Wednesday, November 29, 2006

2006 Christmas Dinner

Dear Friends,

We are looking forward to this December's Worship at the River. We'll CELEBRATE:

Delight and several other ladies are busily preparing a spiral ham,
potatoes, almond green beans, and fruit salad for our Christmas dinner
beginning at 5pm Sunday, December 10th at the Sam Cox Building, our
normal second Sunday meeting place (and if you've ever been to Bill
and Delight's for dinner, no one can leave hungry). We will take an
offering for expenses, but just need a confirmation by next Monday,
December 4th. Please reply to Delight: At last
count, there are less than 15 reservations open.

We will pray over Bill and Delight as they are taking on a special
assignment at the Kansas City International House of Prayer. They
have been accepted as intercessors in the 3 month Simeon Internship
(for those over 50). They'll be living in a 1-bedroom furnished
apartment complex located right next to the IHOP.

We'll hear from various folks about what the Lord has done in their
ministries this year!

We'll welcome Rodrick Gilbert, an apostolic leader and church planter
from India I met last April. He has witnessed an explosion of signs
and wonders (over 9000 baptized the past few months including raising
from the dead) and has a special love and interest in the Pacific

Many of you've been impacted by what the Holy Spirit has done through
your creativity.

We want to give a financial gift this Christmas season, specifically
targeting ministries serving the poor, homeless and orphans.

And, the principal reason we to Celebrate and Worship, JESUS!!!

Worship at the River will begin at 6:30 pm. Remember, if you can't
come to dinner, we welcome you to worship!

Bless you,

Darrell and Carlene

From Jim Ruiz, Author of Megashift, and Rodrick

My friend Rodrick Gilbert died last summer. Then about four months later, he visited me at my home – very much alive. Here's his story:

Rod is the leader of a network of house churches in India, centered around New Delhi. At last count, his people had brought 26,000 Hindus to faith in Christ. Because of this, I believe, he is constantly in the crosshairs of the dark forces in that spiritually troubled land.

Last summer, Rod and his wife went to visit relatives north of Delhi in a rural area, and while they were walking back to their car, his wife was bitten by a poisonous snake. They rushed her to a hospital, but the anti-venom they had was expired, and she died.

To say that Rod was in shock doesn't begin to cut it. He actually died of a broken heart – not once, but twice. (Never let it be said that Christians can rise above all the griefs of this life.)

The doctors were able to bring him back with the usual shots and paddles on both occasions, but a few days later he died again, and this time nothing worked. He was gone.

They put his body on a gurney, rolled it into the hallway, and called his two children to come and take one last look at their father. His daughter Srishti, about 12, is one of the most delightful girls I've ever met. His son Adesh, 3, is a remarkably sturdy young man of faith.

Adesh would not accept Rod's death gracefully ... or at all. He started climbing up on the gurney to pray for his daddy. The nurses pulled him off, saying, "No, no, you'll knock it over."

But Adesh strongly insisted. He climbed up the side of the gurney, lay down beside the body, threw his arm across Rod's chest, grabbed hold of the farther arm, and prayed for his resurrection.

A few minutes later, without treatment, Rod came back from death.

And...from Rodrick's latest report: Rodrick Gilbert (

New contacts

It is significant for us in this ministry to have the number of new contacts, because we usually target on making one contact in one neighborhood or village who is essentially a parson of peace. The number of contacts is quite close to the number of neighborhoods targeted. Our effort is to further disciple this person and mobilize him/her to plant the house church, with the multiplication being it’s end goal. We had 203 new contacts made which totals 1485 contacts in all.

Muslims trained

We had 87 people trained from Muslim background. These were some time ago persons of peace who have now been baptized. We have a total of 752 such people trained on Biblical basics with Q uran being the sideline reference.


We believe no matter how hostile the paradigm may be, it is unfailing commandment of the Lord to have people baptized. We had 132 baptisms which makes a total of 1342 baptisms among Muslims.

Church planting

Our Lord has been good to us and by His grace we had a total number of 234 churches planted as on Jan 2006. We ran a special project of Love Neighbors, (April 2005 – March 2006) when 127 new churches were planted which exceeded the project goal of 100 new churches. We had 26 new churches plated during Jan to March 06. As per latest report we had 27 new churches planted during April – August 2006, which makes a total of 287 churches to date. The table above gives an overview of the distribution of the status and progress of church planting in various areas.

Leaders trained

Our vision is to envision, train, equip and mobilize the harvest force existing on the mission field. One of the regular activities of our master trainers is the research networking and training those get interested. We have conducted several seminars where we have seen 277 new leaders trained which totals to about 920 leaders, many of whom are tentmakers.


Our teams have found literacy to the Muslim children, as most effective means of penetration, after spiritual warfare methods of healing and deliverance. We have seen about 61 new children trained during the period of this report which make a total of 892 children being benefited.

Case study


Lucknow is predominately Muslim city which was a later chosen to be the center of operations by British. The city is still the capital of the state Uttar Pradesh which has given India the largest number of Prime Ministers during the democratic period of the nation. For the entire period of Muslim and British rule the life style revolved around the pivot of luxury. People were overtime engaged in constructing magnificent luxury buildings, poetry, dance, music, cooking, embroidery, painting, decoration, fabrics, and hunting. Presently the downgraded political standards have turned the city into a hub of organized crimes.

The city has a considerable percentage of Muslims who have quite an equal proportion of both Shiaits and Sunnis. This reality has kept the city under constant tension of riots, as it carries a history of multiple riots between Hindu – Muslims and between Shia and Sunnis themselves, resulting in massive human slaughter in the streets.

The work in Lucknow dragged for some time as one of our master trainers Anil went to work with another organization and we had team crisis. We also lost the touch with about 18 contacts made in his field. God was so good to us and as a replacement we have seen the work advance faster than it ever has been.

We have brother Guddu come here as a replacement who was poisoned by some Muslims in Chandauli. People after having poisoned, threw his by the road side thinking he was dead. He laid there for the whole night. Next morning police found him and admitted him in the hospital as he was still unconscious. Later they traced his sister’s phone number form his pocket who came over to take care of him. He was paralytic for several months but God has healed him and is using him effectively.

Rev. George Robinson is also working with great commitment in the area. Both the teams have seen about 42 baptisms and 7 churches planted in various parts of the city.

1) Testimony - Sagir Ahmed is native of Kasai Bara, Lucknow. He was suffering from cancer from last three year's and now as the result of prayer God healed him from his cancer. He has six members in his family, out of which two have taken baptism including him, and the others are ready for baptism.

2) Testimony - Mohammad Ishak his native of Safedabagh Lucknow. His right hand was paralyzed from past eight year's. As a result of one week of continues prayer God healed him. He and His wife including children's they are ready for Baptism.

Humbly Presented by

Rodrick Gilbert

Love Neighbors Seminar

August 22 – 24, 2006

The Delegates

We conducted a special consultation in Delhi where we had 65 delegates participate from various states of North India. The focus of this seminar was to gather the baptizing church planters preferably from Muslim Background most of whom met the Lord though our own ministries.

Resource persons

We had Marco Gmur from Switzerland with a team of 6 members, Greg Watt. Dr. Gene Davis, Dr. Victor Chaudhrie and Rodrick Gilbert facilitating the consultation.

The sessions

The delegates were given most of the time, to share how they came to the Lord, what they went through after their life in faith, and how God has been using them in what they are doing. It was a real humbling experience to hear see and feel the richness of the Spirit of God in shaping the broken and shattered lives.

The resource persons shared from the Word, reports of What God is doing Worldwide. They also ministered the delegates by praying for them and by sharing the scriptures.

Dr. Victor Chaudhrie introduced the Communion system of the First Century Church apart from much other input.

The results

We saw the Spirit encourage the delegates, challenge them for greater vision, clear the understanding of scriptures in many areas.

We were also able to discuss the strategy for reaching the population of over18 million Muslims living in India.

The team was much empowered in spirit through prayer.

Humbly Presented by

Rodrick Gilbert

Monday, November 13, 2006

Christmas Piano Offer

Dear Pacificministries Friends,
Most of you may know I began a new assignment in December of 2001 . After 9/11, many travelers were afraid to fly and airport terminals were guarded by armed soldiers. Airports had become launching pads for weapons targeting our cities. During this season of national unrest, God gave me an opportunity. I was invited to play Christmas songs on a 9-foot Steinway grand piano at the Portland International Airport. Originally, I saw this as a chance to make extra money for the holidays as I had, in obedience to the Lord, just completed a Christmas piano CD. As I played traditional Christmas favorites in an improvisational worship style, hundreds of people were moved by the Spirit behind the music. Each year proved to be a lesson in obedience, evangelism, and deeper trust. I have thoroughly enjoyed the past five years as the Lord has faithfully taught me many lessons.
Without "professional marketing" these CDs have been very well received and have supported our ministry travel and expenses. This year, I sense a change in my assignment. While I may play a few times at the airport this December, I'll continue to substitute teach in our public both are mission fields.
Recently, I have received a number of unsolicited notes of how the CD's have impacted people. They're on my new web site where you can securely order CDs using major credit cards and Paypal. The web site is:
We are selling the CD's for $15. If you are interested in ordering multiple copies of more than 10, we will sell the CD for $10, and pay for shipping. They make wonderful holiday gifts. Many schools, businesses, nonprofits, and bookstores have ordered multiple copies of Christmas Piano as a fund-raising tool and companies have used them as corporate or personal gifts.
This year, I will use a portion of the profits from Christmas Piano to support two orphanages, one in China, the other North Korea. 2006 has proved to be a wonderful and yet challenging year. We are thankful for the Holy Spirit's guidance and wisdom and look forward to the next season.
Bless you, and Merry Christmas,

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

November 2006 Update

Dear Friends,

I am writing from sunny Southern California (sorry…we missed the soaking rain) where Carlene and I have been with Jean Darnall, one of our 84 year old mentors.

Carlene: Thursday we attended Jean’s noon service at Jack Hayford’s original church. She was standing near the pulpit radiantly worshipping and delivered a message with such zeal and passion and as applicable today as when she preached her first healing meeting as a young 15-year-old girl in the mountains of West Virginia. I thought of the the Lord with all your heart, mind, soul and strength. She gives 110%. I was so thankful to God for blessing her. I will treasure that picture forever in my heart. The next day we were off to a mountain retreat for two days ministering to Korean students. It is at these times I so wish we could travel with the team from River. The richness in spirit and music you all add is so comforting to us. We often feel a tad bit "out there" without you. Insecure but we press in and He is faithful to guide us. Sunday morning we were downtown LA in Korea Town. Darrell spoke and played Christmas music on their piano. He always does a good job sharing.

Darrell: I spoke at Pastor David Kim’s New Life Oasis church on God’s promise and desire that as we humble ourselves and seek His face and worship Him, He will heal our land. You may remember one of my primary assignments during my trip to China/NK was to collect soil from North and South Korea and merge the samples as a prophetic gesture for healing. Pastor David and I laid hands on this soil and as he was praying, I heard the Holy Spirit speak a gentle word of encouragement and challenge. He said:

“You were obedient in this gathering of the soil as a demonstration of my purpose to bring healing to North Korea. It’s much cleaner to keep this soil preserved in a little plastic bag…you might be tempted to memorialize it as a token of something yet to happen. But I have called you to pour it out…don’t be afraid…. get your hands dirty. This soil will remain just a representative of fertile ground of promise unless you pour it out and plant a seed for fruitful harvest.”

This 2nd Sunday evening of November at the Glenn Otto Park in Troutdale, we will gather together and worship. Our focus is the “forever” nature of God’s Kingdom and Promise. His eternal word will never pass away. I believe the Lord wants to pour out His blessing and favor on our gathering. Let’s let Him soak the fertile soil of our hearts with the rain of His Presence. We welcome you.

Darrell and Carlene

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