Monday, October 12, 2009

Bill Petersen's Final Word at the River

This is one scripture that Graham used as he spoke about favor.


We are the beneficiaries of this prayer because we are “those who will believe in Me [Jesus] through their [the disciples] word”. Jesus is at the right hand of the Father ever interceding for us so this is still being prayed for us.


We came into unity before the Father as we spoke these words. We have just placed before the Father the words of Jesus. He loves his son’s words. We have been heard.


I can hear the Father saying to Jesus, “Look at that small group of people in the Cox building. They love me. Remember when that was a bible camp and so many young people and adults came to salvation there? Remember the work and sacrifice of the adults who wanted to see a bible camp on the edge of the Sandy River where people could come to know You? Oh, how I loved their devotion to me and I have brought many to be with us.


But now there is a new group whose hearts are seeking us. They are asking for the same things that the former group did but they are asking for even more. They are echoing your requests to me. They are like Moses. They say show us your glory and they want us to manifest it among them and they want to move in oneness with us so that the world may believe that I sent you. 


And there’s more that they want. They want Holy Spirit to speak what is on our hearts to them so that they would know how to pray to release salvation, healing, forgiveness, deliverance, peace and prophetic words.


They want us to reveal the hidden truths of scripture to them so that they can discern the signs of the times and they are even asking for your return because they miss you and want you to dwell with them and lead them in establishing your kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven.


This is a greedy bunch. Let’s grant their requests tonight as they worship us.”


So let’s look for and expect the glory of the Lord to show-up tonight.



Holy Spirit,


Tonight show us and teach us how we can become one just as the Father and Jesus are one. Lead us corporately so that we can be one in them.


I ask you to manifest your power among us tonight and release the glory that we received from Jesus because of His death on the cross.


Jesus, I ask you to release the glory that You received from the Father. You said that you give it to us. We need your glory released upon us.




help us to see the glory that the Father gave you. You said you have given it to us.


All of us need your touch tonight for physical healing. In the name of Jesus I bind any spirit of doubt, fear, discouragement and I ask you to release physical healing among us.




Thursday, October 08, 2009

Graham Cooke's Concluding Proclaimation

Our Devotional Identity in God

The Much Loved Child

Lord thank you for helping us step out of the box and to open up to us a revelation of just how you see us.  And Lord I believe I have the blessing, permission, and authority and the favor to impart a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the name of Jesus.  I declare to you that the Holy Spirit who adores you is going to impart to you your devotional identity and then he will partner with you to teach you to live in that identity for the next season.  I bless you with the favor that's coming to you in the knowledge of Jesus.

Friend of God

I bless you to name of Jesus.  You are a friend of God.  There is a new level of relationship coming into your life... and your heart is going to be strangely warmed every day.  There is the calling of God bringing you in to his adoptive sonship and a new confidence in God.  And he's going to bring you into a higher level of authority because you are his friend he will speak with you and you'll have physical and emotional encounters... supernatural with Him.  He will come to you face to face just as a man speaks to his friend.  I bless you with that identity and favor.

The Beloved Son

You're going to learn that your heart is fully secure in him.  You're going to come into an astonishing relationship with the father.  A part of that relationship, is trust.  The Lord is going to trust you with things.  He's going to connect with your mouth as He will give you things to say to people.  For when you sit together with him devotionally build the father is going to open his heart to you.  The Father says you are going to love this next season.  A heart to heart relationship with Me.  And in this new sonship is a quickening spirit.  God is going to quicken you... He will speed up the process.  He is going to quicken an understanding of his relationship with you that will be helpful for you in the situations you're going into.

Who is going overseas in the near future?

The father just gives you permission to lay hands on those people and to confer sonship.  There is a fathering that will take place in that nation for those people for you.  The Lord says lay hands on them and even as you lay hands on them something's going to go off in you.  It's going to be a transaction not only for them in the spirit, but also for you.  It's like you are going is a much loved son and while you are there you'll impart sonship.  The father's anointing is going to rest on you and something is going to just explode in your own heart about that.

The Bride 

For those of you who are pursuing intimacy with the Lord, there's going to be a sweetness, a romance, a tenderness, a softness.  You are going to find yourself moving into new levels of praise and rejoicing.  This is really important: there is a space opening up between you and the Lord... almost like a dance floor.  The Lord is inviting you to step into that space... this is His personal space... were the Lord is inviting you into His personal  space before the Throne.  This is a space for you to worship.  This is not so much about prayer as it is rejoicing, and worship, and intimacy.  The Father says: I don't want this to be much about praying.  I will give you prayers that will be incredibly significant, but it's mostly about spending time in worship, rejoicing, and Thanksgiving.  And during the day you'll find yourself praying about things and they will happen.  But it's mostly about intimacy, rejoicing, and worship.

Conclusion Prayer

I take authority over any confusion, and I curse its power right now in Jesus name.  And I thank you Lord that this is a season for our identity to relate to you.  I command to you in the name of Jesus that our default position is always a much loved child.  All revelation flows out of that.  As Jesus spoke to the disciples that unless you become like a child you cannot enter the kingdom.  I'm going to pull you into a place of being much loved.  I declare in the name of Jesus that in this next season the Lord will establish and reestablish your identity as a much loved child at a deeper level.  I declare to you that you are sons and daughters of the living God, and He is your Father.  And you'll have an experience of you to as Father and you'll have an encounter with Him as his Son.  He will speak to you, he will come to you and you will have encounters with him that have favor attached to each of those things.  The Father says come and sit in My Presence As a Much Loved Son or Daughter and experience the favor that I want to give you at this time.  I declare open season on your heart in Jesus name.  As you come as a much loved child , revelation will come to you it will be like a window opening in heaven... and you will say this is what I'm supposed to do.

I declare favor on you in the name of Jesus.  In the community that worships here... we bless this House.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Dear Friends of Worship at the River,

Dear Friends of Worship at the River,

We have always believed this monthly gathering was dedicated to providing an atmosphere where the Holy Spirit was free to lead. (the evening is still a work in progress)  

We were privileged to hear Graham Cooke at a conference in Canada.  Graham says we have favor when we step into the identity of our passion for ministry...(the Martha part)...but we must be careful not to put the 2nd commandment before the first (the Mary part). 

We want Worship at the River to be about the first pour out and extravagantly waste the night on Him.

The Lord spoke to me on a morning run in Victoria after the meetings. He interrupted my exercise by singing over me...a most surprising song.  I'll share the song this Sunday at the River.

We look forward to the adventure of worship.

Darrell and Carlene

Schedule for Sunday

Schedule for Sunday Oct 11th  
2 to 4:15 PM   Restarting (optional...but highly recommended)

(More Information on Thrive and RESTARTING or if you have questions email: "Don & Genie Howard" <>) 

4:15 to 5 PM   Dance

5 to 6 PM       Dinner (bring your own or visit nearby restraunts) 

6 PM              Worship at the River 

Sunday, October 04, 2009

2 to 4:15 PM Restarting

Worship at the River Sunday October 11 6pm


Carlene and I just finished a conference with Graham Cooke. It will take months for us to unpack all Holy Spirit taught us. This we know: God is a good God and we carry His Favor!


We are looking forward to Worship at the River beginning the 2nd Sunday's each month on a regular basis.


As a companion event, we are inviting Don and Genie Howard to lead "Restarting" (info below)


(Carlene): Darrell and I recently attended a Thrive Conference ...the teaching has literally freed us from many of our fears and painful struggles. Darrell would tell you how much he enjoyed the sessions and how surprised he was in the results.  I was too.  It was well worth the time spent in focusing on the love we both feel for each other and how to "thrive" in our marriage. 


Schedule for Sunday Oct 11th 


2 to 4:15 PM  Restarting
4:15 to 5 PM  Dance
5 to 6 PM       Dinner (bring your own or visit nearby restraunts)

6 PM             Worship at the River


Bless you, and this photo of our grandson Calvin summarizes what we all desire... PURE JOY!!


Darrell and Carlene



(More Information on Thrive and RESTARTING or if you have questions email: "Don & Genie Howard" <>)



A revolutionary solution-based approach for building joy, receiving inner healing, and developing life-giving relationships.

Restarting offers hope for those that have tried other approaches and still feel hurt, empty, alone, and ashamed of their struggles and behaviors. Restart your recovery for the first time!
When your life is more painful and out-of-control than you like: Find the skills to bring you to peace and joy. Rebuild your life after addictions, abuse and loss. Trauma weakens your brain’s control center. Addictions hijack your brain’s attachment center. Strategic spiritual and mental training restarts your life.

In my own life, this material has given me a new dimension to life and relationships.  It has been almost like  watching the story about Dorothy in Kansas in black and white being replaced by the beautiful Technicolor images in Oz.   

And just think, the prescription one needs to take is JOY!  Joy is not only good for me but it is wonderful fun!


Here is the Restarting web site:

Tons of background material can be found at the Life Model web site.  This has lots to explore, read, download etc: