Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dutch Sheets: "Get Ready for SEPTEMBER - A SEASON of SUDDENLIES"

By Dutch Sheets

Aug 13, 2008

ready for September! It is so huge on God's timetable that it will mark
one of the greatest shifts in the spiritual realm that our generation
has ever seen:

• A season of suddenlies will begin.

• The confusion and deception ruling America (including within the Church) will begin to lift.

• The November elections will shift toward God's will.

• The coming "great awakening" to America will go to a new level.

• The "presence movement" will begin.

A Season of Suddenlies

I have heard of divine "suddenlies" all of my life and have no doubt experienced a few. However, I have never been in what I would call "a season of suddenlies."
I'm in one now! And this new season is about to break forth in a
significant way for those who have allowed God to prepare them for it.

was already releasing this word when Chuck Pierce prophesied to me two
weeks ago, "You will stand on the steps facing 'The Mall' (in
Washington, D.C.) in September and decree: 'Suddenlies are coming!' Be prepared for I will begin to jar and to rearrange what needs to be rearranged."

This season will usher in many changes - get ready!

Confusion and Deception Broken

level of confusion and deception I have seen over America in the last
two years both in the Church and without has been unlike anything I
have ever witnessed. The level of it, especially in the Body of Christ,
has truly been shocking to me. The list of areas in which it has
manifested is broad: presidential candidate endorsements and
prophecies, doctrinal error, relational breakups, disagreements over
what is true and false revival, etc.

Add to this list a
general weariness, complacency (one well-known leader told me he
doesn't think it matters anymore who is elected president - so much for
shifting the Supreme Court!), disillusionment, disorientation, etc. -
and it all adds up to incredible confusion and deception. I believe it
is all linked to our war in Iraq, which is ancient Babylon. Babylon
means "confusion." It was not difficult for us to defeat Iraq's
physical army, but the principality - the spirit of Babylon - has been
another story altogether.

Just a couple of weeks ago,
however, I heard the Holy Spirit say very clearly to me, "I'm about to
unravel the cords of confusion." When I heard this I had the sense that
it would begin in September.

In 2 Chronicles 20, God used
Israel's worship to "ambush" their enemies. The result was that these
enemies destroyed one another! Expect the confusion to break off of the
Church this fall and for God's enemies to be ambushed.

The November Elections

say it has been troubling to listen to prominent Christian leaders
endorse certain candidates and/or prophesy that it is God's will for
those candidates to be president would be an understatement. Make no
mistake about it, the turning of the Supreme Court and reversing the
flow of death and anti-God laws that have flowed out of it is still
God's number one governmental agenda for America.

elect a pro-abortion candidate that would appoint pro-abortion judges
would be disastrous and could set us back 50 years. It doesn't matter
who prophesies or states otherwise - don't be deceived by this. It is
NOT God's will for us to have a liberal, pro-abortion president!

listened to one of the presidential candidates make a speech four years
ago and heard one of the strongest abilities for deceiving and moving
the masses that I've ever witnessed. The strength of this "gift" was
very scary. I knew then he would be a candidate for president in '08.
The good news is that the deception surrounding him will begin to break
in September and the momentum of the elections will be decided at that
time - if the Church prays. Please pray diligently and don't be taken
in by charisma and empty promises of change.

The Presence Movement

coming awakening will not be known as a prayer movement, apostolic
movement, prophetic movement, teaching movement, miracle movement,
gifts movement, glory movement, etc. It will include all of these, but
the dominant emphasis and characteristic will be - His presence. He -
not one of His manifestations or elements of gifting - will be the
focal point.

Our ministry in Colorado Springs, along with
many others I'm sure, has been privileged by God to help birth this. We
were visited by the Holy Spirit on June 15 and asked to host His
Presence 24/7 for 90 days, just as Obed-edom did with the Ark of the
Covenant, which is also called "the Ark of His Presence" (see 2 Samuel

We have suspended everything else to host Him.
No classes, no preaching (even on Sundays), no programs - nothing but
worship. It has wrecked us! His presence has been so overwhelming at
times in our gatherings that none of us knows what to do. We are being
ruined for "normal" Christianity.

It has become obvious
to us that this assignment is on behalf of the entire nation. We are in
the hidden, secret place with God, allowing the Holy Spirit to hover
through our worship and birth a "presence movement." God has spoken to
us prophetically that this movement characterized by His presence will
begin to be released to the nation in September.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Dear Worshipers at the River,

I am going to post these comments that I received as well as the

prophetic picture from last night. I will try to remember as many

folks that were in attendance and you can see from the e-mail, who I

might have forgotten... please feel free to forward this on to


As I reflected on the evening... I believe it was one of the most

difficult yet one of the most treasured times of worship. I would

look forward to hearing from any of you regarding your thoughts and


These are great times, we are living in! Despite financial markets

crumbling and wars and rumors of wars... we serve a God who is greater

than any external pressure... and we like that eagle must be remained

on the wall.

Bless you, Darrell

Katy Petersen, age 10

The Lord's Throne Room

I saw the spirits of those worshiping ascend into heaven and play for

the Lord upon their instruments. The Lord looked on them and smiled

for He was pleased.

The instruments were made from precious stones and metals. They

played the music on the crystal floor in front of the Lord's throne.

(in our building--when she looked, the back wall was gone and the

doorway led upwards to the throne room)



From the Father through Delight

Step through the gate, though it be narrow

Listen and shed all that I require

I am pressing in on you, you cannot stay the same

You must become very aware of my voice,

for those who will be obedient are those who know me intimately.

In knowing me in intimacy, you won't be caught in the world,

but you will find you are in it, but not of it.

Those who are "of the world" will not survive to the end to rule and

reign with Me.

This is my song, I'll sing it now. The song of my life,and all that you do for me. There are many path's we've gone down,but all on solid ground. Mary Hubbard

This is a time to stop and be quiet,stop business-be quiet our Lord
God's power has given us everything we need for life and Godliness,through our knowing the onewhocalled us to His own glory and goodness. Ann

The Lord over us,you are my beauty. Lifting our hearts to Him. You are the one who satiates our every need. Freda

Monday, September 08, 2008


This Sunday, September 14, 2008, will mark the fifth-year anniversary of Worship at the River.  The beautiful weather we are experiencing looks to continue through the weekend, and we wanted to invite you to come a bit early and bring your own picnic meal.  We'll plan to eat together at 4 p.m. and worship in the outdoor sanctuary  adjacent to the Sam Cox Building at the Glen Otto Community Park.  Worship at the River will begin at our normal time... 6 p.m.

We'll provide coffee and have water available.  In case of a change in the weather (or if it's too hot!), will meet in the large room at the Sam Cox Building for worship.

Bless you, and hope to see you at the River!

Darrell and Carlene

     Upcoming  Events

  • September 25-27  Carlene and I will be part of the worship at the annual meeting of the
    International Fellowship of Ministries in the Seattle area September
  • October 5   We also want to make you aware of a special event where Tom and Diane
    will lead a seminar.  Several Worship at the River regulars
    will lead worship during these meetings.  Intercessors and worshipers
    will want to note a free presentation on Sunday Afternoon, October 5th.  I have heard this teaching several years ago, and it was powerful. Information here: Tom Hawkins Seminar
  • October 12 Worship at the River
  • October 13-28 Korea
  • November 27-December 2 Thailand