beautiful wedding setting as a gathering place to rent called TheTroutdale House.  And something blue...river, Heaven and Holy Spirit.   

To celebrate our new location for Worship at the River (WAR) we want to share a potluck meal together. Last week we had asked you to think about what you would like to bring.  We will provide all paper goods and coffee/tea.  Please email us back and let us know (ASAP) if you are bringing a salad, main dish or dessert.   We will begin at 6 p.m then worship together. 

It is a new day for gathering worshipers at the river (WAR) and for Pacificministries.  We believe we are all challenged with new assignments for the "wedding preparations" and feel it is important to be closely connected with friends who are like-minded. 

Darrell and Carlene