Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dear Friends,

Just wanted to give you an update with regard to Bill Petersen's surgery this afternoon. I just received a phone call from Delight and the operation to put a stint in his kidney was successful. The doctor will perform another necessary operation in a few months. There will be a biopsy of cells in his bladder and the results will be known in a few days.

Most all of you know that Bill has been experiencing some discomfort and with Delight going through her surgical operation earlier this year... it seems as if the Petersen's are trusting God for renewed health. They received a prophetic word some time ago that they would be a couple entering into a new phase of ministry just as if they were 40 years old. I believe that. But I know they will need intercessory prayer support over the next few days and months. I'd like to encourage you to make a commitment to pray with the Holy Spirit's wisdom and revelation for Bill and Delight... and let's all agree for complete healing and no more unnecessary surgery!

I like the scripture from Isaiah 58. Let's pray this crafted prayer with a unified voice.

Then your light will break forth like the dawn, and your healing will quickly appear; then your righteousness will go before you, and the glory of the LORD will be your rear guard.

Lord we acknowledge that you have your hand on this couple. They have invested much in the body of Christ. Lord we agree that you are the Healer and the great Physician and a new season of light and life will break forth this next year for Bill and Delight. This light will break forth just as the beginning of a new day or a new year. And Lord we thank you that your healing will appear quickly for Bill, and your promise of protection and grace will precede their steps and be their rear guard. We thank you for the promise of your redemption for the Petersen's.

Many many times the Petersen's have extended hospitality and love to many who have needed it. This would be a great time to e-mail or drop them a line and tell them that we love them and we stand with them for healing.

"Bill and Delight Petersen" <>

Bless you,


Friday, December 07, 2007


Every second Sunday evening Worship at the River gatherings during December have been memorable and wonderful celebrations of God's goodness throughout the year. This year is no exception. We look forward to this Sunday December 10 at 6 pm as we meet to celebrate Christmas.

Keeping with our long standing tradition (like, uh...this really the second time we've done this), Carlene and I again present our Top Ten Memorable Influences of 2007. Last year, I included mostly books and stuff, but this year, we felt as if we should include "slices of life", moments which shaped our life this year. Some may be encouraging, entertaining...or maybe even enlightening. Soooo, starting "Dave Letterman style".... our Top Ten!

Pacificministries 2007 Top Ten

10. Pacific Northwest December Storm

Last weekend Carlene and I were in the Cascade mountains near Leavenworth Washington (best know for it's Annual Christmas Festival) This is my Honda the Monday morning we as we were preparing to leave. We had a great time being snowed in!

9. Jean Darnall, Jim and Marie Watt and Marge Baker

It has been our honor to develop a rich friendship with these three...all four turn 84 years young this year. Jim and Marie Watt,were instrumental leaders in the Holy Spirit's move in 1948 in North Battleford, Canada. Jean has been a leader in England, Asia, South America, and pastored Angelus Temple and has been a mentor for us. Finally, Marjorie Baker, Rolland Baker's mother, who recently moved to Carlene's hometown, Port Townsend, Washington, with her husband, were key leaders in China, carrying on the legacy of H.A. Baker. All ARE forerunners...and we feel priveleged to know them.

When Marjorie began to share with us her family's history, she told of her family returning from China to the Portland area in the late 1920's. She described their hunger for God, and their exposure to the work of the Holy Spirit through John G. Lake and others who had experienced the power of God. They experienced a wonderful renewal and refreshing in the Holy Spirit. Before they could find housing in Portland, they stayed at a Christian camp, located near the Sandy River. Marjorie distinctly remembers some of the young people climbing a high bluff and singing back and forth with another group of children at the camp on the other side of the River.

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007, Carlene drove Marjorie and her sister Beth, 83 and 89 respectively, back to the building the city of Troutdale purchased from a Christian camp many years ago….where some 70 years earlier they sang…the very same humble tabernacle where we gather monthly to worship the One Who is the same, yesterday, today, and forever. No wonder the land itself reverberates with praise!

8. The Forgotten Ways

How did the number of Christians in the world grow from as few as 25,000 one hundred years after Christ’s death to up to 20 million in AD 310?

How did the Chinese underground church grow from 2 million to over 100 million in sixty years despite considerable opposition? In The Forgotten Ways, Alan Hirsch reveals the paradigmatic insights he discovered as he delved into those questions. He then translates these findings into the context of the contemporary Western church.

I love this quote from the book: "If you want to build a ship, don't summon people to buy wood, prepare tools, distribute jobs, and organize the work....rather teach people the yearning for a wide, boundless ocean."

And..."The ship is safest in the port, but that's not what ships were made for."

7. Jesus Abby

Our viisit to Jesus Abby ministry center near the border of North Korea led by Ben Torrey. Ben
is the great-grandson of R.A. Torrey, who ministered with D.L. Moody in
Chicago and founded Moody Bible Institute.
Also, please visit their North Korean ministry website:

6. Calvin Eben Dahlman

Born July 13 of this year. No need for further explanation!

5. Bill Johnson and the Bethel Sermon of the Week Podcasts

I'm learning about podcasts, and these messages from Bill Johnson have proved to be encouraging and the Holy Spirit continues to mess with our thinking about Kingdom. For those who know about podcasts (may I suggest you learn...fantastic way to keep abreast on what's happening):

Bethel Church "Sermon of the Week"

4. Rolland Baker Port Townsend Meetings

Our support of these gatherings in June were life changing for many. Rolland has said he is on a "campagn against mad and sad." Nuff said!

3. Angels That Gather (Paul Keith Davis)

In December of 2000, Carlene and I attended a conference where Paul Keith spoke, and he prayed for us and gave us an encouraging word from Psalm 67 which has become a sort of inheiritance word for our ministry.

God's Word emphasizes great spiritual activity in the latter-days. Jesus Himself said, "The end-of-the-age is the harvest," and promised to send an angelic host to co-labor with us in the mandate to see Him receive the full measure of His reward. There will be a harvest of promises, commissions, mantles, and a harvest of souls. This book provides a prophetic outline to help access this inheritance.

Here is a link to an intro to this book. A great overview:

To order the book:

2. The Shack

When the imagination of a writer and the passion of a theologian cross-fertilize the result is a novel on the order of The Shack. This book has the potential to do for our generation what John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress did for his. It’s that good!

Eugene Peterson, Professor Emeritus Of Spiritual Theology,
Regent College, Vancouver, B.C.

It's very difficult to describe this book. Just a simple suggestion. Read it. and,

1. To be continued...

Matthew's Marine Boot Camp Graduation December 7, 2007

Darrell, Nate, Calvin, Danielle, Matt, Paul and Carlene

Paul and Tyla's Wedding, December 29

Have a great Christmas!!

Darrell and Carlene