Thursday, February 28, 2013

We have had many wonderful experiences as the Lord is building a good team. Tomorrow we begin 3 days of intense ministry. We will speak at a service Friday night with a group hungry to hear the Lord, Saturday an orphanage and prayer for their leader who is undergoing a kidney transplant. Saturday evening we will speak at another church worship and ministry as well as Sunday morning for a 1 year celebration and anniversary of the church. Sunday afternoon plans include a house church located in one of the poorest areas of the city. Bless you for praying.
I want to add how much fun and comforting it is to travel to San Jose de Cabo with such good long time friends. Bill has been a rock, Wayne and Eliza helping with planning our days and translating, Mike and Connie know how to enjoy our surroundings and bring peace to situations that otherwise would stop us in our tracks. World Mark is a beautiful place and I'm so thankful to God for His beauty that surrounds us all. God has been faithful and is preparing us for the times we will be visiting home churches and an orphanage this weekend. God has already blessed us with our times together and with the connections we have here in Cabo. His name is to be Praised!! He has beautiful believers here who are facing many trials but they have seen His hand deliver them and heal them. We look forward to spending time hearing their stories and worshiping God our Father for the work He has done and is doing.
Love to you all and thank you for praying.
Specific prayers...

  • Great expectations of signs wonders miracles and healing
  • Safety in driving and smooth travel
  • Protection an favor with pastors and leaders
  • Accurate listening and hearing for each meeting
  • Impartition of joy and Father's love
  • Revelation from Holy Spirt

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Good Reports

I simply love the kingdom of God!  Whether it's prayer counseling in our homes, ministering to 20 children in a Mexican orphanage, worshiping together in Troutdale, encouraging leaders in Costa Rica, or rejoicing in the establishment of 25,670 churches in northern India.... we a beautiful, ever-changing 3 dimensional mosaic of creativity and beauty.  We are as Ephesians says His "workmanship ".... accurately translated as a "poem". Living Words.

We are looking forward to our potluck gathering at 4 PM this Sunday, February 10 at theTroutdale House.  I am always amazed at the wonderful revelation and heart of Jesus expressed as we worship him and listen to the Holy Spirit for His agenda.  We want to encourage you to bring a favorite food offering.

Josh and Mary Hubbard will bring a report on the months of Ministry in Costa Rica.  We sent them off last November and we are excited to celebrate the fruits and victories in their stories.

Carlene and I together with Mike and Connie Dana and Bill Petersen and Wayne and Eliza Miller will travel to Cabo San Lucas Mexico February 24 for eight days of Ministry/Rest.  (I love Ministry/Rest... they are not an oxymoron!) Our primary purpose is to cultivate and expand relationships while encouraging leaders we have met since 2004.  Many work in some of the poorest of the poor  with relief work and establishing churches.  We also plan to minister at an orphanage led by Joel Hernandez.  We do plan to take an offering this Sunday evening  During the trip, I will plan to post regularly on Pacificministries Blog.

Finally, I want to celebrate with you in a annual report I just received from Rodrick Gilbert, our friend and church planter in northern India.  He has been with us several times, and we anticipate a visit in March or April, and Carlene and I anticipate a return to India later this spring for a leader's gathering similar to the one held in 2011.  The fruit of his obedience and Ministry is a cause for celebration, and I feel privileged to count him as a friend and co-labor in the kingdom.  This report is absolutely astounding!  The mark of a true apostolic and kingdom leader is always humility.  Following is Rodrick's prayer request for this next year.  Please note 5.

Prayer Request: 
1) Resources for the ministry – We need a broader donor base
2) supporters, helpers, advocates, advisors and donors of the ministry to be blessed 
3) Spiritual growth, commitment, loyalty and health of the leaders at all level
4) Families of the leaders
5) Those who oppose the work of the Lord
6) Goals for 2013
A. To see 50,000 souls saved and baptized
B. To see 5,000 new churches planted
C. To see 50,000 children reached (in addition to point A)
D. To see 23% over-all growth in ministry
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We Bless You! 

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