Sunday, December 11, 2011

From Jim and Ann Powell

On Friday, December 9, 2011, we had five people from the Chinese American community come to visit for the purpose of exchanging ideas about organic farming and whatever else may come to mind.
June was a doctor in China and has been in the US for a number of years developing nutritional products. Unknown to her, one of those products was started last year on our farm and is on target for improvement this spring. Her vision is to create a line of nutritional products that will fund Kingdom work in China and could help fund the work we are doing here.
Yao has a PHD in economics and has a vision for connecting the very poor with the very rich. Her understanding of social strata and econ environments will allow her to be a cultural, social and financial bridge builder.
Irene has been a missionary and is now at Bethel's school in preparation for her next assignment. She has a vision for growing quality food in China and running a restaurant from that enterprise to establish a business environment as a base for outreach in China; perhaps with a trial run here in the US.
Fuda has a degree in marketing and has ideas for the business community as a Kingdom launch pad for funding and outreach. Perhaps unknown to him, he has a redemptive gift of teacher. He has a plan in his mind about how to have 5 ideas for cultivating income on the mission field.
Helen has a dream to farm. During the course of our time together, it was very apparent that her spirit understands the land. She easily connected with the animals, and when we prayed for the Goji berries, she physically laid hands on the ground itself for its' healing and blessing. Those who have listened to Arthur Burke teach on this subject will know the value of this lady's gift.
All of these wonderful people were born in China and now live in Redding. They all go to Bethel Church and three of them attend the Bethel School. Their zeal is infectious and their love is genuine. And they want to come back to the farm here for more of whatever is here and help, too!!
sharing and prayer
As we all shared portions of our visions and stories, it was apparent that we were remarkably dovetailed together. The excitement level was pretty high.
As we went out on the property to show everybody around, we went into the pasture area on our way to the Goji berry section. The normally standoffish goats came running toward us in mass. They probably thought I had some food for them. After the initial introductions, everyone got along just fine. (By the way, me and the goats are getting along very well. Instead of avoiding me as before, they enjoy me being around. How is that for a turn-around?)
So we prayed for blessing and productivity for the berry section and the land in general. Then some scriptures started coming. Haggai 2:9, Proverbs 31, Isaiah 62:4 and Haggai 2:19.
After giving meditation to these scripture and weighing them with the presence of the Lord we were experiencing, It seems the Lord was speaking this:
He was marrying our spirit with the spirit of the land and through that marriage there would be an increase of glory on the property that would outshine previous encounters. Any previous seasons of forsakenness and desolation (bareness) would now be overshadowed with the Lords delight and rejoicing. And because of this wedding, this day will now have "first day" status, and that from this day forward would come great blessing. The glory of God up to this day will be pale in comparison to what it will be from now on. The fruit of this wedding will be as the Proverbs 31:10-31 wife giving herself fruitfully for her husband's name sake. (read it to understand its implications; awesome)
As for Ann and I, there was an impartation of becoming one with the land that day; that we had been married to Father's purpose for that property. The presence of the Lord has increased dramatically.
following day
We went to the Seventh Day Adventist church the following day and experienced what we are coming to understand as normal. We hit it off so well with these people just as we had at the community church before. This community is ready for the coming together of the organized and the organic church. Their main desire is to raise up Yeshua and transform their community collectively without regard to who does it and who goes where. The two churches do things together frequently. Both churches reach out locally and globally.
During the course of one conversation, it was mentioned by the man I was talking with, that he had been trying to engage a young man from China; who didn't know English very well; and build a relationship with him so he could share the gospel. He asked if I knew anyone who spoke Chinese. The short version of this is that we will be getting this young person involved real soon.
Well, that may not be everything; new things are happening at incredible speed since we arrived; but that is what is some of what happened this week.
Thank you for your prayers.
Blessings to you all,
Jim and Ann 

Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Christmas Poem

Tomorrow Is Sunday at the Troutdale House
We'll Gather All to Eat
At 4 PM the Celebration Starts
With All Our Friends We'll Meet

This Is Just a Simple Reminder
To Everyone Large and Small
We'll Eat and Celebrate Jesus the King
Tis Better Than Going' to the Mall

We've Killed the Fattened Turkeys
The Smell Is in the Air
Tomorrow We Will Eat Them
No Leftovers We Will Spare

We'll Worship the King of Kings This Day
We Welcome You to Come
Just Bring a Side Dish
And Our Holiday Wish
Is for You to Enjoy This Poem! the inspiration during my morning run...must be the cold.


A-F Starch Side Dishes
G-M Salads, Vegetables, or Relishes
N-Z Desserts

Thursday, December 08, 2011

This Sunday December 11....TURKEY!!!

We are looking forward to our gathering this Sunday afternoon at 4 PM at the Troutdale House in Troutdale Oregon.  We will enjoy a holiday meal, share about our India adventure, and worship.

If your last name begins with:

A-F Starch Side Dishes
G-M Salads, Vegetables, or Relishes
N-Z Desserts

Carlene tells me these are only guidelines.  If you have a recipe you really want to bring, ignore these suggestions!

We will provide both the turkey and ham, paper goods and drinks!

4 PM Dinner
5 PM India Report
6 PM Worship

We bless you this holiday season and look forward to seeing many of you!

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

For six years, I played improvisational Christmas piano arrangements at the Portland International Airport.  This timely  assignment from the Lord taught me much about obedience and listening.  I started a few months after September 11, 2001, and this experience became a template for a fresh revelation of worship and ministry.  I recorded a Christmas album of these songs and want to offer an MP3 of this as a Christmas gift to you.


Thank you for praying for Carlene and I during our recent Ministry trip to India.  Pictures of our International team, the conference, street scenes and the Taj Mahal can be viewed here.  For those of you who enjoy video, I have posted a YouTube video of worship, our sharing, and even India traffic!

Mark your calendars for you Sunday, December 11th's  Worship at the River will be at theTroutdale House and will celebrate a Holiday Potluck beginning at 4 PM. (more details to follow)

We bless you this holiday season.  We have much to be thankful for.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I apologize for the wrong link to our videos from India. I guess blame it on severe jet lag! But this affords me an opportunity to include something else I forgot. (jet lag again) When I am asked how to summarize our India adventure, my first thought is while we were inspired by the Taj Mahal and encouraged by men and women empowered by the Holy Spirit to see their villages transformed, I will most remember what happened the last few hours of our conference. Rodrick had gathered 25 of his master trainers and we heard their stories and as a global team, we prayed, prophesied, and loved them. There is no need for interpretation of a literal embrace as we expressed the Lord's heart this way. I have included a transcript and audio file of a prophetic word and a song from Marco and myself. Bless you, Darrell

 Prophetic Words of Encouragement and Prophetic Song over Master Trainer Leaders

 Marco: I have brought you into a greater level of understanding. You will see Angels around you. You will see them with your eyes.

 Darrell: A song from the Lord from the father's heart. He will sing over you.

 I love you. With a love that will never die.
 I love you and I will be with you.
I will never leave you, I will walk by your side.
 For I am in you and you in me says the Lord.
 I will be your Shepherd, I will be your guide.
 I will be your lover so look into my eyes.
 Gaze on my beauty, the power of the Lord.
 The witness of heaven as you walk in one accord.
 Heaven will visit the villages of your land.
 An open heaven will come down and transformed peoples hearts.
 You will see the glory, you will see the Lord.
 Transform and heal your people the glory of the Lord.

 So receive the father's heart, a revelation of wisdom and understanding. See him with new eyes, the Love of your heart. I bless you with a revelation of the beauty of the Lord and his love for you. His sacrifice for you his heart for you. He will equip you with every good thing. We bless you!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dear Friends, For six years, I played improvisational Christmas piano arrangements at the Portland International Airport. This timely assignment from the Lord taught me much about obedience and listening. I started a few months after September 11, 2001, and this experience became a template for a fresh revelation of worship and ministry. I recorded a Christmas album of these songs and want to offer an MP3 of this as a Christmas gift to you. Thank you for praying for Carlene and I during our recent Ministry trip to India. Pictures of our International team, the conference, street scenes and the Taj Mahal can be viewed here. For those of you who enjoy video, I have posted a YouTube video of Rodrick's Conference, worship, our sharing, and even India traffic! Mark your calendars for you Sunday, December 11th's Worship at the River will be at the Troutdale House and will celebrate a Holiday Potluck beginning at 4 PM. (more details to follow) We bless you this holiday season. We have much to be thankful for.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

India Final

Just a few words and pictures: Home.....Un-done....Appreciative....Transformed...Deeper understanding of God's Kingdom....and Thankful for your prayers. Happy Thanksgiving,

Monday, November 07, 2011

India Trip

In just over 24 hours, Carlene and I will begin a 31-hour journey by air and Jeep to New Delhi and Lucknow (Northern India not far from Nepal) arriving on what we believe is a pivotal assignment. We will join Rodrick Gilbert, a friend who has invited 15 men and women from Europe, Indonesia, and America to encourage 500 leaders. They represent nearly 1.8 million people in 15,000 house churches.

We have hosted Rodrick in our home and in several meetings over the past six years, and we believe Holy Spirit is net-working leaders all over the world for the purpose of encouragement in the spirit of humility. Rodrick simply follows Luke 10 where Jesus simply releases disciples to discover a man or woman of peace where He can work miracles. He has seen Light overcoming darkness especially in northern India where 85% of the population are Hindu or Muslims. These villages are being transformed. We are representing the Northwest and will share our life story, especially what we are learning about intimacy, worship and Kingdom relationships.

I'm inviting you to pray:

Whenever we speak, words would be given to us so that we will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel. (Paraphrased from Ephesians 6:19) Effortless travel connections Physical health and safety in travel and food Spiritual insight and divine wisdom and revelation in all that we do and say Deepening relationships with kingdom leaders Protection for family and friends at home Financial provision (We are grateful for those who have contributed to this trip)

If you'd still like to contribute you may use our PayPal link or 4119 NE. 8th St., Gresham, OR 97030

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

central washington tour

Carlene and I just returned from a five-day visit to Central Washington cities of Vantage, Chelan, Plain, and Wenatchee. We worshiped, prayed, fellowshiped, and told our stories with leaders and families. During two days in Vantage, we met with kingdom minded leaders from Seattle, Vancouver British Columbia, Spokane, and Portland, to build relationships and encourage one another. Each one of us literally set a stone in the context of 12 large stones Brian Stockdale erected overlooking the city and the Columbia River illustrating our passion and purpose to fit together. We enjoyed spending time with our friends Erin and Kelly Leggett who recently opened a wonderful restaurant in Chelan called Sojourners, and worshiped with a few of the city intercessors. We continued to Plain and visited with our friends Andrew and Becky Campbell and worshiped at the Plain Community Church... I even got to play the piano in this country church... it was wonderful! Plain and the Rainbow We are expectantly and confidently looking forward to what the Lord is building in these regions. India November 11-21 2011 Six years ago, God sent Rodrick Gilbert, an apostolic and national church planter from Delhi India, to the Pacific Northwest on a "friendraiser" with a word of encouragement from the Lord. Since meeting him, hearing about his contagious passion for the Pacific Northwest, spending time with him both here and in India, he has become our friend and we are convinced God is in this invitation to join Rodrick at his leader's conference November 13th-16th in northern India. Some 500 leaders will be attending and we, along with some leaders from Europe and Indonesia, will be sharing our stories in hopes of edifying and encouraging these believers who serve the Lord based on Luke 10. He has invited Carlene and I to bring to those leaders our passion to worship God in Spirit and in Truth. He has asked us to share our stories and revelations from the past 12 years on our journey into deeper intimacy with God. We look forward to meeting Rodrick, his family and the leaders. We will need to raise nearly $3000.00 for our expenses on this trip. Thank you for praying and if you'd like to support this trip you can use our pay pal account. Bless you, (and...for your amusement) PS Singing and signing at our wedding...we haven't stopped! Worship at the River Sunday, November 13 6pm (No Potluck this month)

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Worship at the River

Dear Friends, "God doesn't call you to a ministry; he calls you to a relationship. "ALL of life is spiritual, so all of your life is a ministry." Graham Cooke Why: In John 4 Jesus said, "there is a time coming, speaking of the future and has now come, this is today... when worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth and these worshipers the Father will seek." We welcome you to bring the presence of Jesus with you. We want to be these kinds of worshipers. Who: Worshipers, Intercessors, Prophetic People, Anyone Passionate about Jesus What: Worship at the River Where: Phonics Phactory 3333 NE Eighth St. Gresham (257th St. (Kane) and NE Eighth Street) at the Gym (see map below) When: This Sunday, Sept 11, 4 PM potluck 6 PM worship 4 PM: Potluck and Fellowship 6 PM: Worship Calendar Sept. 23-Oct. 3 Korea (4 CITIES Details to follow) International Fellowship of Ministries Conference Oct. 7-8 Horizon Church Men's Retreat Oct. 8-9 Possible India Trip (November 16-26)

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Keeping ISimple Saints:

Who: Worshipers, Intercessors, Prophetic People, Anyone Passionate about Wasting a Night on Jesus
WhatVenue Change for Our Second Sunday Worship at the River Gatherings
WherePhonics Phactory 3333 NE Eighth St. Gresham (257th St. (Kane) and NE Eighth Street) at the Gym 
When: This Sunday, July 10th and continuing every second Sunday of the month.
            4 PM: Potluck and Fellowship
            6 PM: Worship
Why: In John 4 Jesus said, "there is a time coming, speaking of the future and has now come, this is today... when worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth and these worshipers the Father will seek."  We want to be these kinds of worshipers. Simply, we gather to exalt Jesus. 

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dear Worshipers,

We are announcing a venue change for our 2nd Sunday gatherings beginning July 10. We'll continue with our potluck at 4pm and Worship in the gym beginning at 6pm.

More details to follow.


Carlene and I will be attending a Memorial for Matthew's Marine Division at Camp Pendleton CA this Friday, July 1. Thanks for praying for Matthew and his fellow Marines.

4119 North East 8th St.
Gresham Oregon 97030

Located on the corner of 257th street (Kane) and NE 8th Street in Gresham, (just 3 miles from Troutdale) the Phonics Phactory's new 27,000 sq. foot building sits on 1.75 acres.

3333 NE 8th St
Gresham, OR 97030

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Thursday, May 19, 2011


Dear Friends,

For some time now I have been thinking about the best way to express my heart of thanksgiving for your contribution and prayers for my recent Japan experience. Last month at our monthly gathering, I gave a 50 minute audio report that I have posted here: .

But I wanted to send this note out to some of you who I do not have e-mail addresses for and wanted to write something with my own hand...refreshingly old school. I just received this note from several Japanese leaders:

Thank you once again for your investment. We gave the funds directly to a team of Japanese workers who used the funds to purchase cleaning supplies, rubber boots, and gloves. The devastation and difficult cleanup operations demand new supplies almost every day. This is a note from their leader:

I would like to thank you for coming to Japan. We all are encouraged and comforted by your visit. We will never forget your prophetic words for Japan.

Your messages made my spiritual life changed. I have always felt that the church has placed too much importance on service instead of worship. I know many servants (my Christian friends) got burnt out and left from the church. Praise the Lord for sending you to give us a clear understanding of how important it is to be a worshiper of Jesus Christ. I learned that the greatest commandment is worshiping Him.

Thank you for your visit here at Gospeltown. And it was great to be with you and I'm so thankful that we had a time to share each other. Thank you also for your generous gift to our ministry.

This week we had 99 people came for volunteer work and stayed here. We thank the Lord for their willingness to serve in the area affected by earthquake and tsunami. They came from different churches and different areas in Japan.

So in just two simple words: thank you.

Darrell and Carlene

Friday, May 06, 2011

May Meeting

Dear Worshiping Friends,

In this simple greeting, we are identified as both friends and worshipers. We want to assemble together this Sunday evening for one simple reason. To celebrate our relational connections in love for one another, and our passion for Jesus.

Because our meeting falls on Mother's Day we want to modify our schedule:

4 PM Update with Darrell and Carlene (including encouragement from Japan trip)
5 PM Bring your favorite dessert to share (no potluck meal this month)
6 PM Worship Bring your favorite instrument!

Bless you

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Final from Japan

Dear Friends,

Thank you for praying for this beautiful country...and for the Lord's grace, leadership, and protection . Before I began this trip, several friends gathered to ask the Lord how to pray for Japan. In fact, many of you have asked the same question. What follows is a crafted prayer based on what we collectively heard from the Lord. I am a big fan of listening and crafting such prayers, and when I shared this prayer with the people of Japan, all of them bore witness to the fresh revelation and peace it brought to their hearts. Please join us in continuing to pray for Japan.

The Lord gave me an assignment in obedience to the prayer, and the following 2 minute video is the result.

Bless you,


Crafted prayer for Japan and the Earth’s Plates
The following prayer is crafted by Don Howard; a geologist; regarding the

potential of an earthquake on the West Coast of the USA.

Thank you Lord for this beautiful planet that You have made for us. Just like us, You have made it to grow and develop and change. Lord, we applaud Your thoughtfulness and Your design. You have directed that we have authority and dominion over the Earth [Psalm 8], and have charged us to be good stewards of it [Gen, 9:1-11]. We want to bless that design. You have said that it is good, and we come into agreement with your assessment. We ask You to watch over it and keep it working as You designed it to work. We speak to the [tectonic] plates and ask that they slide smoothly beside and upon each other. We come against anything that would block that motion and interrupt their smooth functioning.
Lord, we acknowledge and repent for the mistakes that we have made in being responsible stewards of our planet. Thank you Lord for educating us and showing us how Your creation operates.
Let Japan acknowledge You created their land, and may they respond to the grace and divine favor You desire to pour, like healing oil, over the land. You promised if we would seek Your Face, and humble ourselves and would heal our land. [2 Choronicle 7:14]

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Japan 2

Thank you for praying for Japan. Yesterday  during worship  I noticed the speaker stands beginning to sway as we began to experience a series of aftershocks. This is not entirely unusual but it was certainly different for me. I began to look for a safe place to protect myself. Most of the people continued to worship with passion. For many years I have sung Be Still and Know..... But never in the middle of an actual earthquake.
The Lord begin to speak to me that the safest place is in Him. I have much to learn.
The believers in Japan are trusting God for protection and strength. It is a joy to worship with them during this time of shaking.
Many believers are experiencing an openness to the gospel in Japanese pre-Christians. It is a joy to encourage comfort and strengthen  the church in Japan.
Tomorrow I leave for the island of Okinawa for three days and then visit the damaged areas North of Tokyo  and will hope  to encourage workers as well as  displaced people who have lost all they own.

Bless you

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Japan 1

Thanks to all who have and will continue to pray for me in Japan. Just minutes of my plane landed in Tokyo, the announcement came that there was just a major aftershock magnitude 6.7. That was one of several yesterday that were of significant size occurring just one month  after the major 9.1 earthquake that devastated north cities of Japan.

I have meetings  the first three days in Tokyo and then will travel to see some of the devastated regions.....then Okinawa. Our son Matthew will be returning from Afghanistan on Thursday afternoon and Carlene will greet him as he arrives.

This entire nation is on  edge. Everyone is trying to just continue with life but there is a palatable sense of uneasiness and fear of the unknown. I believe my primary assignment  is to declare to the nation the goodness and mercy of God. I have told many that thousands of believers in America and around the world are praying for them.

Pray specifically for:

grace and safety in all travel
wisdom and revelation for just the right words to bring comfort to the people that I speak to
mercy and grace for the nation of Japan.

You may know that, at the end of World War 2 many leaders in Japan called for missionaries to come and establish churches in the country devastated by  atomic disaster. The nation of Japan faces another atomic disaster and we do not want to miss the open  door to declare the goodness and love of the Father.

Bless you


Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Worship at the River SUNDAY APRIL 10 And GOOD News from Afghanistan

Dear Worshiper,

Romans 10:15  "How beautiful are the feet of messengers who bring good news!"

I find this very wet Monday afternoon a good time, as any, to begin to compose some "good news" of our upcoming WAR gathering. 
Come join us at 4pm April 10th for Worship at the River.  Located atThe Troutdale House (411 E. Historic Columbia River Highway) in Troutdale, Oregon.  We will begin our worship time at 4pm sharing a potluck.  We will continue our worship at 6pm giving thanks and praise to the Living God for all He has done. Please bring with you, hearts filled with love, instruments, banners, revelation, psalms, songs, poems, tongues with interpretations, art work, and food!

Sandwiched in between the 4pm potluck and the 6pm praise we will have a teaching and sharing time.  God beautifully led to us Rodrick Gilbert to the Feb. WAR and Aaron Auer to the March WAR meeting to encourage us with "good news". As of today and Lord willing, Darrell and I will be sharing the story behind Romans 10:15 and Acts 10:15 and praying for the trip to Japan set for April 11th.  (We will send regular updates from this earthquake ravaged land) 

And speaking of good news...Matt called today.  He is waiting for the helicopter to transport him to a safe location and then if all goes as planned Carlene will be greeting him as he steps off the bus at Camp Pendleton, California!!!!  Thank you for your continued faithfulness in praying for him and his fellow Marines.  We rejoice!  But we feel very strongly that it is as important to pray for our returning sons and daughters from military service as when they were serving overseas.


Matt and his Afghan fellow warrior!


Worship at the River 
April 10, 2011 
4:00pm Potluck dinner 
4:45pm Teaching/sharing
6:00pm Praise and thanksgiving      
Located at The Troutdale House 

Tokyo, Okinawa April 13-24
Bless you!

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Korea 2011

We are sorry we have not communicated with our email friends as much. We have spoken together (Carlene is an excellent speaker) and worshiped in youth meetings, small prayer groups, a Phlipino workers group with Mongolian pastors, large and small churches and in several home groups. We have felt the prayers of all of you. These pictures are from a 2 day seminar. We have had very few breaks and even today (Monday) I have ben invited to a small groups of 30 pastors to be with Randy Clark. One of Pastor Park's friends will host Mike Bickle so there has been a real focus on Korea. We even got to spend an afternoon with "Esther" a leader from North Korea we met in 2005. We are anxious to fly home and share more of what Holy Spirit is doing in this nation and around the world. We have met a key leader from Pakistan, and even on our hour walk around Seoul yesterday, met a studentfromTunisia.Come to Korea and meet the world.

Many divine connections and future contacts as we partner together for coming harvest.

Bless you and will give more of a report next Sunday at Worship at the River (4pm potluck and 6pm Worship)

Monday, February 28, 2011

Thursday, February 24, 2011

In Korea

Carlene and I arrived in Korea not two hours and we were privileged to pray for a couple for healing of lung cancer. We enjoyed Korean style take out  pizza.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Audio File Worship at the River February 2011

This is the worship and message from Rodrick....including all the prophetic words of encouragement.
Audio File

Thursday, February 10, 2011

February 2011 Pacificministries Update and Meetings with Rodrick Gilber

Dear Friends,

With great anticipation, we will welcome Rodrick Gilbert to our Worship at the River gathering this Sunday, February 13 at  TheTroutdale House. We will begin at 4 PM for our potluck followed by worship at 6PM. We would like to offer dessert to be served after the meeting.  Any Volunteers to bring dessert? Email Carlene:

For a detailed report visit Pacificministries  and here for a Five minute YouTube report on Rodrick and his Ministry  An offering will also be collected for Rodrick.  


Ministry with Rodrick in  Delhi 

February 17-21 Victoria British Columbia
Carlene and I will be reconnecting with our friends in Victoria.  We have several meetings planned with leaders in this strategic Canadian city.  We believe Canada and the United States have a prophetic mandate to move in love and unity in establishing God's kingdom.  We love Canada!

February 23-March 8 South Korea
Carlene and I will speak at the National Foursquare Conference in Tejon, the city we both visited for several months in 2002.  We will visit several churches and ministries in Seoul with Pastor David Park.

Finally, thank you for praying for Matthew the Marine.  He chatted with us on Facebook last night and said, "I sure miss all of you." We have heard his battalion will return mid April.  Many of you have shared how you have prayed and felt God's hand on Matthew and his fellow Marines.  It is impossible to describe how much that means to Carlene and I.  We'd like to send one last package off to him and if you have something to contribute we will collect it at this Sunday Worship at the River.  His address is: 

LCpl Dahlman, Matthew Lee 
3/5 H&S CO (ENG)
UNIT 40380
FPO AP 96427-0380

Friday, February 04, 2011

Dear Friends,

For many years I have heard stories of miraculous signs and wonders.  Occasionally I would witness an unmistakable healing that could not be attributed solely to medical reasons but could only be a supernatural touch from God.  I met Rodrick Gilbert five years ago in Seattle, and I heard his dramatic testimony of how Holy Spirit used Rodrick and his team to invade Central and North India with the gospel.  In 2010, they have seen over 4000 churches planted for a total of almost 16,000 incorporating volunteer leaders of 12,000, and this statistic astounds me: just over 100 supported staff. For a detailed report visit Pacificministries  and visit here for a Five minute YouTube report on Rodrick and his Ministry 

Last year I was in  Rodrick's home for over a week and traveled with him to see firsthand the miracle of Acts Chapter 2 in India. One of my favorite memories is meeting a little girl who was electrocuted and declared dead.  Her mother, a leader in Dehli's house church movement, brought the little girl home and they began to pray.  A few hours later she opened her eyes.  It is not unusual for leaders to testify of dozens of such miracles every month.  This is good news!


Rodrick will be with us Sunday, February 13 at  TheTroutdale House. We will begin one hour earlier at 4 PM for our potluck followed by worship at 6PM and Rodrick will share. We would like to offer dessert to be served after the meeting.
Any Volunteers to bring dessert? Email Carlene:

This is a new season in the Pacific Northwest.  We look forward to what the Lord will do through us and in us.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Worship at the River And News from Afghanistan

Carlene and I are often asked how Matthew is.  Sometimes we do not hear from him for several weeks and when we do it's only through Facebook chat.  A week ago we got to speak with him for just a few minutes and he described things as tense.  Today we received the official Marine newsletter and much to our surprise, Matthew is featured and quoted describing exactly what his combat engineering team has accomplished.  There are some photographs and comments from his commanders.  The article is entitled Outlaw Wrath.  This newsletter describes what Matthew and his fellow Marine's are accomplishing.  After Matthew, whose job is to clear and uncover any unexploded IED's, is quoted in the  article as saying, "I never stopped getting chills while I was out there working, but the training that the Marine Corps gives you helps a lot when trying to manage your fear... it was easy to clear my mind and be unafraid..."

These proud parents want you to know that it wasn't just Marine Corps training but intercessory support which brings angelic activity and heaven's resources for protection to Matthew and his team.

The title of the newsletter is: The Super Breed.  I see it as Super-natural.

If you'd like to send a note of encouragement to Matthew, Carlene will collect items and letters and sent as a package at our February 13 Worship at the River gathering.

We bless you and thank you for your prayers.

Thursday, January 06, 2011


Greetings to all in this new year 2011.

Three things we ask of you this Sunday:
1)  If you are coming to the potluck please show up before 5pm with your food to share so we can begin eating on time at 5pm.  
2)  Understand and bring Jesus with you.
3)  Come sometime before or by 6pm if you are not coming to the potluck.  We've fallen into a habit of not starting on time.  While we have Sundays available to us we really need to fellowship between 5pm and 6pm so we have the full opportunity for worship. 

Just before Christmas Darrell and I read a quote by Frank Viola.  He said, " Worship doesn't led us to Jesus Christ.  Jesus Christ leads us to worship."  During the holidays Darrell and I discussed this statement with ourselves and others.  

Some of you may remember our "dime" story.  Well, this morning I woke up with new revelation from the Holy Spirit about these dimes.   We found one dime everyday for 17 days straight in strange locations.  The 17 dimes represented, (and here is the new revelation), the 17 years we practiced choosing worship songs for the congregation to sing.  We would often hear: "Darrell lead us into worship".  We, and I'll speak only for Darrell and myself, enjoyed the affirmation and applause that came with a well produced musical presentation leading people to Jesus.  For 17 days in a row we found one dime.  Then on the 18th day we didn't find one.  
But on the 19th day we found two.  twodimes.gifDuring that time Dave Olsen was teaching us to ask questions and practice listening to the Holy Spirit.  "What do you hold in your hands?"  We said, "Two dimes. Twenty cents.  A-pair-of-dimes....paradigm!"   

For seven years now we have practiced in our Worship at the River gatherings what it means for God to lead us into this "paradigm shift" in the way we think and express Jesus leading us to worship.  Darrell and I are still trying to let God, in Bob Jones' prophetic word over us, "pulverize our brains" in how we come together to corporately worship.   Please come and bring  that which leads you to worship Jesus through your testimony, psalm, song, tongue, interpretation and praise and thanksgiving of God's love. 

Don't forget the dimes.....and be on time,  

Darrell and Carlene