Thursday, May 19, 2011


Dear Friends,

For some time now I have been thinking about the best way to express my heart of thanksgiving for your contribution and prayers for my recent Japan experience. Last month at our monthly gathering, I gave a 50 minute audio report that I have posted here: .

But I wanted to send this note out to some of you who I do not have e-mail addresses for and wanted to write something with my own hand...refreshingly old school. I just received this note from several Japanese leaders:

Thank you once again for your investment. We gave the funds directly to a team of Japanese workers who used the funds to purchase cleaning supplies, rubber boots, and gloves. The devastation and difficult cleanup operations demand new supplies almost every day. This is a note from their leader:

I would like to thank you for coming to Japan. We all are encouraged and comforted by your visit. We will never forget your prophetic words for Japan.

Your messages made my spiritual life changed. I have always felt that the church has placed too much importance on service instead of worship. I know many servants (my Christian friends) got burnt out and left from the church. Praise the Lord for sending you to give us a clear understanding of how important it is to be a worshiper of Jesus Christ. I learned that the greatest commandment is worshiping Him.

Thank you for your visit here at Gospeltown. And it was great to be with you and I'm so thankful that we had a time to share each other. Thank you also for your generous gift to our ministry.

This week we had 99 people came for volunteer work and stayed here. We thank the Lord for their willingness to serve in the area affected by earthquake and tsunami. They came from different churches and different areas in Japan.

So in just two simple words: thank you.

Darrell and Carlene

Friday, May 06, 2011

May Meeting

Dear Worshiping Friends,

In this simple greeting, we are identified as both friends and worshipers. We want to assemble together this Sunday evening for one simple reason. To celebrate our relational connections in love for one another, and our passion for Jesus.

Because our meeting falls on Mother's Day we want to modify our schedule:

4 PM Update with Darrell and Carlene (including encouragement from Japan trip)
5 PM Bring your favorite dessert to share (no potluck meal this month)
6 PM Worship Bring your favorite instrument!

Bless you