Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pictures from Japan/Singapore

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Monday, December 07, 2009

An Okinawa Prayer

Dear Praying Friends,

After 3 days in Osaka, I am literally writing this update in the air with some 300 Jr. High  Japanese school children on a holiday trip to Okinawa.  They all were, well, extremely excited about their adventure and enthusiastically cheered as our 747 lifted off the tarmac.  I got the distinct impression many were flying for the first time.  The upside is that I was upgraded to first class (thank you Lord!) I think Japan Airlines felt sorry for the lone American.

The meetings in Osaka were at first very challenging.  There is such a deep need for emotional healing in so many Japanese.  Many fathers work long hours, and the economic crisis has put great stress on families.  But as I shared on the love of  the Father many experienced a renewal of His approval and unconditional forgiveness.

Yesterday I visited the Yumi, Massa Kusido, and their daughter Ai and her husband, a family I first met in 2002.  Carlene, Matt, and I stayed in their home for week while we were in Asia.  It is a testimony to the Body of Christ that after years of not seeing them, I felt marvelously at home.  They have built a home/Christian bookstore/homeless feeding center/international children’s School/Church/prophetic coffeehouse/worship center on property the family had long dedicated to God. The Lord has continued to bless the work of their hands, and we celebrated His favor…with an Italian meal complete with spaghetti and broccoli/octopus pizza. (yes, you read that right)  Actually, it was tasty and we laughed and shared stories.  I LOVE the family of  God!

I will hold 3 meetings in the southern island of Okinawa over the next few days.  As many of you may know, some of the bloodiest World War II battles were fought here, with thousands of American Marines, Japanese, and civilians  were killed, wounded, starved to death, or committed suicide. 

I invite you to join with me in intercession for Okinawa. I have written this prayer….agree with me:

Lord, we ask for Your favor and blessing to shower Okinawa.  May this island manifest the miracle of Your healing and restoration.  Where there was once pain and suffering, bring life and light.  Psalm 91: Lord You are Japan’s Rising Son.  These Islands belong to You.  You reign over them. May the people of Okinawa see Your glory, and all gods bow down before Him.  May this island hear and rejoice because of Your judgments. O Lord, You are high above all gods.  Let Japan rejoice in you.  Let the multitude of Japanese Islands  be glad!

Thank you for your agreement.


Thursday, December 03, 2009

Dear Friends,

Dear Friends,

Today marks day 5 in Tokyo.  Pastor Kim, a missionary from Korea who came to this country 12 years ago, has pioneered six churches in Japan.  I have been sharing twice a day on some of my favorite themes: learning to listen to the Lord, practical prophetic ministry, the dignity and authority of the believer, the song of the land and the heart of a transformed worshipper.  I have been beyond blessed as many have been encouraged and strengthened by the Lord.  I want to share two brief praise reports.  

  • Pastor Ono has been my able interpreter these last days. He even enthusiastically sings my spontaneous songs of the Lord in Japanese! He and his wife pastor a church in a neighboring city and his grown children are all working with him.  His wife has been struggling for many years with a growing hopelessness.  Japan has been a very difficult country to minister in, and is in deep need of a divine supernatural God encounter.  Pastors and their families often face great discouragement.  Tuesday afternoon as I shared about we are God's treasure and how He has the utmost confidence in those He has called, she experience a tangible transformation in her spirit.  And then it became evident on her face!  In fact, yesterday afternoon she kept an appointment with a doctor who had been monitoring her physical and spiritual health and had expressed concern.   He was so pleased at her progress.  Later she shared with me:  "Thank you for coming to Japan!  I felt God touching in my heart and I am now filled with hope."
  • Yesterday morning I prayed for Masanoa, a 30 year old young man who had never been to the previous meetings or to this church.  He had heard about the meetings and was urged to come.  I said, "You are a much love son of God... and he is calling you to be a part of his spiritual army... an army of transformed worshipers with integrity who will affect this country... leadership, honor, and authority are gifts that he is giving you... he is recruiting you to this Ministry and you belong to him."  As I spoke these words, tears flowed down his face.  Later at lunch, he was introduced to me as one of the youngest political leaders in Japanese contemporary history.  He is a member of the Council of Japan (100 elected officials very much like the US Congress elected to govern the land) "Masanoa" is the Japanese word for honesty. I believe the Lord is using young man like Masanoa to bring integrity and honesty to governments and nations.  I shared with him that I would encourage those connected with Pacificministries would be encouraged to pray for him.

Tomorrow we travel to Osaka for three days, then on to Okinawa and finally Singapore.  Thank you for continuing to pray for safety, clarity in hearing, and favor with travel and connections.

It is an honor to be re-presenting Jesus and to encourage believers.


Monday, November 30, 2009

Dear Praying Friends,

Dear Praying Friends, 

After a 14 hour flight from Seattle and an hour and a half by automobile travel I arrived in Tokyo safely and in good health. And, surprisingly I slept a good eight hours and feel as if my body is adjusted to the time change.  That frequently happens to me, and I feel as if it is a great gift from the Lord.  George, a relatively new Christian picked me up from the airport.  George was born in Brazil, has Japanese ancestry, is married to a Peruvian, and together they speak nine languages.  He has been working here in Tokyo for the last six years.  George spoke very good English and had amazing story of God's salvation and healing in his family.  I immediately bonded with him, and I felt it was a great beginning to this trip. I first visited Japan eight years ago when I was a substitute Youth with a Mission speaker.  Jean Darnall, one of our heroes in the faith, asked me to speak for her.  During that assignment, the Lord gave me a series of dreams and visions with regard to this country's prophetic destiny.  Driving from the airport, I noticed office buildings filled with busy workers.  Many Japanese work some 14 hours a day, and the nation is desperate to experience the Father's love and true joy. Over the next four days, I will speak at Harvest Bible University during the day, and at Pastor Kim's church in the evening.  He is hosting the meetings and we will visit five cities including Osaka and Okinawa over the next 10 days. Thank you for your covering intercessory fire.  I will post pictures and include an audio podcast in a future update. Blessings, Darrell

Sunday, November 08, 2009

When the Morning Star Rises in Our Hearts

By Francis Frangipane
It is noble that we should fight for our nation and heroic that we stand against evil. Yet, lest we despair at what seems like slow progress, let us also keep our eyes on the bigger picture. There is a day coming when every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Beloved, even before that day of Christ's return, our Father has many spiritual breakthroughs awaiting the overcoming church. He will present to His Son a church radiant, clothed in Christ's character and power.

The Morning Star
The day of the Lord, like the dawning of any calendar day, does not burst forth abruptly. It is not pitch black at 5:59 a.m. and then, suddenly, bright morning the next minute. The night sky gradually recedes, rolling back from the approaching light of day. In the process of time transitioning from night to day, another event occurs: before the dawn breaks, the morning star begins to shine on the eastern horizon. It is a faithful herald of the coming day.

This unique morning "star" is not an actual star at all, it is the planet Venus. In the morning it is situated in our sky above the eastern horizon, appearing at the right place and at the right time to "see" the sun and announce to those in darkness, the day is soon at hand. The morning star is a small, yet brilliant preview of the light which is about to come.

The picture of the morning star serves well the biblical image of what God seeks to do with the true church at the end of the age. Concerning the end times, listen well to Peter’s words:

"So we have the prophetic word made more sure, to which you do well to pay attention as to a lamp shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star arises in your hearts" (2 Peter 1:19).

Peter’s statement is weighty, providing inspired vision concerning one dramatic phase of end-time events. Peter speaks of the "morning star" rising in the hearts of God’s people before the Lord returns. Remember, the significance of the morning star is that it appears as a herald while it is still night. It can’t be seen during the day. But here, Peter tells us that before the millennial "day [of the Lord ] dawns," in anticipation of Christ’s return, the morning star shall rise in our hearts!

You see, there is a glory coming for the overcomer at the end of the age. When I say "glory," I mean the living presence of Christ in us will increasingly manifest through us. As Paul wrote, "For we who live are constantly being delivered over to death for Jesus' sake, so that the life of Jesus also may be manifested in our mortal flesh" (2 Cor. 4:11).
I am talking about the actual, substantial life of Jesus being "manifested in our mortal flesh." I know some of us are caught up with the issues of our lives, but we need to keep our eyes on the vision of where God is taking us! I also know some will distort what I’m saying. But, simply, at the end of the age, God has purposed to reveal Himself through His people.

So, when we speak of the morning star, we are not referring to some New Age doctrine but the actual spiritual "wattage" of God’s presence increasing. We know that such luminescence does not emanate from ourselves; it comes from our union with the Lord Jesus, and it is worked in us through the Holy Spirit as we grow into full conformity with Christ’s words.

Yet, there is something to heed here. Over and over again, Jesus warned about His followers becoming preoccupied with the world or weary in the battle. Let us remember, it is to those who overcome that Jesus says, "I will give him the morning star" (Rev. 2:28). And then He says that He Himself is the "bright morning star" (Rev. 22:16).

A day is coming before the rapture, before the second coming of Jesus Christ, when those who follow Christ will be positioned, like the morning star - in the right place at the right time - and they will herald Christ’s return. They will come from every nation, people, tribe and tongue, yet they will be one, for Christ will have given them His glory (John 17:22).

I am not saying we won’t sin; temptation will always be in our world. Yet, if we stay true to Christ, if we don’t allow ourselves to be swallowed up in the cares and issues of this age, a time will come when the presence of the Lord Jesus, like the morning star, will rise and be visibly seen upon us. At that time, the word of Isaiah the prophet shall be fulfilled, which says,

"Arise, shine ; for your light has come,
And the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.
For behold, darkness will cover the earth
And deep darkness the peoples;
But the Lord will rise upon you
And His glory will appear upon you.
Nations will come to your light,
And kings to the brightness of your rising."
- Isaiah

The Church: Building and Body


This message is short, sweet, profound, confirming, and so fundamentally foundational that I wanted to include it on the blog. This will prove to be the answer to what motivates us to do church as we do.


By Graham Cooke
The paradox of the church as a building and a body is an intriguing one. The Apostle Paul compares the church to a building in Ephesians 2:19-22—

So then you are no longer strangers and aliens, but you are fellow citizens with the saints, and are of God's household, having been built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Christ Jesus Himself being the corner stone, in whom the whole building, being fitted together, is growing into a holy temple in the Lord, in whom you also are being built together into a dwelling of God in the Spirit.

This is the absolute, ideal, intentional will of God. In our friendships and fellowship, we are to be a habitation for Him. This doesn’t mean more meetings! Jesus didn’t come and say, “I’m here that you might have meetings and might have them more abundantly.” No, He came to bring us a life, a life which is formed in the pool of relationships. God is seen most clearly in who we are together, how we share with one another, how we see each other, how we love each other, and how we support one another. “By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another,” Jesus said in John 13:35.

The western church has settled for trying to have brilliant meetings. Personally, I don’t think God cares too much about having meetings. In the New Testament, He only talks about meeting twice, and one of those times, He only says, “Don’t forget to meet.” That’s half the revelation right there. The other half talks about creativity: “When you meet, you could do this or this or this.” He doesn’t nail anything down or tell us when, where, and how to meet. The form of our meetings ought to be led by the ultimate creative force, the Holy Spirit.

Peter added to the building theme in 1 Peter 2:4-5—

And coming to Him as to a living stone which has been rejected by men, but is choice and precious in the sight of God, you also, as living stones, are being built up as a spiritual house for a holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.

The spiritual sacrifice we are called to make is to put our friends ahead of ourselves. Honoring someone else more than we want to be honored is the best way to increase the meaning of our own lives. A true apostle, or father or mother, doesn’t care about themselves as much as they care about you. They want you to have the blessing. They produce thousands of sons and daughters and equip them to become fathers and mothers themselves. Their work is selfless and generous. They are consistent and intentional.

Spiritual sacrifice calls us to lay down our lives for each other. We help one another achieve great things. Their success is more important than our own. We don’t protect what we have but think of ways to give it to someone else.

The church has a precious Cornerstone, and when we believe in Him, we cannot be disappointed. We live in relationship with others the same way we live with God. How we treat them reflects how we treat Him. If we see our lives as a contribution, we cannot be disappointed. If we live as a giver, we can’t help but receive. But when we hoard, we lose everything.

In Ephesians 1:22-23, Paul compared the church to a body—“And He put all things in subjection under His feet, and gave Him as head over all things to the church, which is His body, the fullness of Him who fills all in all.” Sadly, I don’t know of many churches moving in the fullness of Christ. But this must be our goal. It is an amazing challenge to think about. What would the fullness of God look like in a church, a city, a region, and a country? What would happen if churches all around the world returned to their sacred purposes?

In renewal, we rediscover a passion for Jesus. In revival, we rediscover a compassion for the lost. Reformation occurs when the church, full of both that passion and compassion, breaks out into the world and starts making goodness fashionable. It becomes like Pentecost, where walls cannot contain us and we spill into the community. The walls of the church are knocked flat as the world sees a people who know how to live as a habitation for God.

I’ve watched as churches have prayed non-stop for God to move and wondered why little has happened. What is it about us that makes God hold off on answering our prayers? I suspect that He would love to birth thousands of spiritual babies but that He can’t trust us to properly care for them yet. What if He doesn’t want new Christians to be born into churches with a religious mindset? What if He doesn’t want to pour new people into a system that will gobble them up? As prophetic voices and church leaders, we need to wrestle with these questions.

Paul loved the metaphor of body life so much that he mentioned it again in both Colossians 1:15-18 and 1 Corinthians 12:12-27. But how can a church be both a building and a body at the same time? How can it be rigid yet fluid, immovable yet constantly moving? The church, as a building, is about being something. But the church, as a body, is about doing something. The building metaphor gets us thinking about the things we should be, the aspect of fellowship, and how it relates to our character. The body metaphor is about love for each other, and understanding that we each have unique gifts and uses.

Today’s church is built on a paradigm—a one-dimensional view of church as a functional, purpose-driven, task oriented people whose lives are grouped around meetings.

But all spirituality is paradoxical where we experience the "both/and" elements of complete opposites... such as building and body; servants and sons; relational and functional partnerships. The issue in a paradox is "what takes precedence when we are under pressure?" That must be friendships, character, intimacy and oneness of heart.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Pacificministries Novermber 2009 Update


I have been guilty of complicating the gospel.  It is simply... good news.  And the good news is the marvel of hearing God's voice and learning to respond with intentionality. When we gather at the River we desire to seek Him and in meeting us, His voice emerges. There are words of encouragement, trumpet-shofar duets, prophetic proclamations, banner declarations, periods of silence, and more.  

Last month during our Worship at the River gathering, we were privileged to bring encouraging words to two young couples and a young man all from the Yucat√°n region of Mexico. For the past several years they have been discipled by Josh and Mary Hubbard with the anticipation and vision of returning to their homeland with a fresh testimony of Jesus and of what He has done.  It's admittedly a bit unusual... sort of missions in reverse.  

This past weekend Carlene and I together with Wayne and Eliza Miller (interpretor extraordinaire) joined them for a Port Townsend retreat.  We feasted on Mexican rice, Chili Verdi, Ivar's famous clam chowder, and were blessed with a Sunday morning sunshine filled ferry ride to Whidbey Island. We

laughed, worshiped, and listened to their histories of hopes and dreams.  Josh had transcribed and translated the 20 minute prayer and prophetic proclamation recording of last month's Worship at the River gathering, and over the weekend, the Holy Spirit confirmed God's words. We finished by commissioning 

these nation changers into the Father's hand.  Lots of tears, joy, and affirmation.

 We have the privilege and commission to worship, intercede, and partner with God and bring heaven to earth.  We are not the only gathering in the Northwest for this purpose, and we recognize all believers can partner with God for His Kingdom. 

Graham Cooke in his latest newsletter says:


In our friendships and fellowship, we are to be a habitation for Him. This doesn’t mean more meetings! Jesus didn’t come and say, “I’m here that you might have meetings and might have them more abundantly.” No, He came to bring us a life, a life which is formed in the pool of relationships. God is seen most clearly in who we are together, how we share with one another, how we see each other, how we love each other, and how we support one another. “By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another,” Jesus said in John 13:35

We welcome and honor the Holy Spirit and all Nation Changers (that's YOU), to Worship at the River this Sunday evening at 6 p.m.


November 18-26    Thanksgiving in Minnesota with grandson!

December 1-15      Japan and Singapore (e-mail update to come)

No December Worship at the River   

January  10 Worship at the River

Monday, October 12, 2009

Bill Petersen's Final Word at the River

This is one scripture that Graham used as he spoke about favor.


We are the beneficiaries of this prayer because we are “those who will believe in Me [Jesus] through their [the disciples] word”. Jesus is at the right hand of the Father ever interceding for us so this is still being prayed for us.


We came into unity before the Father as we spoke these words. We have just placed before the Father the words of Jesus. He loves his son’s words. We have been heard.


I can hear the Father saying to Jesus, “Look at that small group of people in the Cox building. They love me. Remember when that was a bible camp and so many young people and adults came to salvation there? Remember the work and sacrifice of the adults who wanted to see a bible camp on the edge of the Sandy River where people could come to know You? Oh, how I loved their devotion to me and I have brought many to be with us.


But now there is a new group whose hearts are seeking us. They are asking for the same things that the former group did but they are asking for even more. They are echoing your requests to me. They are like Moses. They say show us your glory and they want us to manifest it among them and they want to move in oneness with us so that the world may believe that I sent you. 


And there’s more that they want. They want Holy Spirit to speak what is on our hearts to them so that they would know how to pray to release salvation, healing, forgiveness, deliverance, peace and prophetic words.


They want us to reveal the hidden truths of scripture to them so that they can discern the signs of the times and they are even asking for your return because they miss you and want you to dwell with them and lead them in establishing your kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven.


This is a greedy bunch. Let’s grant their requests tonight as they worship us.”


So let’s look for and expect the glory of the Lord to show-up tonight.



Holy Spirit,


Tonight show us and teach us how we can become one just as the Father and Jesus are one. Lead us corporately so that we can be one in them.


I ask you to manifest your power among us tonight and release the glory that we received from Jesus because of His death on the cross.


Jesus, I ask you to release the glory that You received from the Father. You said that you give it to us. We need your glory released upon us.




help us to see the glory that the Father gave you. You said you have given it to us.


All of us need your touch tonight for physical healing. In the name of Jesus I bind any spirit of doubt, fear, discouragement and I ask you to release physical healing among us.




Thursday, October 08, 2009

Graham Cooke's Concluding Proclaimation

Our Devotional Identity in God

The Much Loved Child

Lord thank you for helping us step out of the box and to open up to us a revelation of just how you see us.  And Lord I believe I have the blessing, permission, and authority and the favor to impart a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the name of Jesus.  I declare to you that the Holy Spirit who adores you is going to impart to you your devotional identity and then he will partner with you to teach you to live in that identity for the next season.  I bless you with the favor that's coming to you in the knowledge of Jesus.

Friend of God

I bless you to name of Jesus.  You are a friend of God.  There is a new level of relationship coming into your life... and your heart is going to be strangely warmed every day.  There is the calling of God bringing you in to his adoptive sonship and a new confidence in God.  And he's going to bring you into a higher level of authority because you are his friend he will speak with you and you'll have physical and emotional encounters... supernatural with Him.  He will come to you face to face just as a man speaks to his friend.  I bless you with that identity and favor.

The Beloved Son

You're going to learn that your heart is fully secure in him.  You're going to come into an astonishing relationship with the father.  A part of that relationship, is trust.  The Lord is going to trust you with things.  He's going to connect with your mouth as He will give you things to say to people.  For when you sit together with him devotionally build the father is going to open his heart to you.  The Father says you are going to love this next season.  A heart to heart relationship with Me.  And in this new sonship is a quickening spirit.  God is going to quicken you... He will speed up the process.  He is going to quicken an understanding of his relationship with you that will be helpful for you in the situations you're going into.

Who is going overseas in the near future?

The father just gives you permission to lay hands on those people and to confer sonship.  There is a fathering that will take place in that nation for those people for you.  The Lord says lay hands on them and even as you lay hands on them something's going to go off in you.  It's going to be a transaction not only for them in the spirit, but also for you.  It's like you are going is a much loved son and while you are there you'll impart sonship.  The father's anointing is going to rest on you and something is going to just explode in your own heart about that.

The Bride 

For those of you who are pursuing intimacy with the Lord, there's going to be a sweetness, a romance, a tenderness, a softness.  You are going to find yourself moving into new levels of praise and rejoicing.  This is really important: there is a space opening up between you and the Lord... almost like a dance floor.  The Lord is inviting you to step into that space... this is His personal space... were the Lord is inviting you into His personal  space before the Throne.  This is a space for you to worship.  This is not so much about prayer as it is rejoicing, and worship, and intimacy.  The Father says: I don't want this to be much about praying.  I will give you prayers that will be incredibly significant, but it's mostly about spending time in worship, rejoicing, and Thanksgiving.  And during the day you'll find yourself praying about things and they will happen.  But it's mostly about intimacy, rejoicing, and worship.

Conclusion Prayer

I take authority over any confusion, and I curse its power right now in Jesus name.  And I thank you Lord that this is a season for our identity to relate to you.  I command to you in the name of Jesus that our default position is always a much loved child.  All revelation flows out of that.  As Jesus spoke to the disciples that unless you become like a child you cannot enter the kingdom.  I'm going to pull you into a place of being much loved.  I declare in the name of Jesus that in this next season the Lord will establish and reestablish your identity as a much loved child at a deeper level.  I declare to you that you are sons and daughters of the living God, and He is your Father.  And you'll have an experience of you to as Father and you'll have an encounter with Him as his Son.  He will speak to you, he will come to you and you will have encounters with him that have favor attached to each of those things.  The Father says come and sit in My Presence As a Much Loved Son or Daughter and experience the favor that I want to give you at this time.  I declare open season on your heart in Jesus name.  As you come as a much loved child , revelation will come to you it will be like a window opening in heaven... and you will say this is what I'm supposed to do.

I declare favor on you in the name of Jesus.  In the community that worships here... we bless this House.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Dear Friends of Worship at the River,

Dear Friends of Worship at the River,

We have always believed this monthly gathering was dedicated to providing an atmosphere where the Holy Spirit was free to lead. (the evening is still a work in progress)  

We were privileged to hear Graham Cooke at a conference in Canada.  Graham says we have favor when we step into the identity of our passion for ministry...(the Martha part)...but we must be careful not to put the 2nd commandment before the first (the Mary part). 

We want Worship at the River to be about the first pour out and extravagantly waste the night on Him.

The Lord spoke to me on a morning run in Victoria after the meetings. He interrupted my exercise by singing over me...a most surprising song.  I'll share the song this Sunday at the River.

We look forward to the adventure of worship.

Darrell and Carlene

Schedule for Sunday

Schedule for Sunday Oct 11th  
2 to 4:15 PM   Restarting (optional...but highly recommended)

(More Information on Thrive and RESTARTING or if you have questions email: "Don & Genie Howard" <>) 

4:15 to 5 PM   Dance

5 to 6 PM       Dinner (bring your own or visit nearby restraunts) 

6 PM              Worship at the River 

Sunday, October 04, 2009

2 to 4:15 PM Restarting

Worship at the River Sunday October 11 6pm


Carlene and I just finished a conference with Graham Cooke. It will take months for us to unpack all Holy Spirit taught us. This we know: God is a good God and we carry His Favor!


We are looking forward to Worship at the River beginning the 2nd Sunday's each month on a regular basis.


As a companion event, we are inviting Don and Genie Howard to lead "Restarting" (info below)


(Carlene): Darrell and I recently attended a Thrive Conference ...the teaching has literally freed us from many of our fears and painful struggles. Darrell would tell you how much he enjoyed the sessions and how surprised he was in the results.  I was too.  It was well worth the time spent in focusing on the love we both feel for each other and how to "thrive" in our marriage. 


Schedule for Sunday Oct 11th 


2 to 4:15 PM  Restarting
4:15 to 5 PM  Dance
5 to 6 PM       Dinner (bring your own or visit nearby restraunts)

6 PM             Worship at the River


Bless you, and this photo of our grandson Calvin summarizes what we all desire... PURE JOY!!


Darrell and Carlene



(More Information on Thrive and RESTARTING or if you have questions email: "Don & Genie Howard" <>)



A revolutionary solution-based approach for building joy, receiving inner healing, and developing life-giving relationships.

Restarting offers hope for those that have tried other approaches and still feel hurt, empty, alone, and ashamed of their struggles and behaviors. Restart your recovery for the first time!
When your life is more painful and out-of-control than you like: Find the skills to bring you to peace and joy. Rebuild your life after addictions, abuse and loss. Trauma weakens your brain’s control center. Addictions hijack your brain’s attachment center. Strategic spiritual and mental training restarts your life.

In my own life, this material has given me a new dimension to life and relationships.  It has been almost like  watching the story about Dorothy in Kansas in black and white being replaced by the beautiful Technicolor images in Oz.   

And just think, the prescription one needs to take is JOY!  Joy is not only good for me but it is wonderful fun!


Here is the Restarting web site:

Tons of background material can be found at the Life Model web site.  This has lots to explore, read, download etc:

Saturday, September 19, 2009

For friends in the Portland/Vancouver...

For friends in the Portland/Vancouver region, we look forward to Worship at the River this Sunday evening at 6 p.m. at the Sam Cox Community building in Troutdale, Oregon.  We normally gather on each second Sunday evening of the month, but just this month we are meeting on the third Sunday (September 20).  I look forward to sharing what the Lord accomplished over these two weeks in Mongolia, we will explore the Lord's design for the Feast of Tabernacles, celebrate communion, and worship!

Recently, someone recorded the words to a spontaneous song during our worship:

Something stirring, we
will wait on the Lord ~

For His direction, His
Holy leading.

This is the season of
new things, new rhythms, new blending, new combinations.

It will not sound like
anything before; it is a new resonance.

We desire to know You, to discern, to know Your heart.

Would it be enough to
play a chord

To worship in one

Let go of the stuff, grow in Christ, be a new creation.

God is releasing something new in us.

He is asking us do
something we have never done before.

New songs, new rhythms, new words, in each one of us ~

Visions given to little ones ~

Artistic expressions
display the Glory of the Lord ~

Songs of the Lord,
sung in each of us ~



For friends in the Portland/Vancouver...

For friends in the Portland/Vancouver region, we look forward to Worship at the River this Sunday evening at 6 p.m. at the Sam Cox Community building in Troutdale, Oregon.  We normally gather on each second Sunday evening of the month, but just this month we are meeting on the third Sunday (September 20).  I look forward to sharing what the Lord accomplished over these two weeks in Mongolia, we will explore the Lord's design for the Feast of Tabernacles, celebrate communion, and worship!

Recently, someone recorded the words to a spontaneous song during our worship:

Something stirring, we
will wait on the Lord ~

For His direction, His
Holy leading.

This is the season of
new things, new rhythms, new blending, new combinations.

It will not sound like
anything before; it is a new resonance.

We desire to know You, to discern, to know Your heart.

Would it be enough to
play a chord

To worship in one

Let go of the stuff, grow in Christ, be a new creation.

God is releasing something new in us.

He is asking us do
something we have never done before.

New songs, new rhythms, new words, in each one of us ~

Visions given to little ones ~

Artistic expressions
display the Glory of the Lord ~

Songs of the Lord,
sung in each of us ~



Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pacificministries Final Mongolia Worship at the River this Sunday

Dear Friends,

For friends in the Portland/Vancouver region, we look forward to Worship at the River this Sunday evening at 6 p.m. at the Sam Cox Community building in Troutdale, Oregon.  We normally gather on each second Sunday evening of the month, but just this month we are meeting on the third Sunday (September 20).  I look forward to sharing what the Lord accomplished over these two weeks, and we will also explore the Lord's design for Feast of Tabernacle's and celebrate Him!

It's been nearly 48 hours since I returned from nearly 2 weeks in Mongolia and Korea.  I'm especially grateful for those who prayed for Paul and I.

Imagine you were literally living the book of Acts, some 20 years after the resurrection of Jesus.  

The church was young, vibrant, and wrestling with questions regarding the influence of Judaism, relationships, grace versus works, and Paul and other apostolic leader's were addressing these issues in the letters to the believers.  This describes the Mongolian church today.  Less than 20 years ago, the church multiplied rapidly with many signs and wonders.  Now, the leaders are not crying out for more teachers, but for spiritual fathers... covenant relationships, and friends.

My friend Paul summarized the message we brought in a recent e-mail to one of these leaders:

-Isaiah 60  :"Arise and shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord is rising upon you.  Nations will come to the brightness of your dawn...
-we believe us being here is part of this prophecy.   We have come as the nations because God is bringing us.
-we believe it is time for Mongolia to arise
-We had a song  "All of creation is longing...'  we feel the earth is longing for the sons of God to be revealed in Mongolia  (Romans 8:19)
-we believe the sons of God will bring a healing to the earth.
-we believe your arising is crutial to us in the west and God is going to use  Mongolia to help the earth come to some form of healing
-(Darrell here)  I spoke today in a church and had a vision of the square once pronouncing independence and freedom in 1990 will one day be filled with kingdom warrior/lovers in high 
-We believe God is raising up men and women of God with a kingly authority over the earth from Mongolia.  These are Khans who will have a deep relationship with God and carry a supernatural authority given by God.
-This is God's choosing.  God has picked Mongolia for this time.  Though she has been in almost hidden from the world and has gone through much difficulty now it the time God is showing His glory through you.  Luke 1:28  "Greeting you who are highly favored!  The Lord is with you.  Luke1:30  "Mongolia you have found favor with God".  and Mary's responds in the scirpture is how God wants Mongolia to respond  Luke 1:38  "I am the Lord's servant may it be to me as you have said".  This is God's choosing for Mongolia at this time.

Finally, you'll notice a picture of a tombstone in the Korean Cemetery where many of the Korean martyrs and early missionaries are buried.  In our visit to the border of North Korea
 before we returned , we visited this sacred ground, and as I stood before this tombstone of an early missionary whose life was summarized in 4 words: Seer, Builder, Peacemaker, and Friend.  

These values mirror mine.

Bless you, and will look forward to worship this Sunday evening.

Darrell and Carlene 

Sunday, September 06, 2009




Wanted to ask for prayer for real breakthrough these next days.  We have been given the opportunity to speak to and encourge KEY leaders in this nation. Thank you for those who replied and committed to speak better:




 Our 4 year old Boy we are praying healing....and his family

Traditional Headgear given to the team as gifts

Paul Preaching I'm "Backing him"

Pay no attention to the poster.....

Bless you and THANK YOU FOR PRAYING!!!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Pacificministries Mongolian Update #2


Dear Friends,
Paul and I have been in Mongolia for two days now, and we have had an extraordinary series of divine encounters with emerging young leaders of the church. Together with seven others representing five nations, we have participated in the inauguration of a new Bible University established to training and release indigenous church leaders.
In the less than 20 years Christianity has flourished in this nation, many leaders agree that from 1993 through 2003 signs and wonders and evangelism exploded in this nation. Many churches were planted and young men and women in their 20s were given the responsibility of leading the movement. In many ways, the church in Mongolia represented the Book of Acts as many miraculous events took place. But today, as we met with these leaders now in their mid-30s, their heart’s cry is for spiritual fathers and mothers to mentor them... to come alongside them and simply love and encourage them. Our hearts were deeply moved as they described this passion for relationships as well as their need for maturity in their leadership and churches.
We believe that Mongolia has a prophetic destiny as a warrior nation, but whose battle is not with flesh and blood but is a spiritual war. The Mongolians are passionate about three things: horsemanship, wrestling, and archery. Over eight hundred years ago Genghis Khan conquered much of the known world and created a union larger than the Roman empire. We believe this isolated and obscure nation is being prepared for a God's kingdom expansion.
I've like to invite you to pray specifically for a four-year-old Mongolian boy who lost an eye through a tumor and now is facing the identical problem in his remaining eye. Yesterday, we surround this family and prayed for healing and strength as they face a 30 hour train ride to Beijing for three months of treatment. Churches in Hong Kong are supporting this family and will from finance the cost for the operation. As we prayed for this young boy, there was a sense Holy Spirit that we needed to alert and ask for intercessors from many nations to believe with us for a miraculous recovery.
This Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Paul and I will participate in a worship and prophetic conference where they expect several hundred pastors and leaders from this nation to participate. As we walk the streets the capital city of Ulaanbaatar, the we see the effects of decades of Russian Communist oppression with crumbling buildings, unfinished apartments, and alcoholism rampant. The economic situation is desperate for many, and it is said that many Mongolians face deep financial challenges. But this is a great time for the Mongolian church to Rise and Shine!
Thank you for your continued prayers for these upcoming meetings.

Darrell and Paul

Monday, August 31, 2009

In Korea on the way to Mongola



We (Paul and I) are waiting in the Seoul airport to transfer planes to the capital city of Mongolia.  We will have a busy schedule meeting with pastors and leaders....and may not get to a computer any  time soon.  Thank you for praying for us...and we treasure your intercessory prayer covering.
 Following is
information regarding Paul Vermes, who will be with me in Mongolia and
in Korea.  We will team together as arrows sent from the Pacific

About Paul:  Paul
carries a passion to see the body of Christ repositioned into the
purposes and plans of God throughout the earth.  He has a  Masters of
Divinity as well a degree and training in Business, counseling and coaching.    Along with pastoring, Paul has been actively involved in the 24/7 prayer movement.  Presently
he has a coaching business focused on seeing cities changed through
influence of God's people through businesss and the government.  He
resides in Victoria, Canada and is married with two wonderful children.

9x13 b&w (warmblue).jpg

I (Darrell) do not take these assignments lightly.  Following are prophetic
words spoken over Carlene and I over the past few days regarding this
trip to Mongolia. I transcribed them from audio recordings.  I offer them as jump off points of prayer and
intercession.  Some of them are prophetic in some of them are blessings
spoken over us.  There is and has been a challenge with the preparation
and timing of this mission, and I am unashamedly asking for you to ask
the Lord about covering fire for this adventure.

Prayers From Area Leaders
Apostolic Leader's


We cannot do
this... you must do this...we  speak an impartation of direction,
protection, and provision.  All that was in the cloud by day and the
pillar of fire by night, Lord go on ahead.  In him, upon him, around
him, and through him, as well as the team.  Do exceedingly and
abundantly above all that we are able to ask or think according to the
power that works in this right now.  We thank you for the dynamic in
this room life now, in Darrell right now, in intercession and
proclamation we declare abundance over this journey.


the God of hope fill you with great joy, as you trust in him.  Thank
you for guiding and directing everything that is said.  It's for your
purposes and your glory... open the doors of the hearts of pastors and
leaders and let your word come freely and powerfully.  May the word
have its full impact because you said your word would not return void. 
Lord we send him, with an apostolic blessing.  This apostolic blessing
is going to be protection.

Pacificministries Fellowship


 You are an
extension of each one of us, thank you for binding us to him that we
can be a part of this.  You will guide his steps and his voice.  He
will speak for all of us in describing the wonderful things you have
done.  We speak unity into the church in Mongolia.  Open ears to hear
about relationships with you and with each other.


Thank you for the supernatural power flowing through
Darrell.  He is your hands extended to this country.  Thank you that
you will empower him to do much beyond what he even thought the in the
name of Jesus.  We thank you for your supernatural protection.  For his
family here while he is away to hear what you're saying to them.


Lord as a father, give him supernatural words of
wisdom for this country.  That power would flow from you into the hands
of these young pastors like Elijah.  If they were shoot their arrows
straight.  Spiritual milestones will be accomplished on this trip.


If you would send Lord a great company of Angels
around the property and the buildings and surround the pastors and the
people that will be attending these meetings.  May the enemy be held
back and that hearts will be opened and humbled and broken.  Any spirit
of poverty or the making of money through the gospel would go because
of humility.  Awakening in them the bride of Christ... that we are in
relationship with you.  Come Holy Spirit that we would be getting our
garments ready... clean and white.  Lord coming and set straight what
might be off.  Bring your beauty realm into this country.


Already now you have planted a seed in the hearts of these people.  As Darrell steps off the airplane darkness would leave.


that Darrell would move in the divine not only in the old-fashioned
sense but in the areas of the country which have deep wells and rich
deposits... and that he would teach them how to dig... how to mine
these riches in Mongolia.


Lord that these people would return to their first
love and with walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have
called them to.  That Darrell would present the bridegroom calling out
to the bride.  That Darrell would see it, would sense and would teach
this.  Lord open up their eyes of understanding.  They would see a
revelation of you that would be so profound that the only reaction
would be falling deeper in love with you.  Bless them with discernment
in every way.


Lord thank you for Darrell and Carlene and their
marriage... a strong marriage that is based on you that would withstand
everything that happens in our lives.  You are big and you are great. 
There would be such a oneness even though separated.  Through the
spirit... that they would know without a doubt they are one.  Do
something very special between them.  Lord thank you for a freshness,
for healing these sores must go than the name of Jesus.  We ask for
cleansing in her body... give her peace.  The Lord has carried all
sickness in his body.


He is doing a heart change in the deepest parts of
your being.  I see you on a plain... this trip will be different you
will stand with your arms opened and your hands raised.  What you will
speak will not need translation.  He is going to bring you to greater
freedom.  Just be who you are

The word is lightning bolt.


How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news and news of happiness.


I saw a picture of a pebble or a stone... and there will be a ripple effect... it will keep spreading out.  


All the things that you have experienced all the
things that you have gone through will have a ripple affect.  Bring the
pastors back to their first love.  Love the Lord your God with all of
your heart and soul mind and strength... and love each other.  The
arrow to Mongolia will affect China, Russia.


You are not going to Mongolia to work for the Lord, but to work with him.  Open up ears and eyes to hear every word from you.

This is from a brother who was heard us share on Sunday....he has been to the country:



Karl Petit


Mongolia”, says the Lord, “ is my Diamond in the Rough”……The
Lord loves to take those defeated, those scattered, those barren, those
who do not realize their identity, those seemingly lacking purpose,
and turn them  into His treasures!!!  He will raise up Mongolia
out of the ashes and display His Glory, His Splendor, and His Majesty
to her and through her.  Mongolia will be a nation of Princes and
Priest who will walk in a very deep intimate revelation of who Jesus
Christ is .

Peter 2:1-10

laying aside all malice, all deceit, hypocrisy, envy, and all evil speaking,
2 as newborn babes, desire the pure milk of the word, that you may grow
thereby,   3 if indeed you have tasted that the Lord is gracious.

are His chose stone, and His chosen people.

Coming to Him as to a living stone, rejected indeed by men, but chosen
by God and precious, 5 you also, as living stones, are being built
up a spiritual house, a holy priesthood
, to offer up spiritual sacrifices
acceptable to God through Jesus Christ. 6 Therefore it is
also contained in the Scripture,

I lay in Zion

chief cornerstone, elect, precious,

he who believes on Him will by no means be put to shame."  

Therefore, to you who believe, He is precious; but to those who are

stone which the builders rejected

become the chief cornerstone,"  


stone of stumbling

a rock of offense."

stumble, being disobedient to the word, to which they also were appointed.

But you MON GOLIA are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy
nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of
Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light; 10 who
once were not a people but are now the people of God, who had not obtained
mercy but NOW have obtained mercy.


is an invasion of Heaven into the earth in Mongolia, that is in motion. 
I saw a purple shawl flowing from the top of a temple on top of a mountain
( The mountain is Mongolia raise up by the Lord), stretching across
Asia and the Pacific Ocean, and across the Northwest Coast of the USA.

is vital to all of us in the Kingdom of  God.  It is perhaps
the one ingredient that the stew simply cannot do without!!

A handful
of some of the most anointed Men of God to ever walk on the face of
this planet will emerge from Mongolia. 


me, who am less than the least of all the saints, this grace was given,
that I should preach among the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ,
9 and to make all see what is the fellowship of the mystery, which from
the beginning of the ages has been hidden in God who created all things
through Jesus Christ;   10 to the intent that now the manifold
wisdom of God might be made known by the church to the principalities
and powers in the heavenly places,  11 according to the eternal
purpose which He accomplished in Christ Jesus our Lord, 12 in whom we
have boldness and access with confidence through faith in Him.

dear brothers will be laid down lovers of Jesus, firm in the embrace
of Father God.  Fierce Warriors…. In fact…Key end time Royal
Kings, that will topple and destroy serious principalities.  Causing
a shift and a ripple effect in the Spirit World, that will result in
a domino effect of Breakthrough and Blessing for all of the earth.
Extraordinary signs and wonders will follow the believers in Mongolia.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Reunion, a Report, a Request, and a Reminder

Dear Friends,

A Reunion

Carlene and I are celebrating the return of our number two son Matthew after nearly 7 months serving in Iraq.  There are no appropriate words to describe what it meant to our family to see him turn the corner at the Portland airport and embrace him.  There are no substitutes for a hug.  Matthew is grateful for many who prayed for him and he recalled situations where he was totally depending on God's wisdom to accomplish his mission. His unit was the last Marine Company to leave Iraq, and Matthew was selected out of a hundred fellow Marines to receive a medal.

He's a great storyteller, and we laughed at his creativity and impact on his fellow Marines.  I'll share briefly one of these stories:

The Marine commander of his unit required all military people to destroy shelters that had been constructed during their operation and in the 120° heat, left the Marines with literally no shade.  Matthew promised his buddies on their return from a daylong mission that somehow he would have shade for them.  Matthew's primary role was an engineer working with large earth moving bulldozers which were effective in destroying earthen berms which insurgents utilized to conceal their activities.  Matthew decided to uproot palm trees with his earth mover and literally created an oasis in the desert with the transported trees.  The guys strung up lights and built a barbecue pit... and the result?  Matt's Bar and Grill, complete with palm trees for shade.

A Report

On another note, Carlene and I were a part of a leadership event which brought together leaders from Spokane, Vancouver British Columbia, Seattle, and the Portland area.  Our guest was Jim Watt, an 86 year old "young man" who is the last surviving elder of the 1948 latter rain revival.  His vision for the four cities of the Pacific Northwest was powerful.  He has been a mentor for us for seven years.  You may find information concerning his Ministry on his web site:

A Request

Equally meaningful were the prayers from our Pacificministries fellowship and other leaders for my trip to Mongolia.  I leave Sunday, August 30 for eight days in the capital city Ubantar, where pastors and other leaders will gather from other cities for worship and encouragement.  I will include updates for this assignment and specific prayer points in a few days, and you can follow all posts on our blog.  I will also include audio podcasts and pictures. We especially hunger for your prayers for our family while I am gone.  The timing of this mission is difficult for our family.  Thank you for your intercession.

A Reminder

Please mark your calendar for:

Worship at the River

Sunday, September 20, 2009  6 p.m. to 9 p.m.
(please note that this is the third Sunday in the month, but beginning in October, we will consistently meet at our Troutdale community center on the second Sunday's of every month from 6 to 9 p.m.)

Sunday, October 11

Sunday, November 8

Sunday, December 13

Thank you for praying for our family and for the Mongolian team.

We bless you,

Darrell and Carlene

If you'd like to give to Pacificministries, you may use any major credit card (or Paypal) for a tax deductable donation HERE.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Matt Home

My sister and her family greeted Matt when he got off the bus. He had no idea my sister was back from vacation and was not expecting anyone until he heard his name being yelled. My sister and her family are the best. He is home, tired, hungry and looking forward to some R&R at my sister's place first then we will soon see him when he has rested and gone through their week of debrief. Thanks for praying for him. He still needs the prayer for the post stuff that all military persons go through. Again, thanks,

Saturday, August 08, 2009

My Endorsement

I've been a part of these gatherings the past few years. I wanted to post this information so we are all on the same page. This coincides with other meetings...we've been worshiping at the River for a reason!

Preston is a (as we say in Korea) a GOOD MAN!


Columbia River Prayer Journey Itinerary V2 7-28-09


Columbia River Flush Prayer Journey – August 11-22, 2009


Columbia River Prayer Journey

River Flush Columbia
There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God, the holy place where the Most High dwells. 5 God is within her, she will not fall; God will help her at break of day. 6 Nations are in uproar, kingdoms fall; he lifts his voice, the earth melts.  7 The LORD Almighty is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress.    Ps 46:4-7
A. What are we doing?
1.      Praying and interceding in concert along the major river systems in the Pacific Northwest. This initiative is similar in focus but different in approach to the River Flush conducted on the Mississippi River and its tributaries conducted in April-May 2007.
2.      There will be teams on the Columbia, Snake, Willamette, Kootenai, Pend Oreille, Cowlitz, Spokane, Deschutes, Lewis, Yakima, Wenatchee, Okanogan, Kettle, and Sandy Rivers as well as several tributaries to cover the greater Columbia watershed.
3.      We will be traveling on the journey as each team is led by Holy Spirit from June 15, 2009 to Sept. 5, 2009.  All teams will assemble in Spokane, WA, on Sept. 7-9, 2009.
4.      Intercessors from around the country but especially along the river passages will be “Lighting the Passage” with worship during the period of the journey.
B.    Why are we doing this?
1.      The most important reason for the journey is simply obedience to the Lord.  During our preparation for a preceding prayer journey in Spokane in addition to other previous prayer journeys, he showed the importance of a corresponding journey down the length of the Columbia River and its watershed.
2.      We understand that each river we are journeying has already been prayed for, perhaps numerous times.  Our journey’s prayers and intercession will build on what has been done before, and we expect subsequent prayers over the same rivers to continue to build. There is no limit to God’s blessings.
3.      One of the primary purposes of this journey is to break the stronghold of water spirits associated with bodies of water which affect the people that live in the land, bringing pride, addiction, fleshly pursuits, manipulation and control, attraction to the occult, and a fascination with death and darkness.  In essence, we are doing deliverance ministry to the Pacific Northwest and the Western Gate of the North American Continent.  We will be publishing at a later point the Biblical foundation for understanding and addressing water spirits.

4.      Third, we have seen prophetically that the Spirit of Baal, a demonic structure that has led our land into pursuit of the flesh, has in fact been drawing life from our nation.  In the same way that individuals develop heart disease through fleshly addiction, our nation is being robbed of life. Our prayer journey through the circulatory system around the Northwest of our nation is intended to cleanse the arteries and bring new life.  We are continuing the cleansing of our national and continental water systems preparing the way for the address the same Baal and Mammon and other occult spirits and spiritual strongholds of wickedness.
5.      Fourth, the Lord has shown us that every apostolic and prophetic declaration and intercession along our river pathway will be spiritual dynamite that will explode cracks in the power grid of the enemy over our land.
6.      Fifth, as our teams from around the country merge where the rivers converge, we are making a powerful apostolic declaration of unity in the Body of Christ.
7.      Sixth, we are taking spiritual possession of rivers used as demonic highways and establishing them as Highways of Holiness unto the Lord through worship, repentance and apostolic intercessory declaration.  Waters that were created to nurture the life of God’s creation will be restored to their full original purpose in the natural and spiritual spheres of Earth. 
C.    Who is doing this?
1.      We are in affiliation with Cascadia Apostolic Summit; Dan Hammer, Washington State Apostle U.S.A.R.; and many others.
2.      Our guiding apostles are Jim and Faith Chosa of Day-Chief Ministries, Yellowtail, Montana, 406-666-9183,
3.      The journey leader is Preston Jackson, Spokane, Washington, 509-290-3218,
4.      Through Jim Chosa and other Native leaders we have and will continue to gain indigenous authority as their representatives in the territories of the land encompassed by this river system.
5.      River team leaders include prayer journey leaders from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, British Columbia, CA. and teams are comprised from many different states.
6.      Each river prayer team consists of an “onsite team” traveling the river by car and one or more “base camp intercessory teams”.
7.      State intercessors are supporting the journey from every state touched by the rivers on the journey as well as intercessors from around the nation and the world.
D.    What are we doing on the journey?
1.      We will be traveling 2 by 2 as Jesus sent out the 72 to prepare the way before Him in Luke 10. (Or as many as will conveniently travel in one vehicle.)
2.      We will be praying at specific locations revealed to us by research and through revelation by the Holy Spirit.
3.      In particular, we are looking for places of iniquity due to false authority, false worship, bloodshed, broken covenants, and immorality.
4.      We will establish, at key points, “stones of remembrance” that declare “The Earth is the Lord’s and the fullness, thereof.”
5.      We will reconcile God’s true ownership of the Earth through communion at key sites as directed by Holy Spirit.
6.      We will establish, at key points, “boundary markers” that declare the principle of “You shall set bounds for the people all around saying, ‘Beware that you do not go up on the mountain or touch the border of it; whoever touches the mountain shall surely be put to death.”
7.     We will do all things as unto the Lord and whatever the Lord shows us to do.
E.    Journey culmination.
1.      We will convene in a corporate Malachi 3:16 convention on Sept. 18-19, 2009.
2.      We will repent for these defilements and receive the forgiveness of the Lord for the iniquities committed in the land.
3.      We will prophetically and apostolically apply Jeremiah’s Commission to uproot every kind of iniquity.
4.      We will break and sever the connection of evil and wicked spiritual forces to the land and water of this river system.
5.      We will sanctify the water and the land.
6.      We will apostolically declare the word of the Lord through scripture and revelatory, prophetic expression.
7.      We will, out of the blessing of God, bless the land and the people of the land influenced by this river system with a special focus on the Body of Christ.
8.     We will unite, through the Blood of Christ and Holy Spirit, our prayers to all the prayers that have been uttered before us.
9.     We will apply 2 Cor. 10:6 to the entire Columbia River Watershed area.