Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Breathe on Me

Dear Friends,

For several years, we have all been sensing transition.  In fact I'm getting kind of tired of hearing that word.  Nevertheless, I believe there is a sense of God moving in a new way.  Nearly 30 years ago my wife and I moved to the Wenatchee Valley area where I taught high school and later At Bethesda Christian College.  This was the time and place when  the Holy Spirit began to teach me about worship.  I knew a lot about music but not so much about worship.  It is ironic that nearly a generation later we'll  return to this area with other leaders and passionate worshipers to celebrate Jesus!  I will join with Pastor Dan Hammer who is the state coordinator for the United States Apostolic Alliance with Dutch Sheets and Pastor Elven Gladney from Seattle for several days of worship and sharing.

Information about this gathering:

Breathe on Me

November 5 and 6, 2010, Lake Chelan, WA


God said prophesy to the breath that they may live.  We believe God is calling people to co-labor with him by speaking to those things which do not exist as though did.  For the past several years the wind has increased exponentially and the Holy Spirit is breathing new life to dead bones making us into a end time exceedingly great army.

Conference Schedule

Friday 5 PM registration
Friday 6:30 PM worship first session

Saturday 7:30 AM intercession
9 AM morning session
12 PM lunch
2 PM afternoon session
6:30 PM worship final session

Sunday morning service will be held at 10:30 AM more information will be available on the registration table

Who Is House of Glory?

Also Glory House is a body of believers who gather on the third Saturday of each month to pray and worship, to release freedom, and cause transformation and people regions of the globe.

Location: North Shore Bible Church
123 Wapato Point Pkwy.
Manson, WA 98831

Contact information and registration fees ($35 before October 20, $45 after)
Sara Zelaya 509-860-6033

Friday, September 24, 2010

Dear Praying Family and Friends, This morning I took Danielle and Carlene to the airport at 5:30 AM for a quick trip to the Pendleton Marine base to celebrate Matthew's deployment. You'll notice I said celebrate because I am practicing moving in the opposite spirit. Matthew will be part of a Marine platoon which will literally move into uncharted territory in central Afghanistan. Because he is an engineer, he is responsible for securing territory currently influenced by Taliban insurgents. Matt and his Marine platoon will be part of the leading edge. On his first tour, he was in Iraq and his experience was rich and fulfilling and it was his desire to complete his four-year career with the second deployment. We are apprehensive, sometimes fearful, filled with roller coaster emotions, and proud. When Matthew entered the Marines, it was a surprise to his mom and I. We were surprised as Matt was the least likely of all of our kids to step into the military. He was the kind of kid that didn't want to step on bugs! But he was convinced this was a part of his training in life, and we are honored to support him. On several occasions his fellow Marines, both officers and enlisted have recognized his work ethic, integrity, and just general ''wonderful guy to be around". Nevertheless we recognize the reality of what our armed forces are facing in Afghanistan, and we want to enlist you to pray over the next 5 to 7 months for Matthew. Yesterday evening I wrote Matthew a letter and I want to just quote part of it which includes a crafted prayer for him. Thank you for joining forces with us the next months as he will never be far from our hearts. Bless you, ...You may know that your name Matthew, means a Gift of the Lord. And You Are. In many ways, your presence and your personality and your way of seeing life are such a gift. I pray you will have patience, self control, wisdom and revelation to discern how you can influence and support your fellow warriors. You are a gift to them... and you are still a gift to us... but one that we cannot hold tightly for ourselves. So I release you to this assignment that you have trained for that you have look forward to and that you also face with reality. ....and you will never be far from our hearts. A Crafted Prayer for Matthew Dahlman Based on Psalm 121 Let Matthew lift his eyes to the hills... remind him Lord, where his real help comes from. It does not come from the strength of his own training or ability, but it comes from You, who knew him before there was time and fashioned him in his mother's womb. Even though these next days will be a test filled with long physical marches and minimal rest and dangerous assignments, Matthew can be assured that You have Your Hand on his every step and You never tire and never sleep. You promised Lord, to watch over Matthew every minute of this tour, and will be his shade and right hand during the days and his protector during the night. You will be Matthew's Night Watchman, and this promise will last more than these months days... this promise will last forever.