Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Celebration Service For Janice Kavakov

It is not often I feel as strongly as I do about a gathering.  Last fall many of you will know that Janice went to be with Jesus.  She was faithful to come to our Worship at the River gatherings and would almost always feel compelled to write a poem which very often summarize what God was speaking to us.

Breath of Love     September 13, 2000

My Joy in Growing with Other Christians Overflows My Soul
I Cannot Conceive What You've Prepared for Us in Heaven
I Cannot Believe What You Do for Us Here on Earth
by Your Spirit, I Discern What I Cannot Understand
by Your Spirit I Strive to Have Your Mind,
Jesus, Your Heart Your Soul Your Very Breath Mingled with My Own.

Listening for you Lord

... Use Me As a Vessel Lord Siphon Your Words through Me
I Can Brag so Easily about the One Who Set Me Free
Give Me Thoughts of Heaven of Eternity with You
and Dreams of Meeting Moses Joshua and Ruth...

We are going to have a celebration of the life of Jesus expressed in Janice this Saturday at 2 PM at the As Is church.  Address is below.  This will not be a memorial alone, it will be a statement that death has lost its sting and there is victory.  Janice always had such a powerful expression of joy on her face.  She had a very difficult life.  Many challenges.  But we saw the best of what Jesus released in her.  

My sense is that this will be a spark to encourage and release the same in many who have struggled with the very issues Janice struggled with.  Join us as we celebrate this Saturday morning!

Celebration Service
For Janice Kavakov
Date:     March 23, 2013
Time:     2:00 p.m.
Place:    AS IS church
Location:   10110 Linwood Ave. (Linwood Ave & King Rd.)
                 Milwaukie, Or. 97222

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Cabo Report and Worship at the River Sunday March 10 4pm

Most of us are adjusting to much cooler weather and, well as much as some may like Taco Bell, it's quite lacking compared to the simple but incredibly delicious tacos we enjoyed in Cobo.  Simple but memorable describes our relationship with the saints in the churches, small groups and gatherings we experienced as a team,  Lots of laughter, puzzeled expression, and plans which unexpectedly changed.... were all part of this adventure.  We plan to share about Cabo and let the Lord unwrap His design for our gathering this month at the River. Please plan on joining us for our 4pm meal (just as important as anything!) 

Just one quick story:

Bill and I were speaking in one of the most "dangerous" areas of the city with a group of 25 believers and the Holy Spirit began to highlight a women who had what could best be described as a blank expression during the meeting. The Lord began to speak to me to tell her we are all of art (Eph 2:10) and within her was a most beautiful treasure box.  I began to describe it covered in gold and precious stones, but it had never been opened.  I saw it encrusted with dirt and rusted shut. God wanted to bring forth this treasure and reveal it for His glory.  Bill anointed her with oil and we saw Jesus begin to work in His creativity in opening her treasure to bring healing, confidence and encouragement.  Then....I saw this was not an ordinary treasure box...but a MUSIC BOX...which when opened began to play the song of her heart!!

We look forward to our gathering...and may we recognize the treasure we are and the song within US!

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Once again we find ourselves amazed at the timing and creativity of the Holy Spirit as we are moving into final days of ministry. We spoke together as one. We carried with us songs, words of instruction and encouragment, and the release of the Father's Love. Highlights:
  • Bill this morning sharing how the Father has poured out His love during the past year without Delight...not to many dry eyes among us
  • Singing a brand new song with the lyics: Celebrate with songs of Freedom, Joy, Healing, and Love to the four corners of the orphanage property and joinging with the children in proclaiming healing over the pastor and leader Joel.
  • All of us tag teaming as we are learning to listen together
  • Lots of laughter and joy as we "melt into" the Mexican brothers and sisters lives
  • Many words of encouragment as most fight the injustice of poverty, and battle with understanding the Father's Face (Favor) especially the women.
  • Confimation of prophetic words spoken 7 and 8 years ago...nothing encourages us more!
  • Carlene inspiring signing
  • Connie's heart for women
  • Mike's simple words bringing hope
  • Waynes passion for healing and blessing....
  • Eliza's tears.
Pray for me (Darrell) has I venture to a house church meeting tonight in one of the poorest areas of the region with Angel (his real name) as my interpreter. (True in more than one way!)