Friday, May 30, 2008


We are excited that a half dozen or so have responded to the invitation for Baptism at our River Gathering June 8th. In order to adequately plan for the afternoon,
please call 503-515-2452 or send an email to if you'd like to be baptized.

Also, there have been very encouraging words for the Northwest...links to the prophetic words (both audio and transcribtions) are on .



Very Important Word Concerning The Lakeland, Florida Healing Outpouring & The Pacific NW - From Bob Jones & Keith Abrahams

At the first Washington State Apostolic and Prophetic Gathering conference in Wenatchee, WA (April 18th-19th, 2008) there was a very important and timely word released in a conversation with Bob Jones. This word was for the Pacific Northwest and beyond, and it also is related to the current outpouring in Lakeland, FL. The “live” telephone conversation was played over the PA system for all to hear. It was an awesome, encouraging and empowering Word for all.
The Lord had spoken to Timothy Johnson about the need to call Bob Jones on Friday night, and then the burden returned to him again the next day. Timothy finally called Bob Jones during the afternoon lunch, but only got a voicemail. The experience that happened to Bob on that Saturday was exactly coincident with the time in which Timothy Johnson was in prayer, asking God to please stir Bob’s heart to call back. While Bob was asleep in his hotel room in North Carolina, he said he heard a voice calling from a long distance away saying, “Bob, we need help, because we are locked out of the Treasure room. Would you open the door for us, into this Treasure room?” The details of the event are well worth reading.

Click here to hear the audio recording

Click here for a report and transcript of the prophetic word

In this prophetic word, Bob Jones refers to a word that he released on New Years Eve (at MorningStar) in which he saw a young bald headed eagle, covered with tattoos coming down out of Canada into Washington State. Bob thought the word that came was a wind would begin to blow out of Canada, settle in Washington, then quickly spread to other states and go out to the whole nation. What Bob said in the conversation documented above was that the current outpouring in Lakeland, Florida was a manifestation of what had already come down out of Canada. Bob related to us that the eagle he saw with the tattoos he now understands was Todd Bentley, coming back out of Canada and operating in a powerful anointing for miracles and healings. The New Years Eve word mentioned that after blowing out of Canada, this wind would settle in Washington, and then quickly go out to surrounding states. Bob said that this wind was already in Washington, but there would be a need to contend for it.
Right after Bob linked the Lakeland Healing Outpouring to the prophetic word from New Years Eve, Keith Abrahams from Canada (who ordained Todd Bentley exactly 7years ago along with Bobby Connor), came forth to bring a POWERFUL word that totally tied into what Bob Jones had just released minutes before.

Click here to listen to the audio recording

Both the word given by Bob Jones and Keith Abrahams relate to previous prophecies regarding a coming wave of the Spirit of God that will come out of Canada, through the Pacific Northwest and greatly impact the US, Canada, and the world.
In particular, a word released by Bobby Connor in 1997 made reference to a coming wave of the Spirit that would come out of Hamilton, Ontario through Vancouver, BC, into Washington, throughout the Northwest and into the world.

Click here for several related archived prophetic words

Todd Bentley has just released a recent word from Lakeland, Florida about The Third Wave coming – this word was given in Lakeland, Florida on Monday April 21st. Todd Bentley had called Bob Jones shortly after the conference in Wenatchee, documented above, and Bob gave Todd the “green light” to fully release the details of the prophetic word.

In the conference in Wenatchee, Bob Jones made reference to the fact that there would be a need to contend for what God is ready to release. To quote Bob, “Boy, whatever you do, don’t stop contending until you get it”.
The purpose of this posting is to give the Body of Christ valuable information, which has come to us, and release it for action. There is no doubt that there are other important pieces of information relating to this subject, and no representation of completeness is made.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

An Invitation

Bill and Delight Petersen are trusted friends and counselors . We feel part of Worship at the River will expand to include afternoon teachings, impartations, followed by fellowship as we eat together (bring your meal). Our first afternoon is Sunday, June 8th. Please read Bill's message for June's afternoon gathering:

Recently while I was in Central Oregon, I visited the church where I accepted the Lord. Since it was a weekday, I just sat in the sanctuary and wrote in my journal. I was reminded of being baptized there some 50 years ago. Through the wonderful people in that church I came into an understanding of my need for salvation and was converted, baptized, and discipled. The Holy Spirit reminded me of many wonderful experiences as my faith grew in that setting.

I reflected on the fact that my initial baptism was “John’s baptism”. I also thought about the fact that 20 years after my conversion I had come into new understandings and experiences in the Lord. You might say that I was an “Ephesian Christian” (Acts 19:1-6) because the theology that I was converted into did not include the gifts of Holy Spirit and other teachings that I now embrace. As I sat there I felt like the Lord was saying that I should be baptized again.

Growing up as a child in that church I understood as a child. I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I had to put away childish things. Through my teen years and later in life I grew to understand that not all that I had been taught as a child was accurate or complete. I need to put to death old teaching and be released into newer life.

Jesus recognized His need for water baptism too. He insisted that John baptize him and when he came out of the water his Father poured out Holy Spirit on Him.

Into what were you baptized? If you have never been baptized or the Spirit is prompting you to be baptized with new understanding, we invite you to come to our orientation.

Date: June 8, 2008

For: Water Baptism/Worship at the River
Time: 1 PM
Baptism orientation followed by water baptismss***

6 pm Worship at the River

Where: Sam Cox Building at Glenn Otto Park in Troutdale, OR

***(Bring a sack lunch or plan on getting something to eat in Troutdale between the baptisms and WAR)

If you would like to be baptized or if you know someone who would, please call 503-515-2452 or send an email to for detailed information.


Darrell and Carlene Dahlman

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Worship at the River Watchmen at the River

Newsletter of Pacific Ministries’ monthly meetings April, 2008

at Glenn Otto Community Park, Troutdale, Oregon.

Shouts of praise! Proclaim your praise!

Prayer of Thanksgiving:

Holy Spirit, lead this meeting.

It is good and pleasant to bless His Name.

International Flavor – Ali, from Korea, Jean, from England, Siletz group, First Nation

Prayer for wisdom and open doors of blessing.


1. There is a DVD available of worship in Korea, where there is a Midnight Prayer Movement and a hunger for

God is growing.

2. There is also a DVD of the story of Jim and Marie Knott.

3. The last trip to Korea ~ prayer at the gate

This trip ~ there are open doors to many people; Darrell deeply moved, heart tenderized for Korea.

4. Not underground church, but Unknown Church ~ a love to worship, signs & wonders

5. Chief, Theo Heart, of Renewed Life Fellowship, will be going to Alaska, with 80-120 volunteers with Delta

Ministries to help build an outdoor playground and outhouses for a Bible Camp.

Fellowship of worship, with Jim Chosa:

There is a destiny, a call, and worship in all of us;

The Holy Spirit is covering us,

His Presence of sound worship ~

“How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity!

It is like precious oil poured on the head, running down on the beard,

Running down on Aaron’s beard, down upon the collar of his robes.

It is as if the due of Hermon were falling on Mount Zion.

For there the Lord bestows His blessing , even life forevermore.”

Psalm 133

Hear the Shofar and other instruments, as well as voices of praise; soak in the sound of His Presence with us ~

We worship you, you are Holy,

We adore you, in You we have freedom,

You are the Spirit of wisdom, we pray for revelation,

We sing with holy voices and strumming guitar, melodies of praise.

We see you high and lifted up ~ Shining in the light of your glory ~

Pour out your power and love ~ As we sing Holy, Holy, Holy. ~ Holy, Holy, Holy.

Open the eyes of our heart, Lord ~ open the eyes of our heart,

We want to see you ~ we want to see you.

Humming, singing ~

We want to know your ways ~ we praise you with all our hearts,

Soak in the Sound of His Presence ~ We thank you with all our hearts

We want to know you ~ with all our hearts.

Alleluia, in unity, multi-tones, interspersed in praise ~

Percussion on guitars, foundation of praise ~

Fun instruments of worship, heartbeat of the Spirit ~

His heart beats for you, people of the Earth ~

All with the same rhythm, love for the Lord.

No fear, perfect love; sense His love for you ~

Feel His rhythm flow through you ~

Trumpeting our praise in ever changing patterns of rhythm and sound ~

Exciting heights of praise in the voices, the beat of compasstion and love.

The nations gather in love, the pleasure of the Lord ~

The oil of blessings flow, a priestly anointing ~

Let my oil pour down for all to see ~

The oil of blessing to carry my people to my throne room in unity, for I love them.

Welcome to the people of Siletz, Oregon, also Jim and Faith.

Blessing of food to those from Siletz.

Jim Chosa was given permission to speak blessings over this land, by an elderly Yakima woman and Chief, of Siletz. The indigenous people retain spiritual authority; the protocol of permission is commanded to follow and manifest the kingdom of heaven over this land. Jim, in conjunction with Darrell, then asked each of us permission to speak through the Holy Spirit. We gave permission and prepared our hearts.

We are functional citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven; we are hungry and thirsty for truth. There needs to be a shift, a significant change from theoretical Christianity to actual Christian walk, reality. There is a mazelike, complex network from Satan, with the purpose of corrupting what God has made and keep the physical body enslaved and fighting the Holy Spirit. We need to learn true spiritual warfare. The ego nature has an instinctive resistance to God.

Those who are hungry and desperate for the Kingdom of God must advance in our lives in Christ, before we can advance the Kingdom of God. This is the single purpose of our lives.

The challenging issue is one that began to grow with Adam and Eve and has not really been dealt with; it is a matter of ownership – who owns me? – is it working? – if it isn’t working in Christ, it’s still theory. We are living too much in the theory of ownership.

The phrase “your God” is in Scripture 182 times; in Romans 8:17, we are heirs of God and joint heirs through Christ. The Lord God says, “They will be my people and I will be their God.” When our hearts first opened to God, we never fully understood reconciliation and were never fully restored. Transformation is about each person being transformed, then each community. If we are truly transformed, we want the glory of God to be manifest. We are the winners in the equation; God says we are His people and we can corporately and individually receive Him - our God.

God is raising up men and women who will confront “religion” that is attached to the philosophies of men.

“In Jesus Name, I break the hold on me that held me captive.”

Remember, with great intent and purpose, your Creator. The power of creation: God can take the problem and transform it to be the answer. Creator God owns me and I own Creator God (we are in relationship together). My problems are not my own, but God’s. The language of false religion has taken us to false ownership. Worship is the key whereby God (and us) declare ownership and we release our problems to Him.

If God owns me and I am not under the curse, the curse of “dis – ease” cannot get me through misunderstood ownership. God comes in the worshipper and changes the condition of the worshipper. We enter into a covenant of ownership; I belong to you and you belong to me – I worship you.

We have an inheritance; it’s you.

You have an inheritance; it’s us.

There is a musical phrase; the Holy Spirit is at work in our hearts. There is healing and anointing in Jim’s hands. In the great power of God, we can lay hands on the sick. We need not pray at that moment, merely lay our hands on and trust in the power of the Almighty God. Jim finished with this profound truth and challenge to us, that we practice merely laying our hands on those who are sick and entrusting their lives to the power of God.

“The one who practices righteousness is righteous, just as He is righteous.”

1 John 3:7 New American Standard

Friday, May 09, 2008

May 2008 Update

Dear Friends,

For nearly five years, many of us have gathered each second Sunday of
every month at Troutdale's Glenn Otto Park near the Sandy River. We've
met to worship, listen, affirm, encourage, and experiment. We have endeavored
to follow I Corinthians 14 and Ephesians 5:

"When you come together, everyone has a hymn, or a word of
instruction, a revelation, a tongue or an interpretation. All of these
must be done for the strengthening of the church."

"Speak to one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. Sing and
make music in your heart to the Lord, always giving thanks to God the
Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ."

These are really quite simple admonitions, but admittedly, most of us
have no experience, reference, or model in how this really works. We
have much more experience as spectators. We'd
much rather someone lead us than follow the prompting of the Holy
Spirit to sing some kind of solo (how frightening!).

So how DO you "speak to one another with a song?" As Mary learned
to sit at the feet of Jesus, so we are learning at the River to do the same.
Carlene and I marvel at the corporate creativity, fragrance, and beauty in
the songs released in "earthly vessels" for the strengthening of the church.

So, we invite you to the spirit of constant thanksgiving for
everything, to honor Jesus this Sunday at 6pm.

We bless the original song in your spirit,

Darrell and Carlene