Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mongolian Update

One day a man received, as a gift, a single seed. He treasured this gift for within this seed contained the DNA of promise and potential. He loved his seed. He showed it to all his friends and family and all were amazed. He love his seed so much he commissioned a beautiful crystal case on which was beautifully engraved the date he received it. The case took prominence on his fireplace mantle, and was proudly shown to all who came. Weeks, months, and finally a year passed and the seed and it's beautiful case collected dust. Sometimes the man actually walked into his beautiful room and forgot the seed was even there. But he loved books on seeds and they soon competed with the seed itself for prominence on the fireplace mantle. In fact, he became somewhat of an expert on the origin and variety of seeds.

Year after year passed and as the man grew older he sometimes held the beautiful case and gazed at the seed with longing and even a bit of sadness for he knew yet still, it was filled with promise. Maybe...some day.

John 12:24 NIV Very truly I tell you, unless a seed of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.

Mongolians are planting their seeds!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dental Adventure

It began as a slow consistent pulsating ache in my lower tooth. First, I just ignored it hoping it was just a temporary problem. I had just finished my ninth day of teaching and ministry in many different venues in this wonderful nation of Korea. But now, I prayed prayers of desperation myself: Lord I do not need a major tooth problem in another country.

Slowly, the pain diminished but then a day later came back with a vengeance! Drugs did not help. Prayer did not seem to be going anywhere either. I was praying for a group of people at the end of meeting and a woman presented herself from Iran and she was a dentist. The next day my friend Pastor David Park took me on a subway to a crowded Korean dental clinic. I knew this was a different dental clinic as there was a cross on the door and a small church connected to the dental offices. These dental servants were a blessing as it turned out I had a major infection underneath a crown and had to have a root canal and a temporary crown. By the way, they don't seem to use a lot of anesthetic in Korea the people just endure it.... yikes!

Bottom line I went from the dentist's chair straight across the hall to the church offices and ministered to about 25 people hungry for Jesus. What a surprise.

Today I leave for Mongolia a very happy and blessed and pain-free servant.

Thank you for praying for grace safety and no more dental problems.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Korea/Mongolia 1

Many thanks for your prayers and support as I have been in Korea for six days. I have shared in pastors and leadership seminars, intercessory groups, house churches and young people's gatherings. The church in Korea, like America, is standing at crossroads. There is a growing and holy dissatisfaction for maintaining status quo. Young people, seminary graduates and even young pastors are beginning to ask the question: There must be something more than building buildings and collecting people. Many are willing to make massive changes in their view of the church education and missions.

Everywhere I go I am challenging them with a question my friend Rodrick from India asked a group of young leaders: The fruit of a mango it's not another mango. The fruit of a mango is a tree.

I am sensing a massive mango tree planter movement!

Many Koreans are passionate to receive prayer for fresh anointing. My reply is: I can give you no more anointing than you already have.

I leave in a few days for Mongolia where I will join with Canadian leaders for ministry.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Delight's Celebration and Pacificministries Korea Mongolia March UPDATE


Before Darrell leaves this Monday for Korea and Mongolia we have a weekend filled with activities to be together with you. Our hearts will be filled with joy celebrating together the life of our dear friend Delight Petersen who went to be with her Savior January 30, 2012.  Tears will flow as we let go of her earthly presence that touched our lives so much with wisdom and humor as she went about the Father's business caring for one another.  It's not an easy transition but God will give us the strength each step of the way.  Please pray for Bill and the immediate family as they prepare for this weekend of greeting many people who will be coming from near and far and please join us all at East Hill Church this Saturday at 10:30am.  May many who have not responded to His call say "yes" Saturday.

Since our set monthly time to gather for Worship at the River (WAR) falls on the day after Delight's celebration of life it seemed good to us to continue that celebration of life over to this Sunday March 11th at 4pm to share a meal together at the The Troutdale House in beautiful downtown Troutdale.  Many of Delight's family members will be attending Worship at the River so you will have opportunities to bless them in sharing your love for Delight and Bill if you were unable Saturday morning.  Worship will begin around 6pm to let the message of Christ dwell among us richly as we teach and admonish one another with all wisdom through psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit, singing to God with gratitude in our hearts. 

Two reminders of up and coming events:   

  • This Sunday at WAR we will take an offering for Pacificministries to send Darrell to Korea and Mongolia.  Bill Petersen writes: 

"Monday Darrell is leaving for his 3rd trip to Mongolia. As you can imagine there will not be any offerings from the native peoples. This is a pure ‘giving” trip for Darrell as was the India trip. We need to cover remaining expenses from India as well as the expenses concerning Mongolia. Please consider what you could give towards covering these expenses.  So, let’s join Darrell in this trip by giving generously.  Make your checks out to PacificMinistries and put them in the basket by the front door this Sunday at WAR or fell free to usePAYPAL or major credit card for tax deductible contribution. Thanks for your help.  Bill Petersen

           Inline image 2Inline image 1
  • April 8th is Easter.  We are canceling WAR.  Instead we will celebrate a Passover Sader Dinner Friday night April 6, 2012 at The Troutdale House.  Again.  April WAR has been moved from Sunday the 8th to Friday the 6th so we can celebrate Passover together.  A donation of $10 is suggested and please reserve your place by replying to  Limited room.  More information to come.  


We were incredibly blessed to host Rodrick Gilbert for several days in Port Townsend and in Portland. During informal meal time gatherings in homes and restaurants we were encouraged and challenged.  We gave Rodrick nearly $2400 for his ministry!  I will update ministry trip events but please pray for:

  1. Travel connections Seoul and Beijing and Mongolia
  2. Divine relational meetings filled with a spirit of wisdom and revelation
  3. Physical Health (I am still recovering from nasty cold/cough)
  4. Wisdom and protection for Carlene (she is still healing from a foot tendon issue)