Tuesday, August 08, 2006

July 2006 Update

Dear Friends,

We are looking forward to another Worship at the River gathering in Troutdale at the Glenn Otto Park this Sunday evening at 6 pm. This month, we are focusing on "deliver us from evil," in our journey through the Lord's Prayer, and look forward to what the Holy Spirit will unwrap through each of the unique gifts He has placed within every one of you.

One of the aspects of Biblical "agreement" has the flavor of an ensemble; a symphony. In fact, the Greek word translation for agree is the word: sumphoneo, which means: "to sound together" or "to be in accord, primarily of musical instruments." I imagine each of us as an orchestra member....following every nuance and gesture from the Holy Spirit, as we fix our eyes on Him. He is the best worship leader! He loves to magnify the Person and Work of Jesus and the character and love of the Father. I am continually amazed at His creativity; as He is eminently qualified as the composer, arranger, and conductor for the evening.

We have concluded 3 Saturday evenings of worship at Calvary Assembly, and each gathering caught a glimpse of God's heart for this region. Last Saturday, we concluded with each worshipper positioning themselves around the room relative to where they were from; with the city of Portland at the center. From many denominations, ministries, and backgrounds but with one voice, and in all four directions, we proclaimed "Grace...Grace...Grace..." to our city.

We invite you to join the chorus this Sunday evening! (no auditions required...He LOVES how you sound....you're already qualified!)

Bless you,

Darrell and Carlene

August 2006 Update

Dear Friends,

A reminder of the gathering this month Sunday, August 13th at 6PM at the Glenn Otto Park in Troutdale for Worship at the River. We have been exploring themes in the Lord's Prayer, and this month is: "For Your's is the Kingdom."

We have all watched world events unwrap with breaking news on CNN. From unrest in Israel, to civil war in Iraq, to missiles firing in North Korea, we see political kingdoms of this world vying for legitimacy. I am reminded of the truth kingdom's of this world are "of His Christ." They belong to Him.

Three years ago, 2 of us from America and 2 from South Korea worshipped at another river. We stood overlooking a river that has divided the country of Korea for over 50 years. We stood at the threshold of the DMZ the most heavily fortified and dangerous of man's kingdoms...North Korea. That moment was captured in the photo below. While we stood at this high point, I felt the Holy Spirit's quiet but firm nudge to worship….to lift my hands and declare:

"Shine Jesus Shine....fill this land with the Father's Glory...."
have an opportunity to travel to North Korea for 10 days in August in honor of the International Martial Arts Festival. Please join me in asking that:

I have an opportunity to travel to North Korea for 10 days in August in honor of the International Martial Arts Festival. Please join me in asking that:

· favor would rest on the North Korean government authorities;

· discernment and wisdom to provide for their people;

· preparation and assembly of all who are to go would be uncomplicated

· all visitors would find protection and favor with the North Koreans.

Sometimes, the simplest of acts represent a much larger truth, especially viewed from God's perspective. The lifting of Moses' rod and the Red Sea opens; the surprising seventh day shout of a silent army marching around Jericho and the walls fall; Peter stepping over the threshold of Cornelius' house (Acts 10) and millions of Gentiles (you and I included) stand behind Peter and enter into Kingdom life.

After our Sunday evening gathering, Monday, August 14th, I leave for an assignment in North Korea. Please join us to extol and exalt the King of Kings and Lord of Lords....whose Kingdom has no end.

Darrell and Carlene