Monday, February 28, 2011

Thursday, February 24, 2011

In Korea

Carlene and I arrived in Korea not two hours and we were privileged to pray for a couple for healing of lung cancer. We enjoyed Korean style take out  pizza.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Audio File Worship at the River February 2011

This is the worship and message from Rodrick....including all the prophetic words of encouragement.
Audio File

Thursday, February 10, 2011

February 2011 Pacificministries Update and Meetings with Rodrick Gilber

Dear Friends,

With great anticipation, we will welcome Rodrick Gilbert to our Worship at the River gathering this Sunday, February 13 at  TheTroutdale House. We will begin at 4 PM for our potluck followed by worship at 6PM. We would like to offer dessert to be served after the meeting.  Any Volunteers to bring dessert? Email Carlene:

For a detailed report visit Pacificministries  and here for a Five minute YouTube report on Rodrick and his Ministry  An offering will also be collected for Rodrick.  


Ministry with Rodrick in  Delhi 

February 17-21 Victoria British Columbia
Carlene and I will be reconnecting with our friends in Victoria.  We have several meetings planned with leaders in this strategic Canadian city.  We believe Canada and the United States have a prophetic mandate to move in love and unity in establishing God's kingdom.  We love Canada!

February 23-March 8 South Korea
Carlene and I will speak at the National Foursquare Conference in Tejon, the city we both visited for several months in 2002.  We will visit several churches and ministries in Seoul with Pastor David Park.

Finally, thank you for praying for Matthew the Marine.  He chatted with us on Facebook last night and said, "I sure miss all of you." We have heard his battalion will return mid April.  Many of you have shared how you have prayed and felt God's hand on Matthew and his fellow Marines.  It is impossible to describe how much that means to Carlene and I.  We'd like to send one last package off to him and if you have something to contribute we will collect it at this Sunday Worship at the River.  His address is: 

LCpl Dahlman, Matthew Lee 
3/5 H&S CO (ENG)
UNIT 40380
FPO AP 96427-0380

Friday, February 04, 2011

Dear Friends,

For many years I have heard stories of miraculous signs and wonders.  Occasionally I would witness an unmistakable healing that could not be attributed solely to medical reasons but could only be a supernatural touch from God.  I met Rodrick Gilbert five years ago in Seattle, and I heard his dramatic testimony of how Holy Spirit used Rodrick and his team to invade Central and North India with the gospel.  In 2010, they have seen over 4000 churches planted for a total of almost 16,000 incorporating volunteer leaders of 12,000, and this statistic astounds me: just over 100 supported staff. For a detailed report visit Pacificministries  and visit here for a Five minute YouTube report on Rodrick and his Ministry 

Last year I was in  Rodrick's home for over a week and traveled with him to see firsthand the miracle of Acts Chapter 2 in India. One of my favorite memories is meeting a little girl who was electrocuted and declared dead.  Her mother, a leader in Dehli's house church movement, brought the little girl home and they began to pray.  A few hours later she opened her eyes.  It is not unusual for leaders to testify of dozens of such miracles every month.  This is good news!


Rodrick will be with us Sunday, February 13 at  TheTroutdale House. We will begin one hour earlier at 4 PM for our potluck followed by worship at 6PM and Rodrick will share. We would like to offer dessert to be served after the meeting.
Any Volunteers to bring dessert? Email Carlene:

This is a new season in the Pacific Northwest.  We look forward to what the Lord will do through us and in us.